The killing of retired Navy veteran Lewis Pollard by the American police state

In a dramatic injustice, three policemen in Fruita, Colorado shot retired Navy veteran and U.S. Constitution lover, Lewis Pollard, age 61, dead. His crime? Daring to disagree with constitution-hating rogue government1.

It seems to this corner that Fruita police chief, Mark Angelo, once characterized by a former Fruita policeman as a “vindictive little bureaucrat”, per top-down federal police-state policy — (see e.g. "Rightwing Extremism: Current Economic and Political Climate Fueling Resurgence in Radicalization and Recruitment", "FBI: Sovereign Citizens A Growing Domestic Threat to Law Enforcement", "DHS Says Gun Owners Are Terrorists", "West Point center cites dangers of ‘far right’ in U.S." etc) — has taken it upon himself to dehumanize and demonize Pollard as a "Sovereign Citizen" type in a transparent attempt to justify the unjust and unnecessary shooting in the eyes of the public under the propaganda lie, "see, he's a bad person, so he deserved it". Serious intellectual push back from the truth against such systemic deception seems both appropriate and necessary. Hence this blog.

The following news clip contains comments from Angelo and Pollard's daughter, Jolene Gifford. I hope she contacts the same Colorado ACLU lawyers who sued successfully on behalf of unjust shooting victim Jason Kemp's family. I also hope she doesn't let the government destroy crucial evidence by cremating her dad's body.

Family of Man Shot By Police Speaks Out


Whistleblower Edward Snowden and the NSA police state's Orwellian spying scandal

I absolutely LOVE this story because of how radically it shakes up America's political1 tea leaves and exposes the global debt-as-money oligarchy's phony left-v-right paradigm for all to see. It has also made for some strange political1 bedfellows. Accordingly, I wanted to gather as much material as possible on this blockbuster news story in one place. I'll probably be adding to it for weeks. (To watch the following video, first click on the little "hide ad" at the upper right of the embedded video.)

Judge Napolitano To Shep Smith: NSA Leaker An ‘American Hero’ Who Exposed ‘Extraordinary Violations’ - Media-Ite video

Listen to Edward Snowden's stunningly intelligent, articulate and soft-spoken interview with Glenn Greenwald and see why Judge Napolitano considers Snowden a genuine American hero, and why I share that opinion enthusiastically.

NSA whistleblower comes forward: Edward Snowden exposes global spy grid run by government spooks - TV NaturalNews1 video


You WILL need a plan when SHTF time arrives!

"SHTF" is a commonly known and used acronym for "shit hits the fan", which, in modern survivalist parlance, refers to the time when the police-power forces of government1 and the citizenry actually start shooting at each other. In other words, when the revolution begins. "WROL" is a survivalist term which means "Without Rule of Law".

Since the debt-as-money oligarchs' duopoly henchman OKenyan and his leftist myrmidons, acolytes, "freebie" addicts, ragtag band of race-hustling vermin, and RINO enablers have decided to "double down" on destroying the U.S. Constitution and disarming the American people, it is important to take at least some care in maintaining 1st Amendment protections for this speech in the face of extreme government1 hostility and propensity for overreaction to the subject of overthrowing the traitorous scum who have overthrown the U.S.Constitution.


Arrogant government scumbaggery tries to shut down venerable oyster farm — UNacceptable, INtolerable!

In a dramatic injustice and prototypical example of political manipulation, the U.S. Department of Interior is trying to shut down the Drake's Bay Oyster farm so the "First marine wilderness in continental U.S." could be designated.

When I lived in Marin County in the late 1970s, I used to buy oysters there weekly, when it was known by the locals simply as "Charlie Johnson's oyster farm". Consequently, I am highly offended by, and vigorously resent, the political1 scumbaggery and lawlessness behind the closing of the oyster farm. This blog is my effort to hopefully do something about such government lawlessness, while simultaneously serving as something of a tutorial in showing people how to effectively fight government arrogance and lawlessness.

The Framing Of An Oyster Farm - Drake's Bay Oyster Company - Vimeo video


Obamacare — the mechanics of how it is evil, un-American and unconstitutional

Evil is a powerful word as used in the context of this essay, so, per Voltaire's famous "If you would converse with me, you must first define your terms" admonition, I will explain my definition of evil. But first, a small digression.

Culture's dividers, demonizers and destroyers are fond of using language to create imaginary political dichotomies, such as "secular" vs. "religious", "theist" vs. "atheist", "liberal" vs. "conservative", "communism" vs. "capitalism", "left" vs. "right", etc. Let me demonstrate the obfuscatory and intellectually useless nature of such deceptive garbage by proving that atheism itself is in fact a religion.

"World view" = how you believe the cause-and-effect material universe around us actually functions. "Atheism" = "world view". "Religion" = "world view". I submit that if a = c and b = c, logic dictates that a = b. When you look at it that way, all the wannabe-clever little talking points, jingoistic slogans and dogmas of the "atheism vs. religion" faux controversy are distilled down to the substantive essences of two competing world views or hypotheses. In other words, do you believe the Earth is round or flat, and what, precisely, is your empirically observable factual evidence which supports your opinion?


Energy technology is neither a "Left" nor "Right" issue — the troubled years before the deluge

Per the title of this blog post, energy technology is neither a "Left" nor "Right" issue. So it has always irritated me that the so-called "caring and altruistic" Left seems to think renewable (aka "sustainable") energy is their exclusive domain, while the "evil and greedy" Right seems to prefer centralized, government1-controlled energy sources such as oil, nuclear, coal, etc. My irritation is compounded by the fact it seems that so many, perhaps even most, of the actors and musicians whose work I admire most lean to the left politically2. So I thought it was time to clarify the propaganda-induced confusion and faux "controversy" a bit.

At the outset, the one thing I wanted to make sure I did not fail to emphasize is the great amount of credit that I believe is due to the role-modeling of "star3" environmental activists such as Ed Begley, Jr, Daryl Hannah, Jackson Browne, and many others. They put their money where their mouths are, and try very hard to be good examples of their "green" political gospel. Ed even has two shows, "Living With Ed" and "" where he tries to demonstrate for his audiences what is possible. Having said that, the bad news is that there is so much they don't talk about that their approach to the issue is so extremely simplistic that it borders on deception. And, the folks whose work I admire aside, there are plenty of fascist4 scumbags5 wanting to profit from the sale of deception and manipulation to the more naive, ignorant and intellectually lazy among us.