The Bayou Gardener

Well, boys and girls, spring has sprung and gardening time is here again! Our new greenhouse is coming along, and we got the irrigation ditches burned out and ready to be cleaned out with a shovel in time for the irrigation water to be turned in. For the first time, the grape patch is properly prepared so it can be mowed without hitting rocks or other debris and damaging the mower. No more unsightly six-foot-tall kochia weeds - Yay!

The Bayou Gardner is my favorite gardening website. I love these people. Just plain good-hearted, hard-working, fun-to-be-around, salt-of-the-earth people who happen to be great gardeners and, at the same time, also tech-savvy enough to run a terrific website, complete with YouTube channel for uploading videos and then linking them back to their website. These folks inspired me to get a used golf cart for a super handy get-around-the-farm tool to keep company with our handy-dandy Walker lawnmower. Wanna know something about gardening? Just bookmark their website, subscribe to their YouTube channel and start watching the videos. Wonderful entertainment. These people feel like long-time good friends even though we don't know each other from Adam. Be sure to check out their website and DVDs


Snyder v. Phelps - The U.S. Supreme Court sides 8-1 with the 1st Amendment & freedom of speech!


In a hugely important individual-freedom-friendly decision, the U.S. Supreme Court came down on the side of the 1st Amendment and free speech in the case of Snyder v. Phelps.

For the most part, the Vestigial Dinosaur Media (VDM, aka "MSM") has been a very real embarrassment regarding the story. For me, at least, there has been a total dearth of crucially informative facts. As may be expected, this dearth of facts has facilitated a whole host of incompetent and boring political commentary, most of which is dependent upon the particular agenda of any given self-perceived-as-brilliant pundit. For instance, until I read the 4th Circuit's Snyder v. Phelps decision, I didn't know that: "It was undisputed at trial that Defendants complied with local ordinances and police directions with respect to being a certain distance from the church. Furthermore, it was established at trial that Snyder did not actually see the signs until he saw a television program later that day with footage of the Phelps family at his son’s funeral." Apparently the Westboro protesters were more than 1000 feet away, and in compliance with police orders. Now THAT, combined with the fact Snyder apparently didn't even see the Westboro protesters' signs at or around the funeral, is a pertinent little tidbit of legal information, wouldn't you say?!


Lying Gubmint Scumbaggery, Whistleblowing & Free Speech

I'm 100% fed up with wannabe-clever Goebbelsian propaganda scum1, whether "left" or "right". It's long past time to clarify a few things that should be self-evident to all individuals with an IQ greater than their finger-and-toe total. For one thing, by definition, "politician2" = professionally skilled deceiver (aka liar). For another thing, the term "national security", as used in any remotely intellectually honest context, means things such as the top-secret step-by-step detailed plans on exactly how to build a so-called "suitcase nuke", it does NOT mean merely embarrassing a few narcissistic fascist3 politicians2 by publicly exposing their arrogant scumbaggery and lies to the American people.


On Heart Health, PDF Converter 7 Pro, & OmniPage 17 OCR Software

I learned an important new skill today: how to make a multiple-page pdf document from scanning a magazine article, and then linking it to my website. As I've said before, it is crucial to the individual-freedom side of the Culture War to be able to record and archive information, regardless of what format that information might currently be in (video, newpaper article, magazine article, online article, etc, and regardless of what kind of file (e.g. jpg, pdf, etc) it might be displayed in when you found it.

As you may know, this website is made using Drupal 5 content management system (CMS). I just purchased two new (to me) softwares, PDF Converter 7 Pro and OmniPage 17 (an optical character regonition [OCR] software). Additionally, I purchased online the invaluable little program, Image Converter Plus, which will quickly convert almost any type of file into virtually whatever type of file you need. The idea is to be able to create, manage, edit and link to my website Portable Document Format (PDF) files for the purposes of sharing valuable self-ownership-related information.


Michael Elliott Bamford, R.I.P.

One of my former guitar students, Michael Elliott Bamford passed on to his eternal reward on December 11, 2010. He was 17.

Mike, or "Mikey" as I liked to call him, was bright, quick, charming, witty, humorous, and unusually gifted musically. His mom, Kelly, told me that he also had an incredibly soft and kind heart for the suffering of others he considered less fortunate than himself. But in retrospect, I think the most unusual and noble thing about him was that I never heard him feel sorry for himself. Ever. I really don't think self-pity occurred to Mike even though he was desperately ill from both cystic fibrosis and leukemia. That's amazing to me, and so very different from so many people we all know. Of course, as a teacher, I related to him as if nothing was wrong, and there was nothing standing between him and whatever goals he might choose to pursue in his life.


Random thoughts and videos - Part 2 - Living off the grid and saving seeds


"Saving your own seed is the strength of the agricultural system and the ability of people to make it through hard times."

"From the time I was a very young man and my father showed me, took me out into the field and had me put the little seed in the ground, and [brought] me back every day, every day, until it came up ... And when it came up, what I thought at that young tender age was that I was magic. I thought I had the power to actually create life. Now, I really didn't create that seed, but I had, I was part of, my own food chain. And I believed that I could always grow enough food to survive since I was a very young child — not based on the fact that I had done it, but based on the fact my parents taught me I could do it."

"You see, this is why the seed is what we teach our children. And it's a metaphor for civilization in itself. And so when we teach our children to recycle, to save their own seeds, grow their own food, we're really talking to them about an ideal of civilization that's based on self-sufficiency, individual sovereignty, and, actually, freedom." ~ Clifford Middleton

Saving Seeds - YouTube video


Random thoughts and videos - Who wrecked the economy?

A huge majority of people know something is terribly wrong about the so-called "global economic meltdown", but very few understand it. Nonetheless, a tidal wave of resentment and rebellion is beginning to manifest itself on YouTube, where I found some videos related to politics1 and economics which I hope you find so interesting that you will be motivated to share them with everyone you know. If you take the time to watch them, you will easily see why corrupt fascistic2 scum3 in gubmint are frantically looking for ways to control and censor the internet under any fraudulent pretense they can conjure up that might fool the citizenry!

Personally, I am completely fed up with corrupt, provably treasonous-to-the-constitution, gubmint operating in secret and constantly lying to the American people. Accordingly, in my opinion, any person who doesn't want to uncover the gubmint coverups in the JFK, RFK, and MLK assassinations, along with the truth about such things as dishonest money, 9-11, OKC bombing (which was NOT a "fertilizer" bomb), TWA 800, WACO, the "mysterious missile" out in California, ad infinitum, is part of the problem.

Quantitative Easing Explained - YouTube video


Stephan Molyneux — And the point on which I disagree with him.

Stephan Molyneux is a Canadian philosopher who has made what I consider to be an extremely important video, titled "The Sunset of the State". I consider it a true "must see" for all individual freedom lovers and nominal Christians!

The Sunset of the State - YouTube video

Libertopia - Stefan Molyneux - The Future Will Be Nothin Like The Past 10-23-11 - YouTube video

Stephan is also a blogger, essayist, author, and host of Freedomain Radio, (in the words of Wikipedia) "claimed to be the largest and most popular philosophy show on the web". The web's a competitive place, so that's quite an accomplishment, in and of itself! Stephan also has a YouTube channel, also called "Freedomain Radio", to which I subscribed.


Random thoughts

While surfing the web the other evening, I ran across some video of Ann Coulter on the Michael Coren Show. I thought the lively discussion on the freedom of speech — (I am, after all, a free speech absolutist) — was way too cool to not share. The level of civility, even friendliness, and intellectual honesty was quite noticeable and very refreshing compared to the constant drumbeat of Goebbelsian MSM politically correct blather. It is very easy to see why Coulter's bluntness, articulateness, quick wit, good looks and fiesty take-no-prisoners attitude make her the woman so-called "liberals" love to hate most. The video was posted on YouTube in 5 parts. Here they are ("Leftists" eat your hypocritical double-standard little hearts out!):


Miscellaneous grape and vineyard info

Here on John's sustainable 2.5 acre hobby farm, we've decided to put grapes on about 2/3 of an acre. The 62 post holes were drilled this morning in less than an hour for $100. Best $100 you'll ever spend! If you don't believe me, just try digging ONE 12" wide by 30" deep hole in rocky ground with hand tools. I "double-dog" dare ya!

The pictures (click on them for enlargements) are from a California vineyard (Game Ranch), and demonstrate the perfect soil for growing grapes: rocky and well drained. That's pretty much exactly what is on the 2/3 acre grape plot: smooth river rock (aka "pit run") mixed in with sandy, good draining soil. So we set out on our adventure with optimism that our soil is naturally grape-friendly!