The Famous "Un-Kosher" Hot Dog Incident — but everyone's feeling much better now — except me!


Check out the story titled, "Non-Kosher Hot Dog Incites Rage At Jewish Eatery" about the Shawarma King kosher restaurant in Brooklyn. I have mixed feelings about this story, which is only half-humorous to me.

I am a big fan of free markets, so I have a tendency to automatically be on the side of the restaurant owner, who from all reports is an honest man sincere in his religious beliefs. Besides, as you can see from the pictures I've included, it's a charming and attractive place. Also, it just so happens that I have liked most Jewish cuisine I have tasted. Actually, being an Anarcho-Christian, and my "significant other" having been raised as a "conservative" Jew1 — there are three basic varieties: Orthodox, conservative, and reformed (secular) — we are very interested in "Jew1 stuff" because our biggest hero, Jesus of Nazareth, was produced by the monotheistic Orthodox Jewish culture of 2000+ years ago.

I have two philosophical problems which are tangentially related to the story: 1) I have a problem with predation in general being created by a loving God, and 2) as a person who has had considerable experience in the meat industry, I consider the kosher ("Kashrut") method (called "Shechita") of killing animals to be "the traditions of man" and unnecessarily cruel, even when compared to the standard method I have some personal experience with.

For the non-squeamish meat eater, a major revelation can be had by searching "cattle slaughter", "pig slaughter", and "sheep slaughter" on YouTube. As a result of my experiences in the meat industry, I spent several years as a vegetarian. I do eat meat again, mostly salmon and chicken, but, in my old age, I have come to appreciate the miracle of life in general too much to kill animals with my own hands, especially for other people who are too intellectually lazy to do their own dirty work. Every person who thinks of meat as the "pretty little packages" at the supermarket should have to spend a couple of weeks working on the kill floor at a slaughterhouse. I'm not ready to join PETA or ALF in judgment of meat eaters, but my spiritual and intellectual awareness on the subject has definitely changed.

The story closes with these paragraphs:

"The popular spot on 13th Avenue was shut down for several days as rabbis examined the premises for non-Kosher food, and threw out equipment that came in contact with the uncertified meat."

"Customers, and the restaurant's owner, say they're hoping similar incidents don't come up in the future."

"The restaurant's owner says that, in addition to throwing out equipment, utensils were cleansed with a flame to purge any pieces of the non-Kosher food."

Somehow, I just can't get into rioting over what kinds of food I eat!


1. Despite all the historical propagandistic spin and blather (both pro and con) the word "Jew" most simply means that an individual is either a) a resident of the geographic area of Judea, and/or b) a blood descendant of the Israelite tribe of Judah, the fourth son of Jacob and Leah, as recorded in Genesis 29:35. Although many so-called "Jews" consider themselves to be a special so-called "race", I consider them to be so-called "Caucasians", like many of the rest of us "white" (actually pinkish beige) so-called "goyim" or "gentiles". I'm not very big on all the politically correct racial crap and "victim" race hustling because I have accepted "black" (actually brown) economics professor Dr. Walter E. Williams's magnanimous "Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon Granted to All Persons of European Descent". See also "black" (actually brown) economics professor Dr. Thomas Sowell's book "Black Rednecks and White Liberals". See also all the "black" (actually brown) anti-collectivist, anti-redistributionism so-called "conservatives" at Project 21. See all the "Jews for Jesus" and the "Jews for fhe Preservation of Firearms Ownership". See also the life and times of the anti-establishment "Jew", Jesus of Nazareth, who was hated and murdered (with the gullible help of the Roman military) by the pro-establishment Caiaphas "Jews". My own belief is that all souls are supposedly created of equal value in God's sight.

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