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What with the enormous amount of ad hominem hoopla about Obamacare, I haven't been inspired to blog lately, in part because I don't really try to write, I try to educate (share useful self-help, self-sufficiency information). However, I have been working on two pretty good sized essays "How the 'Left's' thinking is haywire" and "How the 'Right's' thinking is haywire" which should be finished before long. I have tons of supporting legal cites for my constitutional arguments, so all the checking and double-checking does take some time. (Like my excuse?)

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Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama - The Full Movie HQ

There is a truly excellent new "Save America" video out which explains what is going on with the economy and how various oligarchy-minded scumbags are stealing and redistributing the people's wealth - to themselves. "Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama - The Full Movie HQ" is a definite "must see". Anybody who doesn't understand that Obama and George W. Bush were and are working for the same "globalist" criminal banking cabal is too ignorant to participate in the national conversation. Sorry if that offends anybody, but facts are facts. Why do you think O has reversed his position on Big Brother's so-called "Patriot Act"?

Fall Of The Republic - The Presidency Of Barack H Obama - The Full Movie HQ - YouTube video


The FDA's politically motivated fraud against Zicam cold-remedy nasal swabs

I haven't blogged for a month since the political contest over Obamacare got underway. It seems that all the news has been the same old stuff day after day. So I just kept adding new news links to my last blog.

However, because the current administration doesn't like what Rush Limbaugh is saying on his radio show, it seems the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has decided to hassle Rush Limbaugh by going after one of his sponsors, Zicam cold-remedy nasal swabs. Following is an email I wrote to the CEO of Zicam with a copy sent to Rush Limbaugh's email address:

"(Kindly forward this email to your CEO. Thanks!)
Dear ZiCam,


On Grand Junction's 8-15-09 Obamathon for socialized medicine

Yesterday (8/15/09) President Barack Obama came to Grand Junction, Colorado to try to sell the crowd on socialized medicine (which everyone knows is his agenda even though he vigorously denies it). I probably should have gone to take pictures, but I was feeling "politicked1 out", so I opted to work on a pressing irrigation project instead. As a result, I will have to link to the local MSM for some version of the events which took place.

Another reason I decided not to attend is because, thanks to Bresnan going offline, I figured the circus would be carefully staged, with specially selected ticket holders in attendance asking carefully scripted questions. Following is one blogger's view of the Bresnan breakdown.


James Crowley v. Henry Louis Gates ("Jerk v. Jerk"), political manipulations, clueless sheeple, and freedom-of-speech law

So the arrest of Harvard scholar, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. by Cambridge police sergeant James Crowley has been blown into a huge national story for all the wrong reasons. Swell. However, it is important to talk about the totalitarian mentality that is endemic in far too many of America's policemen, so let's examine the Gates-Crowley incident more closely to find out who is "scum1" and who isn't.

To understand what goes on in these types of situations, you have to understand several things which are not generally known by the type of illiterate moron who holds on to his erroneous ignorance-based opinion/s with an aggressively, even combatively, belligerent attitude. Case in point is the OJ Simpson saga, in which OJ is most likely guilty, and the cops most likely planted false evidence to help make their case. For all the so-called "right wing" (especially "religious") sheeple who ALWAYS take the cops' side no matter what the facts or law, the Bible says that when you are dealing with a situation in which false witnesses (e.g. Mark Furman, Phil Vannatter, Tom Lange) are presenting false evidence (among other things, OJ's socks had blood on them which was contaminated with test-tube-cleaning chemicals, which logically suggests it was poured from a test tube), that you should do to them what they planned to have done to the person against whom they are witnessing falsely (see Deut 19:16-20). In this case, since OJ was facing the death penalty for first degree murder, that means you hang Furman, Vannatter and Lange (or whomever) from the same gallows you use on OJ. Of course, there will always illiterate amoral scum1 who don't think cops should be harshly punished for lying or planting false evidence. That view is horribly dangerous to a free society.


On Obama-style socialized medicine - the DEM'S 1018-page health care bill - and Shelly Roche

Since none of the money-grubbing scumbags1 in Congress are apparently going to read the whole thing, here is the link to the Obama team's 1018-page health care bill:

The above-left hilarious caricature of Obama is on the cover of the 7/20/09 National Review. Both it and the above-right cartoon are by Roman Genn, a world-class artist and caricaturist, one of my personal favorites, and, in my opinion, richly deserving of being at or very near the top of a list of history's greatest political cartoonists. If I were an artist, I would love to draw like Roman Genn (and Thomas Nast, and James Gilray, and George Cruikshank and . . . well, I guess the list would have to be longer than I first thought)!

How to Reduce Healthcare Costs by 80% Overnight (Without Spending $2 Trillion) - YouTube video about Dr. Mary J. Ruwart's libertarian ideas on how to reduce health care costs

(NOTE: The full interview with Dr. Ruwart on Freedom Watch with Judge Andrew Napolitano runs from 7:15 on Part 4 to 7:44 of Part 5 of the "Freedom Watch 21 w/ Ron Paul, John McManus, Mary Ruwart, David Bruckner, more" videos posted below. Specifically, the snippet of the interview used by Shelly Roche above runs from 9:00 to 9:43 on Part 4.)


YouTube is upgrading! — plus miscellaneous news stories on black racism

This isn't exactly a blog, but I thought this particular YouTube video is newsworthy, so I embedded it here for your edification and viewing enjoyment. The "Getting Started" page linked below is also very informative and helpful.

You Tube Channels 2.0 - video on YouTube upgrades


ACTION ALERT: U.S. Government is moving to make pocket knives illegal!


Sounds like the fascists1 are at it again!

Judging from the buzz in the online knife owners community, the U.S. Government and Border Patrol want to redefine the term "switchblade" so loosely that it will include virtually all folding knives. So it looks like it's time to fight for your right to own pocket knives (as if they didn't already fall under the protection of the 2nd Amendment). Witness the following videos:

URGENT News for Knife Owners!!! - YouTube video by


Does the CA Supreme Court's Prop 8 decision mean the "gay marriage" semantics fraud may be winding down?

The California Supreme Court has recently handed down two decisions relating to so-called "gay marriage" which amount to a huge opportunity to gain some very real education and wisdom about the inherent evil and inevitable gravity toward corruption of so-called "government" and the inherent pompous double-tongued stupidity of many holders of public office. The first decision is titled "In Re Marriage Cases" (filed 5/15/08), the second can be simply titled "Strauss v. Horton" (filed 5/26/09).

I've written on this subject before in a blog titled "Is Boortz a pseudo-intellectual weeny on 'gay marriage' issue?" But I didn't have the advantage of such a considerable amount of judicial dicta (and nonsensical blather) to help make my point/s.


How America’s 26 USC 501(c)(3) churches are responsible for the so-called “financial tsunami”

Yes, you read the title of this blog correctly. America’s 26 USC 501(c)(3)1 churches are responsible for the so-called “financial tsunami” because they have allowed America’s culture of individualism and individual rights seriously decline by systematically facilitating the destruction of what Thomas Paine called the “reciprocal justice between man and man” — this in direct contradiction of their biblical mandate. This anti-biblical behavior by modern day 26 USC 501(c)(3) Pharisees constitutes both spiritual and political fraud. It is long past time for a serious discussion on the subject of the role of religion in the political fraud which steal the labor of the productive classes.

Despite such Bible verses as Ex 1:17, 1 Sa 8:5-20, Jg 8:22-23, Jg 9, Ps 118:8-9, Ps 146:3, Jer 17:5, Da 3:18, Mt 17:24-27, Acts 4:19, Acts 5:29, Ga 5:1,14,18-23, Php 3:20, 2 Tim 3:5, Jas 2:25 to the contrary, 26 USC 501(c)(3) churches have routinely misused such cherry-picked Bible verses as Ro 13:1-7; Tit 3:1; Heb 13:17; 1 Pe 2:13; 2 Pe 2:10 (“obey ‘government’ no matter how evil it is”), Jesus’ famous “render unto Caesar” quote2 (Mt 22: 21, Mk 12:17, and Lu 20:25), and Jesus’ parable of the talents (Mt 25:27, Lu 19:23) to facilitate the systematic systemic violation by “government” of the express biblical prohibitions against the self-evidently UNsustainable human behaviors of 1) fluctuating mediums of exchange (Lev 19:36, Deut 25:13, Pr 16:11, Pr 20:10, Pr 20:23, Mic 6:11, 1 Thes 4:6), 2) usury (Ex 22:25, Lev 25:35-37, Deut 15:6, Deut 23:19,20, Ne 5:7-11, Ps 15:5, Pr 22:7, Pr 28:8, Isa 24:2, Eze 18:13,17, Eze 22:12), and 3) debt (Pr 22:7).