On Grand Junction's 8-15-09 Obamathon for socialized medicine

Yesterday (8/15/09) President Barack Obama came to Grand Junction, Colorado to try to sell the crowd on socialized medicine (which everyone knows is his agenda even though he vigorously denies it). I probably should have gone to take pictures, but I was feeling "politicked1 out", so I opted to work on a pressing irrigation project instead. As a result, I will have to link to the local MSM for some version of the events which took place.

Another reason I decided not to attend is because, thanks to Bresnan going offline, I figured the circus would be carefully staged, with specially selected ticket holders in attendance asking carefully scripted questions. Following is one blogger's view of the Bresnan breakdown.

Single Point of Failure: The Bresnan Experience, by Matthew Kettlewell - Kettlewell.net - "With President Obama visiting our town this weekend, I’m almost bound to throw a conspiracy theory out there that someone cut the hard line in the name of national security." See also the stories Gmail knocked offline for `majority' of users, Google: Gmail Outage Was Our Bad, Why Gmail Failed Today, by Erick Schonfeld - TechCrunch.com, and More on today's Gmail issue, by Ben Treynor, VP Engineering and Site Reliability Czar - The Official GMail Blog.

Looks like Kettlewell may be closer to the truth than he thought. Check out the following story: "Bill would give president emergency control of Internet". This sounds like a trial balloon, but if they actually do this, IT IS TIME for the revolution!

Here's the bottom line: if an American city were to get nuked by "terrorists", people need to understand that it was most likely the U.S. "gubmint" that did it, because I truly believe the evil fascistic2 neo-feudalistic scumbags3 who own and control the FED would cheerfully do whatever is necessary to maintain control, that is, maintain possession of their create-debt-money-out-of-thin-air power, up to and including nuking an American city or two, should that become necessary to keep the illiterate "sheeple" looking for "terrorists" under their beds.

That being said, it is a small step to believe that it is well within the possibility for "gubmint" to shut Bresnan down for two days in an attempt to 1) impede communication between Obamacare critics in "bitter clinger" areas like Montana and Western Colorado, and 2) see what the citizenry's reaction is, generally. With all the countless redundancies built into Bresnan's system, it is difficult to believe that world-class techies couldn't have had the system up and running in less than 48 hours. It might as well have been Google that was out for 48 hours. IT AIN'T GONNA HAPPEN, ya know what I mean, Maybelline?! And then there is the fact that, information-wise, Bresnan did precious little besides whiz on their customers' backs and tell them it was raining. That's both impolitic and unacceptable. Whether my "conspiracy" hypothesis is true or not, I will be making a change as soon as there is a viable high-speed alternative.

Be all that as it may, the following links are what I was able to dig up that local Grand Junction media had posted online:

The Grand Junction Daily Sentinel (GJDS) ran a number of stories online:

'Hope and Fear' GJ challenges Obama on health care reform, by Gary Harmon - GJDS

President compliments local system, by Gary Harmon - GJDS

Local leaders greet Obama at airport, by Richie Ann Ashcraft - GJDS

Obama says he takes offense to 'pull the plug on grandma' idea, by Emily Anderson - GJDS

Supporters, opponents gather outside Central High School, by Mike Wiggins - GJDS

Some with town hall tickets turned away, by Emily Anderson - GJDS

200 officers assist with president's visit to GJ, by "Sentinel Staff" - GJDS

Town hall meeting focuses on public option, by Gary Harmon - GJDS

President convinces some on reform policy, by Emily Anderson - GJDS

Crowd grills Obama with questions, by Gary Harmon - GJDS

Couple with no insurance impressed by answers, by Mike Wiggins - GJDS

Town Meeting . . . What a Joke (53 posts) - GJDS Community Forum

Slide show of 61 photos by GJDS photographer, Dean Humphrey

Slide show of 568 photos - Yahoo News

Obama speaks on health care reform - Daily Sentinel's video of Grand Junction's 8-15-09 town hall meeting with President Obama - by Carrie Marifitano, edited by Gretel Daugherty - BrightCove video platform

What really happened at the Grand Junction Obamathon - YouTube video uploaded by JohnArthurKane - Thanks buddy! Great job! - JRW

KJCT News 8 (ABC) posted the following stories on their website:

Nearly 4000 rally against President's plan - KJCT News 8 ABC

Obama brings health care stump to GJ - KJCT News 8 ABC

Thousands expected to protest Obama visit - KJCT News 8 ABC

White House: All ticket holders notified - KJCT News 8 ABC

Local health program gaining national attention - KJCT News 8 ABC - "Health care in the Grand Valley may serve as model for national health care reform, this according to the LA Times." - The LA Times article is titled, "Grand Junction a microcosm of efficient healthcare"

Obama talks about grandmother's death in Grand Junction - KJCT News 8 ABC

Obama visit draws polite protest crowd - KJCT News 8 ABC

KREX News Channel 5 (CBS) posted the following stories and photos on their website:

The [Grand] Junction Daily Blog (Ralph D'Andrea) posted the following stories on his website:

The Obama Event - Junction Daily Blog

Obama Event--Epilogue - Junction Daily Blog

The Grand Junction Free Press posted the following stories on their website:

Obama on passing health care reform: 'I need your help', by Tracy Dvorak - Grand Junction Free Press

Protestors gather outside of Central for Obama event - Grand Junction Free Press

Road closures for presidential event - Grand Junction Free Press

A Police Presence - Grand Junction Free Press

Showing Support - Grand Junction Free Press

Under construction . . .


US May Face 'Armageddon' If China, Japan Don't Buy Debt

Nouriel Roubini: US Economy Facing Death by a Thousand Cuts

Blockbuster may close as many as 960 US stores, by Michael Liedtke - Associated Press - Recovery is on its way, folks - yeh, right! - JRW

Peter Schiff: Americans must prepare for deepening unemployment, inflation and possible breadlines, RussiaToday - YouTube Video - "Rockstar Economist Peter Schiff tells RT's Marina Portnaya that Lehman Brothers failure was a success not a failure. He says Americans will face increasing unemployment, inflation, and possible bread-lines if government backed bail-outs continue."

Major crisis still ahead, past one was minor, RussiaToday - YouTube Video - "Senior Research Scholar at Yale University Immanuel Wallerstein believes that the real economic crisis is still up ahead. According to Wallerstein, last years collapse was its minor version."

Ron Paul On Pending Nightmare, FoxNews - YouTube Video

Judge Andrew Napolitano - Red Alert: Final Phase USA Takeover by Federal Reserve, FoxNews - YouTube Video

School speech backlash builds - Politico.com - This story is not all that important, but the talk string is. You can see what ad hominem sophist scum3 the "leftists" are! The same, of course, can be said for fascist media talking heads like faux-conservative Joe Scarborough and "little miss privileged rich girl" Mika Brzezinski, daughter of Zbigniew Brzezinski, Jimmy Carter's National Security Advisor. Anybody who has seen Demi Moore's "I Pledge" video, complete with its sneaky "I pledge to be of service to Barack Obama! . . . I pledge to be a servant to our president and all mankind!" rhetoric, and anybody who knows about the "write letters to themselves about what they can do to help the president" sentence from the lesson plan the administration created to accompany the president's speech to America's children, can easily see what the truth is about the "left's" efforts to create a cult worship of Obama and support for whatever he wants to do! - JRW

Sorry, Charlie - Rep. Rangel must step aside as chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee. - Washington Post - "Much is expected of elected officials. Much more is expected and demanded of those entrusted with chairmanships and the power that comes with them, especially when it involves the nation's purse strings. From all that we've seen thus far, Mr. Rangel has violated that trust continually and seemingly without care." - Check out the comments section on this piece! - JRW

Wayne Madsen Aug 2009 Makers Of the H1N1 Vaccination Refuse To Take It - YouTube video - "Wayne Madsen alleges, that the makers of the, H1N1 Flu Vaccine, wil not take the vaccination. He also says that his sources are claiming, that the people involved in the manufacturing process, are advising their friends and family not to take it."

Washington's Lies, by Ph.D. economist Walter E. Williams - TownHall.com - Dr. Williams exposes the DC politicians for the lying scum they are. Check out the comments section on this piece! - JRW

Health care reform means more power for the IRS, by Byron York - WashingtonExaminer.com - Check out the comments section on this piece! A sample: "Steve D. - Sep 3, 2009 - I work representing clients with IRS problems and examinations. Almost on a daily basis. The examiners are not well trained in the Internal Revenue Code. Nor any other aspect of the organization. The Service cannot even take care of the issues with which they are charged now. Assignment to impose penalties if you do not have enough health insurance is a joke. The IRS employees are like the members of Congress, they live in a world removed from reality in the real world. I worked for the agency for 10 yrs. The agents I am working with right now would have been asked to resign or be fired after the first phase of basic school." - Isn't that just marvelous!? Abolish the FED/IRS root and branch immediately! GO FAIR TAX! - JRW

Under fire, Obama shifts strategy, by Mike Allen & Jim Vandehei - Politico.com - Drudge's headline is "IT'S OFFICIAL: NO PUBLIC OPTION FROM OBAMA"! Check out the comments section on this piece! - JRW

Health-Care Anger Has Deeper Roots, by Janet Adamy and Jonathan Weisman - Wall Street Journal - Check out the comments section on this piece! - JRW

Detroit sets all-time record for unemployment at 28.9%, by Ed Brayton - MichiganMessenger.com - For the "green shoots" crowd: 28.9% is higher than during the Great Depression! - JRW

Rasmussen: Obama Approval Index Rating at -11 - RasmussenReports.com

CBS and MSNBC peddle phony stories about arms, race and violence - Washington Times - Katie Couric is such a "special needs" manipulative scumbag! - JRW

Ron Paul: The Fed's Interesting Week 8/31, FoxNews - YouTube Video

Ron Paul : Time to Audit the Fed! 8/31, FoxNews - YouTube Video embedded on FoxNews

Ron Paul on Bloomberg "I see no Purpose for the Federal Reserve, FoxNews - YouTube Video embedded on FoxNews

Judge Napolitano : Revolution is Duty of the People - YouTube Video - "How do you alter or abolish it [government] when you have a choice between John McCain and Barrack Obama?" - Judge Andrew "Braveheart" Napolitano

Enemy Of The State, FoxNews - YouTube Video - "Andrew Napolitano On Half The Country Becoming Enemies Of The Government"

Andrew Napolitano - Government Lawlessness, FoxNews - YouTube Video

The Shell Game - How the Federal Reserve is Monetizing Debt - The MartensonReport - ChrisMartenson.com - "The Federal Reserve is monetizing US Treasury debt and is doing so openly, both through its $300 billion commitment to buy Treasuries and by engaging in a sleight of hand maneuver that would make a street hustler from Brooklyn blush. "

This Should End The Semantic Debate Over Whether The Fed Is Monetizing, submitted by Tyler Durden - The Anglo Far-East Company - "And there you have it folks. The Fed's pyramid scheme is now confirmed." - See the following three CNBC videos - JRW

Steve Liesman with Tim Geithner on June 2: "The Fed is absolutely not monetizing debt" (9 mins, 9 seconds into the clip) - CNBC Video

Steve Liesman with Bill Dudley of the New York Fed, "I don't think [the Fed] is monetizing debt to any meaningful degree." (2 mins, 16 seconds into the clip) - CNBC Video

Dudley admits that the Fed is using excess reserves to buy Treasuries. Bill, duration mismatch is the last thing you will have to worry about come "unwind" time. "Excess reserves are funding the purchases of Treasuries and Agencies" (3 mins, 10 seconds into the clip) - CNBC Video

Maureen Dowd's take on the 1st Amendment freedom of speech, pseudonyms and the Internet, by Maureen Dowd - NYTimes - Check out the comments section on this piece! - JRW

Oops! Charlie forgot this $1M house, by Charles Hurt, Bureau Chief - New York Post - Check out the talk string on this piece! - JRW

Rangel Hides Income and Assets . . . - Wall Street Journal - Check out the comments section on this piece! - JRW

Let Yourself Feel, by Esteban Diacono - Vimeo video - Very beautiful and peaceful, great for relaxing after thinking about Big Brother!

let yourself feel. from Esteban Diácono on Vimeo.

Bill would give president emergency control of Internet - Cnet News - This sounds like a trial balloon, but if they actually do this, IT IS TIME for the revolution! - JRW

LA Rep: ObamaCare Opponents Want to Destroy ‘First President Who Looks Like Me’ - Breitbart.tv - Check out the talk string on this piece! - JRW

Diane Watson - Race Baiting Political Whore - YouTube video - "In this video, Luis Rodriquez, Special Council to the Public Defender, gets the ball rolling with The Race Card and others jump in. U.S Congressman Diane Watson is a race-baiting, political hack that whores herself out to special interest groups and radical left wing causes. She claims the Minutemen are the equivalent of the KKK. They claim that blacks and Latino's are not united because of anti-illegal immigration groups like the Minutemen. Original Minuteman member, Marvin Stewart, calls her on her seditious betrayal of American citizens and feeble minded Assemblyman Mervyn Dymally retorts with a bizarre comment about pilgrims stealing Indian land."

Officer Does Not Like anti-Obama Poster: "It ain't [America] no more, OK?" - YouTube video - South Lakes High School (Reston, VA) black security officer Wesley Cheeks freely disregards the 1st Amendment on behalf of white school administrators.

Seantor Inhofe: "People are not buying these concepts that are completely foreign to America." "We're almost reaching a revolution in this country." - ChickashaNews.com

ABC, NBC Won't Air Ad Critical of Obama's Health Care Plan, by Natalie Erlich Writer/Producer - CNBC video

Ad to protect American healthcare paid for by The League of American Voters. - YouTube video, with Dr. Mark J. Cuffe, M.D., Board-Certified Neurosurgeon, that ABC, NBC Won't Air

1,000 Banks to Fail In Next Two Years: Bank CEO, by Natalie Erlich Writer/Producer - CNBC video

Michael Steele on ObamaCare: "Up or Down, Baby! Put it on the Table."

Howard Dean Admits the Democrats Oppose Tort Reform out of their Fear of Trial Lawyers

Wrong Door Raids and the Injustice of the Justice System - Glenn Reynolds of Instapundit.com interviews Reason.com senior editor Radley Balko - PajamasTV

Straight Talk: DNA Testing and the Legal System, by Radley Balko - FoxNews - "In an illuminating article published last month by the Columbia Law Review, Brandon L. Garret looked at the trials and appeals of 200 people convicted of violent crimes for which they were later exonerated . . . ¶ Garret found that of the 200 people convicted for crimes for which they were later exonerated, just eighteen were granted reversals by the appellate courts. Of the rest, 67 had their appeals denied with no written ruling at all. In 63 cases, the appellate court's opinion referred to the defendant's guilt. In 12 other cases, it referred to the "overwhelming" evidence of guilt. ¶ In the remaining cases, the appeals courts either found the defendant's appeal without merit, or found some merit in his claims, but found that the trial court's errors were "harmless," or unlikely to have affected the jury's verdict. ¶ Keep in mind, these are all cases in which the defendant was later determined to be actually innocent of the crime for which he was convicted. More alarmingly, Garret found in his research of these 200 cases that "even after DNA testing became available, courts and law enforcement also posed obstacles to conducting DNA testing, and then denied relief even after DNA proved innocence.""

Federal Reserve Says Disclosing Emergency Loans Will Hurt Banks, by Mark Pittman - Bloomberg.com - "'Our argument is that the public interest in disclosure outweighs the banks’ interest in secrecy,' said Thomas Golden, a lawyer with New York-based Willkie Farr & Gallagher LLP who represents Bloomberg. ¶ Preska’s Aug. 24 ruling rejected the Fed’s argument that the records should remain private because they are trade secrets and would scare customers into pulling their deposits. ¶ 'What has the Fed got to hide?' said Senator Bernie Sanders, a Vermont independent who sponsored a bill to require the Fed to submit to an audit by the Government Accountability Office. 'The time has come for the Fed to stop stonewalling and hand this information over to the public,' he said in an e-mail."

Federal Reserve Loses Bloomberg FOIA Lawsuit, Sensitive Disclosures Forthcoming, Shelly Roche - ByteStyle.tv - " The Federal Reserve must make public reports about recipients of emergency loans from U.S. taxpayers under programs created to address the financial crisis, a federal judge ruled. ¶ This is in relation to a lawsuit filed by Bloomberg LP against the Federal Reserve on November 7, 2008, in Southern District of New York (08-09595), in which Bloomberg sought material loan and collateral data in relation to emergency loans released by the Fed, and which were previously claimed to be non-FOIAble. ¶ This is a large blow against the Fed and specifically against organizations using FOIA loopholes from providing critical information, specifically in cases involving trillions of taxpayer dollars bailing out huge, systematically and politically embedded financial organizations."

There is something wrong with the entire recovery tale, by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - Telegraph.co.uk - "Soaring 'confidence' indicators have decoupled from reality. The world economy is still prostrate. GDP has shrunk 4pc, 6pc, 8pc, even 12pc or more in a large group of countries. There it more or less sits, like a deflated soufflé."

There's no quick fix to the global economy's excess capacity, by Ambrose Evans-Pritchard - Telegraph.co.uk - "Here is one overwhelming fact about the world economy that cannot be wished away. Excess capacity in industry is hovering at levels not seen since the Great Depression. "

A Grand Bargain Over Evolution, by Robert Wright - USA Today - "'People are losing human contact,' says [Tony] Fuda, 39, a mail carrier. 'They would rather text/Twitter/tweet — whatever it is called — than actually speak face-to-face with a person.'"

Twitter haters see no point in tweeting, by Jon Swartz - USA Today - "'People are losing human contact,' says [Tony] Fuda, 39, a mail carrier. 'They would rather text/Twitter/tweet — whatever it is called — than actually speak face-to-face with a person.'"

Obama Predicts Unemployment, Deficits Far Worse Than Previously Stated..., by Roger Runningen and Brian Faler - Bloomberg.com

The risk of a double-dip recession is rising, by Nouriel Roubini - Financial Times - "There are also now two reasons why there is a rising risk of a double-dip W-shaped recession. For a start, there are risks associated with exit strategies from the massive monetary and fiscal easing: policymakers are damned if they do and damned if they don’t. If they take large fiscal deficits seriously and raise taxes, cut spending and mop up excess liquidity soon, they would undermine recovery and tip the economy back into stag-deflation (recession and deflation). ¶ But if they maintain large budget deficits, bond market vigilantes will punish policymakers. Then, inflationary expectations will increase, long-term government bond yields would rise and borrowing rates will go up sharply, leading to stagflation. ¶ Another reason to fear a double-dip recession is that oil, energy and food prices are now rising faster than economic fundamentals warrant, and could be driven higher by excessive liquidity chasing assets and by speculative demand. Last year, oil at $145 a barrel was a tipping point for the global economy, as it created negative terms of trade and a disposable income shock for oil importing economies. The global economy could not withstand another contractionary shock if similar speculation drives oil rapidly towards $100 a barrel. ¶ In summary, the recovery is likely to be anaemic and below trend in advanced economies and there is a big risk of a double-dip recession."

Lawyers Claim Mandatory Insurance Unconstitutional, by David B. Rivkin Jr. and Lee A. Casey - Washington Post - "Without the young to subsidize the old, a comprehensive national health system will not work. But can Congress require every American to buy health insurance? ¶ In short, no. The Constitution assigns only limited, enumerated powers to Congress and none, including the power to regulate interstate commerce or to impose taxes, would support a federal mandate requiring anyone who is otherwise without health insurance to buy it."

Kennedy should resign, by Jeff Jacoby - Boston Globe

Houses are 20% to 30% off what they were last year, real estate broker says, by Melinda Mawdsley - GJSentinel.com - The above title was in the printed version along with "First-time homebuyers find warm, cozy market", which appeared in the online version. - JRW

Millions face shrinking Social Security payments, by Stephen Ohlemacher - (AP) Breitbart.com - Check out the comments section! - JRW

Public employees meet to discuss questions about pension plan, by Melinda Mawdsley - DailySentinel.com - "Faced with uncertainties about the future of their pension funds, hundreds of former and current state employees, school teachers and local government workers packed a hotel conference room Tuesday night for a meeting about the financial questions surrounding PERA."

Larry Flynt: Obama Can't Stand Up To The Bankers, by John Carney - Breitbart.com - Carney is referring to a Huffinton Post article by Larry Flynt titled "Common Sense 2009" - "Consider what multibillionaire banker David Rockefeller wrote in his 2002 memoirs: ¶ 'Some even believe we are part of a secret cabal working against the best interests of the United States, characterizing my family and me as "internationalists" and of conspiring with others around the world to build a more integrated global political and economic structure -- one world, if you will. If that's the charge, I stand guilty, and I am proud of it.' ¶ Read Rockefeller's words again. He actually admits to working against the 'best interests of the United States.' ¶ Need more? Here's what Rockefeller said in 1994 at a U.N. dinner: 'We are on the verge of a global transformation. All we need is the right major crisis, and the nations will accept the [fascist, neo-feudalistic - JRW] New World Order.' They're gaming us. Our country has been stolen from us."

The Greenback Effect, by Warren Buffett - NYTimes Op-Ed - "Legislators will correctly perceive that either raising taxes or cutting expenditures will threaten their re-election. To avoid this fate, they can opt for high rates of inflation, which never require a recorded vote and cannot be attributed to a specific action that any elected official takes. In fact, John Maynard Keynes long ago laid out a road map for political survival amid an economic disaster of just this sort: 'By a continuing process of inflation, governments can confiscate, secretly and unobserved, an important part of the wealth of their citizens . . . . The process engages all the hidden forces of economic law on the side of destruction, and does it in a manner which not one man in a million is able to diagnose.'" - Two other articles which referred to Buffett's "banana republic" op-ed are "Buffett: U.S. Could Become Banana Republic" and "Buffett Says Unchecked U.S. Debt Threatens Economy: Report" - Notice how Buffett opposes inflation because he doesn't want HIS assets to be stolen by it, but at the same time he says NOTHING about the systematic theft of the labor of the productive working classes by the blatantly (and provably) unconstitutional FED/IRS "Money As Debt" fraud. How did we Americans come to the point where we have 300,000,000+ citizens who don't know didley squat about Economics 101 and how to keep their labor from being systematically stolen by predators and parasites? You can't just wander through life with your head up your ass! - JRW

Rasmussen Reports: 27% of the nation’s voters Strongly Approve of the way that Barack Obama is performing his role as President. 41% Strongly Disapprove, giving Obama a Presidential Approval Index rating of -14. - GatewayPundit.com - Check out the talk string! - JRW

U.S. unemployment rate may be more than 10 percent already, by Greg Burns - Chicago Tribune - "The official unemployment rate stands at 9.6 percent and rising, but if it reflected the reality of the job market, it probably would be much higher. ¶ Many factors — from criminal incarceration rates to the greater numbers on Social Security Disability programs -- have reduced the proportion of adults seeking jobs, at least compared to recessions of the past. Millions of Americans who would otherwise be counted as unemployed don't get counted at all."

Real US unemployment rate at 16 percent: Fed official - Breitbart.com - "The real US unemployment rate is 16 percent if persons who have dropped out of the labor pool and those working less than they would like are counted, a Federal Reserve official said Wednesday. ¶ 'If one considers the people who would like a job but have stopped looking -- so-called discouraged workers -- and those who are working fewer hours than they want, the unemployment rate would move from the official 9.4 percent to 16 percent', said Atlanta Fed chief Dennis Lockhart." -Compare this with fraudulently low figure promoted by the Goebbelsian fascist media "green shoot" cheerleaders! - JRW

Contrary to the Goebbelsian fascist media "green shoot" cheerleaders, unemployment is higher now than in 1929-1930 at the start of the Great Depression. Only 1931-1940 were worse! - As of June, 2009: Michigan - 15.2%, Rhode Island - 12.1%, Nevada - 12.7%, Oregon - 11.7%, California - 11.9%.

"Year       % of civilian labor force unemployed
1929             3.2
1930             8.9
1931            16.3
1932            24.1
1933            25.2
1934            22.0
1935            20.3
1936            17.0
1937            14.3
1938            19.1
1939            17.2"
1940            14.6*
1941             9.9*
1942             4.7*
*1940-1942 figures are from a different source than 1929-1939 figures.

Scumbag N.Y. Governor, David Paterson, plays race card in discussion over his administration's incompetence, by Kenneth Lovett - NY Daily News - "Gov. Paterson blamed a racist media Friday for trying to push him out of next year's election - launching into an angry rant that left even some black Democrats shaking their heads." "'We're not in the post-racial period,' Paterson said. ¶ 'The reality is the next victim on the list - and you can see it coming - is President Barack Obama, who did nothing more than trying to reform a health care system.' ¶ Paterson said the campaign against him is being 'orchestrated' by reporters who would rather make the news than report it. ¶ But critics said the governor should blame his own blunders. ¶ 'He's given the media more than enough to feed on with the incompetence shown in his administration,' said state Sen. Kevin Parker (D-Brooklyn), an African-American. ¶ 'To quote Michael Jackson, he should start with the man in the mirror,' Parker said." ¶ "Later, Paterson looked to downplay his comments, saying, 'At no point did I claim that this media piling-on effect was due to race.' ¶ 'What I did point out was that certain media outlets have engaged in coverage that exploits racial stereotypes,' he said." - Check out the comments section of this article! - JRW

Scumbag N.Y. Governor, David Paterson, continues to play race card, says people 'nervous' over minorities in office; White House: Obama doesn't agree, by David Saltonstall and Kenneth Lovett - NY Daily News - "The media is trying to control the politics. Not reporting it. They're trying to control it. There are some folks in the media who think that it's all right to racially stereotype."

Congressman [Wally] Herger (R) calls Obama plan 'threat to democracy', by Paul Boerger - Mount Shasta Area Newspapers - "Herger did not hold back on his opinion of the health care plan and the administration’s appointment of 'czars' to head various departments and task forces. ¶ 'Our democracy has never been threatened as much as it is today,' Herger said to a loud standing ovation."

Leftists Turn on Obama as Air America Exposes Fascist Drug Deal, by AllahPundit - also as a YouTube video - "What if the [right-wing] people out there screaming and breaking up the discussion at town meetings are correct?"

Capitalizing on Cloud Computing: Sridhar Vembu talks on Fox Business - YouTube video

[Jon] Voight: Is Obama creating a civil war in America?, by Jennifer Harper - Washington Times - "We are witnessing a slow, steady takeover of our true freedoms. We are becoming a socialist nation, and whoever can't see this is probably hoping it isn't true. If we permit Mr. Obama to take over all our industries, if we permit him to raise our taxes to support unconstitutional causes, then we will be in default. This great America will become a paralyzed nation. ¶ Be outraged, Mr. Voight advises." - Comments section for this article.

Just how stupid do they think we are?, by Rich Lowry - National Review Online - "The Obama team is saddled with a foundering health-care strategy. But it has a fallback plan — relying on the sheer dimwitted gullibility of the American public. How stupid do they think we are?"

Liberal bloggers admit conservatives have upper hand on Twitter, by Eric Kuhn - CNNPolitics.com - "Liberal bloggers established online political activism, besting their conservative rivals during President George W. Bush's eight years in office. But conservatives are now finding great success 140 characters at a time. Even this week, the conservative organization Club For Growth promoted their Twitter account on their $1.2 million ad campaign against health care."

What rebound? Foreclosures rise as jobs and income drop, by Kevin G. Hall - McClatchy Newspapers - "Delinquency and foreclosure rates for U.S. mortgages continued to rise in the second quarter, with loans to the most qualified borrowers going bust at an unnerving clip, especially in hard-hit states such as Florida and California."

Is Racial Profiling Racist?, by Walter E. Williams - TownHall.com - "We can think of profiling in general as a practice where people use an observable or known physical attribute as a proxy or estimator of some other unobservable or unknown attribute. Race or sex profiling is simply the use of race or sex as that estimator. Profiling represents mankind's attempt to cope with information cost. God would not have to profile since God is all knowing."

Social Security could face default within two years, by Tommy Stevenson - TuscaloosaNews.com - "Social Security could face a deficit within two years, according to U.S. Rep. Spencer Bachus who met with The Tuscaloosa News editorial board Tuesday. ¶ 'The situation is much worse than people realize, especially because of the problems brought on by the recession, near depression,' said Bachus, R-Vestavia Hills, in an interview with the Tuscaloosa News editorial board. ¶ Bachus, the ranking member of the House Committee on Financial Services, said most people seem unaware of the impending crisis. He initially said Social Security could face 'default' within two years, but his staff responded later saying the Congresssman intended to say 'deficit.'"

Buffett Says Federal Debt Poses Risks to Economy, by Shamim Adam - Bloomberg.com - "'Enormous dosages of monetary medicine continue to be administered and, before long, we will need to deal with their side effects,' Buffett, 78, said. 'For now, most of those effects are invisible and could indeed remain latent for a long time. Still, their threat may be as ominous as that posed by the financial crisis itself.'" "Officials must still do 'whatever it takes' to get the U.S. economy back on its growth momentum, Buffett wrote. ¶ 'Once recovery is gained, however, Congress must end the rise in the debt-to-GDP ratio and keep our growth in obligations in line with our growth in resources,' Buffett said. 'With government expenditures now running 185 percent of receipts, truly major changes in both taxes and outlays will be required. A revived economy can’t come close to bridging that sort of gap.'"

Obama Goes Postal, Lands in Dead-Letter Office, by Caroline Baum - Bloomberg.com - "The proliferation of Obama’s gaffes and non sequiturs on health care has exceeded the allowable limit. He has failed repeatedly to explain how the government will provide more (health care) for less (money). He has failed to explain why increased demand for medical services without a concomitant increase in supply won’t lead to rationing by government bureaucrats as opposed to the market. And he has failed to explain why a Medicare-like model is desirable when Medicare itself is going broke. ¶ The public is left with one of two unsettling conclusions: Either the president doesn’t understand the health-insurance reform plans working their way through Congress, or he understands both the plans and the implications and is being untruthful about the impact. ¶ Neither option is good; ignorance is clearly preferable to the alternative."

Taleb: You Fools Don't Understand That We're Doomed - The Business Insider - CNBC video [Squawk Box]

Elizabeth Warren: "We Have A Real Problem Coming...", by Henry Blodget - The Business Insider - MSNBC video [Morning Joe]

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Hello Deflation, by Henry Blodget - The Money Game

Why Lawyers Hate E-Discovery - Law.com Legal Blog Watch

U.S. Supreme Court Orders New Hearing in Troy Davis Case
- WSAV3 TV - "Justice John Paul Stevens wrote the opinion for the majority, with Justices Stephen Breyer and Ruth Bader Ginsburg concurring. Justices Antonin Scalia and Clarence Thomas dissented. It is unclear how Chief Justice John Roberts, Justice Anthony Kennedy, and Justice Samuel Alito voted or if any of them abstained."

Scalia: Executing innocent people is not unconstitutional - Atlanta Journal Constitution blog - "This Court has never held that the Constitution forbids the execution of a convicted defendant who has had a full and fair trial but is later able to convince a habeas court that he is ‘actually’ innocent. Quite to the contrary, we have repeatedly left that question unresolved, while expressing considerable doubt that any claim based on alleged ‘actual innocence’ is constitutionally cognizable.” - And Scalia is one of the brightest judges - no arrogance there! - JRW

Obama Joker artist unmasked: A fellow Chicagoan - LATimes - "Bored during his winter school break, Firas Alkhateeb, a senior history major at the University of Illinois, crafted the picture of Obama with the recognizable clown makeup using Adobe's Photoshop software. ¶ Alkhateeb had been tinkering with the program to improve the looks of photos he had taken on his clunky Kodak camera. The Joker project was his grandest undertaking yet. Using a tutorial he'd found online about how to 'Jokerize' portraits, he downloaded the October 23 Time Magazine cover of Obama and began digitally painting over it. Four or five hours later, he happily had his product."

AARP loses 60,000+ members over health care stance - USA Today - "'We take stands on issues that are contentious, it's part of what we do,' [spokesman Drew] Nannis said. 'And because we have so many members we'll always have a small percentage that disagree with us so strongly they feel they need to cancel membership.'" - No arrogance there! - JRW

Man protests President Obama's Phoenix speech with rifle - ABC15.com - "One protester who didn't want to give his name was walking around with a rifle in full view. ¶ 'I'm exercising my right as an American in Arizona,' he said. 'I'm actually totally against healthcare in this way, in this manner, stealing it from people. I don't think that's appropriate.' ¶ The man also carried a hand gun on his hip and a round of ammunition in his back pocket, all completely legal. ¶ He said he's fighting both health care and his right to carry a firearm in public. ¶ 'I come from another state where open carry is legal, but no one does it, so police don't really know about it, and they harass people and arrest people falsely,' he said. 'In America, people have the ability to fight back and resist.'" - Check out the comments section! - JRW

Man carries assault rifle to Obama protest -- and it's legal - CNNPolitics.com - Check out the comments section! - JRW

No bail for Web show host who said judges deserve to die, by Lynne Marek - National Law Journal - "In a June 2 posting on his Web site, called Turner Radio Network, Turner said 7th Circuit Chief Judge Frank Easterbrook and Judges Richard Posner and William Bauer "deserve to be killed" for their ruling in the handgun case that day. In a June 3 follow-up post, Turner provided the names, work addresses, phone numbers and photos of the judges. ¶ At Turner's arraignment hearing on July 28, Assistant U.S. Attorney Bill Hogan argued that Turner should remain in custody based, in part, on the fact that he continued to threaten authorities even after his arrest. Hogan said that while Turner was in custody in New Jersey, he called in additional postings naming three FBI agents who interviewed him. He called in those postings despite court restrictions on his Internet use. ¶ Turner's attorney, Michael Orozco of Newark, N.J.-based Bailey & Orozco, has filed a motion to dismiss the charges, saying they violate his client's First Amendment right to express his opinions on his Web site and that nothing on the site was "a true threat." Orozco is also seeking to have the case moved to New Jersey if it proceeds." - From the facts as reported by the MSM, it is obvious that Turner is being unconstitutionally persecuted by scum. It is obvious that what Turner said is protected by the 1st Amendment. Read Brandenburg v. Ohio, 395 U.S. 444 (1969) (unanimous court) and Meyer v Grant, 486 US 414 (1988) (unanimous court), and see if you don't agree. The 1st Amendment allows you to call for the violent overthrow of the U. S. government.

White House appears ready to drop 'public option', by Philip Elliott - Associated Press - "Bowing to Republican pressure and an uneasy public, President Barack Obama's administration signaled Sunday it is ready to abandon the idea of giving Americans the option of government-run insurance as part of a new health care system."

Sebelius Says Government Insurance Plan Not Essential, by Alison Fitzgerald and Timothy J. Burger - Bloomberg.com - "Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said providing citizens with the option of government-run insurance isn’t essential to the Obama administration’s proposed overhaul of U.S. health care. ¶ 'What’s important is choice and competition,' Sebelius said today on CNN’s 'State of the Union.' The public option itself 'is not the essential.'"

TX Dem: Bill without public option 'would be very, very difficult', by CNN Associate Producer Martina Stewart - CNNPolitics.com

Doctors, nurse on health care (all three are members of Congress) - CNN Video

Embedded video from CNN Video

Obama foes turn to ’60s radical for tactical tips, by Edward Luce and Alexandra Ulmer - Financial Times - "Mr Armey, 69, predicted that the 'grassroots' backlash against what he called Mr Obama’s 'hostile government takeover of a sixth of the US economy' would cause the reform to fail spectacularly. But he predicted that supporters of reform would attempt to win over the 'bed-wetters caucus' – a group of wavering lawmakers who spanned both parties, he said – with a fear campaign in the autumn. ¶ 'In September or October there will be a hyped up outbreak of the swine flu which they’ll say is as bad as the bubonic plague to scare the bed-wetters to vote for healthcare reform,' said Mr Armey. 'That is the only way they can push something on to the American people that the American people don’t want.'"

The Purple People Beaters, by Ernest Istook - The Heritage Foundation

Fascism 101, by Clifford D. May - Foundation for the Defense of Democracies

UPDATE: Bresnan service back up in Colorado - KJCT News 8 ABC - "Updated: Aug 14, 2009 06:22 PM Service has been restored to thousands of Bresnan customers in Colorado after nearly a two day disruption"

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Michael Savage: Winston Churchill on Islam, FoxNews - YouTube Video

The New Clinton Chronicles - Google Video - "An investigation into the alleged criminal activities of Bill Clinton and his circle of power."

MSNBC's Matthews Whines: 'Right-Wing Crap' On Best Seller List - NewsBusters.org video - IMHO, Chris Matthews is an arrogant sophist POS (get the acronym?)


1. Always remember, "politics" = person or group A trying to persuade person or group B to obey the will of A, most frequently for the personal financial benefit of A and to the personal financial detriment (higher taxes) of B. That is why deception = the so-called "art" of politics. That is also why "politician" = professional deceiver, and why "political" = deception-based, or having to do with deception. Everybody is competing for political power to steal labor and money out of the "other guy's" pocket and put it in their own. Politicians get votes by promising to be all things to all people. Because that is a physical impossibility, most of their promises of necessity get broken. Because they know this in advance, they are ALL liars to one degree or another. The king is always the most corrupt person in the kingdom. After all, the first two kings of Israel, Saul and David, were murderers. In my opinion, any person who sincerely wants to be the king is criminally insane and an implacable deadly enemy to individual freedom.

2. Fascism = private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control. — Webster’s New World Dictionary of the American Language, Second College Edition. I would expand that definition: fascism = private economic enterprise under centralized governmental control, in which “government” is used as a “business” tool by private interests. Another way of articulating the same idea is: fascism = private ownership of government.

John Flynn defined the word thusly: “Fascism is a system of social organization in which the political state is a dictatorship supported by a political elite and in which the economic society is an autarchial capitalism, enclosed and planned, in which the government assumes responsibility for creating adequate purchasing power through the instrumentality of national debt and in which militarism is adopted as a great economic project for creating work as well as a great romantic project in the service of the imperialist state.” [As We Go Marching, p. 161, 2nd ed.] — John T. Flynn (1882-1964) American Journalist and Author

"Fascist" = scumbag2 "businessman" who uses the police powers of government (via bribes, special-interest legislation, holding office himself, etc) to corruptly increase profits and eliminate or reduce competition for his (or her) business/es beyond what they would be in a genuinely fair and free marketplace comprised of willing sellers and willing buyers.

MANY Democrats and Republicans are fascists, especially the ones in Congress. To paraphrase Jesse Ventura in a conversation with Willie Nelson and Alex Jones, the DEMS and GOP are like professional wrestling: they pretend to be adversaries in public. But behind closed doors, they're good buddies, hanging out with each other, making business deals and having dinner together at fancy restaurants and at each other homes and mansions.

3. As I said in the "Welcome" section of this website, (it bears constant repetition): Regarding the words "scum" and "scumbag" as an epithet used in self-defensive demonization against select individuals. Hey, what can I say? It is a long-proven statistical fact that negative political ads work. And since the so-called "left" uses lies, half-truths, demonization and the politics of personal destruction as standard political strategies, failure to engage in a little "turn about is fair play" merely makes it easier for the various assortments of disordered illiterate fascist control freaks to destroy individual freedom. As I said on my blog homepage, "Some folks just think they're smarter than everybody else, a higher form of life than everybody else. So, instead of engaging in good faith discussions about specific ideas, they simply resort to deception, sophistry, unspecificity, undefined terms, manipulation, demonization and the politics of personal destruction AS A MATTER OF PREFERRED STRATEGY to get their little spoiled-brat control-freak way. Such behavior is anathema to intellectual honesty, an open mind, a kind heart, free inquiry, the freedoms of thought and speech, and the free flow of information. It MUST be eternally warred against if humankind is to entertain a realistic hope of ever reaching its full spiritual and intellectual potential." To avoid the violence which is directly related to repression of free speech and the crushing of polite and civil discourse, I believe it is essential to engage in strategic tit-for-tat with wannabe-clever manipulative demonizers by openly calling them what they are: the anti-freedom, anti-Golden-Rule scum of the earth (aka "scumbags"). Accordingly, it doesn't bother me in the least to do so. No less brilliant a person than Jesus of Nazareth himself referred to the scumbags of his day as "hypocrites", "blind guides", "vipers" and "whitewashed sepulchres". To paraphrase Ann Coulter, Jesus was not some moron driving around in a Volvo with a "be nice to people" bumper sticker on it. So, having read The Art of Political War and Other Radical Pursuits by David Horowitz, I don't have any problem with calling reprobate "scum" what it is.