YouTube is upgrading! — plus miscellaneous news stories on black racism

This isn't exactly a blog, but I thought this particular YouTube video is newsworthy, so I embedded it here for your edification and viewing enjoyment. The "Getting Started" page linked below is also very informative and helpful.

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DeMint Amendment to Audit Federal Reserve Blocked by Senate Leadership - YouTube - "Senator Jim DeMint (R-SC) is blocked by Senate Democrat Leadership from having a vote on his amendment to audit the Federal Reserve, based on a bill authored by Congressman Ron Paul (R-Texas) in the House, H.R. 1207, and Senator Bernie Sanders (D-Vermont) in the Senate, S. 604. " - If the fact the DEMS are opposed to transparency in the matter of auditing the Federal Reserve doesn't prove what corrupt lying scum1 they are, I don't know what does! - JRW

Police chief denounces 'cowardly' iPhone users monitoring speed traps - Washington Examiner - Be sure to check out the comments on this article. No love for government there! - JRW

Deployment order revoked for soldier challenging Obama's birthplace - "A U.S. Army Reserve major from Florida scheduled to report for deployment to Afghanistan within days has had his military orders revoked after arguing he should not be required to serve under a president who has not proven his eligibility for office." ¶ "His attorney, Orly Taitz, confirmed to WND the military has rescinded his impending deployment orders." ¶ "'We won! We won before we even arrived,' she said with excitement. 'It means that the military has nothing to show for Obama. It means that the military has directly responded by saying Obama is illegitimate – and they cannot fight it. Therefore, they are revoking the order!'" ¶ "She continued, 'They just said, "Order revoked." No explanation. No reasons – just revoked.'"

On tiny plots, a new generation of farmers emerges
- USA Today - "Wobbly Cart is also tiny, just 6 acres. Nationwide, the average farm is 449 acres." ¶ "The economics can be brutal. 'Most first-generation young farmers work another job for a decade or more, and/or have a spouse who works full time,' says Cornell's Merwin." ¶ "One advantage of farmers markets — in addition to letting growers sell their products at retail prices without sharing with middlemen — is that they take place on weekends, Merwin notes. A new farmer who works weekdays as a teacher, truck driver or tech support person can spend Saturdays selling produce, he says." (See also such as the Rising River, Circle Acres, and Full Circle Farm.)

Getting Started: New Channel FAQ - YouTube - Very cool! - JRW

Akron police investigate teen mob attack on family - Akron Beacon Journal - Where are the likes of Barack Obama, Eric Holder, Charlie Rangle, John Conyers, Sheila Jackson Lee, Maxine Waters, Jesse Jerkson, Al Sharpton et al on this "hate crime" by black racists? What about that "conversation about race" that America is supposed to have? - JRW

Blacks Beat White American Family To Celebrate Fourth Of July “It’s A Black World!” But it ain't a hate crime in "A Black World" - by "Atlas Shrugged" blog

VIDEO - Hate Crime Incident in Akron, OH - YouTube - Just when I was asking "Where is the black outrage about this blatant black racism?" I stumbled across this YouTube video by black conservative, Joe Gully. Of course black racist scumbags1 call Joe names like "Oreo" (black on the outside, white on the inside), but I say God bless Joe Gully! - JRW

Ousted white mayor told to 'kiss my black ass' (Drudge's headline) - - "A tiny Mississippi delta town has elected its first black mayor after the white incumbent, unopposed for 30 years, faced a young challenger inspired by President Barack Obama's feat in winning the White House." ¶ "Some youngsters ran into Mr Fava’s store to taunt him. 'They was pulling down their pants, shouting, "Kiss my black ass, because we got a black mayor", swinging their things around and throwing stuff,' said Jennifer Green, 31, a black mother of 10." ¶ "Miss Green is dubious about whether Mr Brown . . . can deliver. 'He says there’s going to be lots of changes and everything with all these kids running around here.' ¶ 'But he do the same thing they do, drinking beer and stuff. You’ve got to stay at home and study the town. Alligator is the kind of place where if you leave your door open, when you come back there ain’t nothing in your house.'" - What with 96% of blacks voting for a half-black man for president based on his skin color, and with news stories like the ones posted here, is that any indicator of black racism? Naw! No Sireeee! Where on earth could you possibly get an impression like that? Are you going to believe the scumbag professional race hustlers (Jesse Jerkson et al) or your lying eyes and ears? It seems to me that, from a cultural point of view, most black kids are being taught to hate whites. So where's all the black outrage about the sick white-hating racist black culture? Is Joe Gully the only one? - JRW

It's Not Iran - It's Obama's Administration Here in America - YouTube - Our Country Deserves Better PAC channel - "Television ad that highlights recent press accounts that sound more like they are out of Iran than the U.S. But truth be told they are actually accounts of Barack Obama's (and his administration's) failures and poor policy decisions."


1. As I said in the "Welcome" section of this website, (it bears constant repetition): Regarding the words "scum" and "scumbag" as an epithet used in self-defensive demonization against select individuals. Hey, what can I say? It is a long-proven statistical fact that negative political ads work. And since the so-called "left" uses lies, half-truths, demonization and the politics of personal destruction as standard political strategies, failure to engage in a little "turn about is fair play" merely makes it easier for the various assortments of disordered illiterate fascist control freaks to destroy individual freedom. As I said on my blog homepage, "Some folks just think they're smarter than everybody else, a higher form of life than everybody else. So, instead of engaging in good faith discussions about specific ideas, they simply resort to deception, sophistry, unspecificity, undefined terms, manipulation, demonization and the politics of personal destruction AS A MATTER OF PREFERRED STRATEGY to get their little spoiled-brat control-freak way. Such behavior is anathema to intellectual honesty, an open mind, a kind heart, free inquiry, the freedoms of thought and speech, and the free flow of information. It MUST be eternally warred against if humankind is to entertain a realistic hope of ever reaching its full spiritual and intellectual potential." To avoid the violence which is directly related to repression of free speech and the crushing of polite and civil discourse, I believe it is essential to engage in strategic tit-for-tat with wannabe-clever manipulative demonizers by openly calling them what they are: the anti-freedom, anti-Golden-Rule scum of the earth (aka "scumbags"). Accordingly, it doesn't bother me in the least to do so. No less brilliant a person than Jesus of Nazareth himself referred to the scumbags of his day as "hypocrites", "blind guides", "vipers" and "whitewashed sepulchres". To paraphrase Ann Coulter, Jesus was not some moron driving around in a Volvo with a "be nice to people" bumper sticker on it. So, having read The Art of Political War and Other Radical Pursuits by David Horowitz, I don't have any problem with calling reprobate "scum" what it is.