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What with the enormous amount of ad hominem hoopla about Obamacare, I haven't been inspired to blog lately, in part because I don't really try to write, I try to educate (share useful self-help, self-sufficiency information). However, I have been working on two pretty good sized essays "How the 'Left's' thinking is haywire" and "How the 'Right's' thinking is haywire" which should be finished before long. I have tons of supporting legal cites for my constitutional arguments, so all the checking and double-checking does take some time. (Like my excuse?)

You may have noticed my links to FaceBook, MySpace, Twitter and YouTube in my navigation column. They are some of the more popular social networking sites. Wikipedia has a list of social networking websites.

My friend, Rick Castellini, just passed the one million mark for views on his YouTube channel. That's truly awesome! Congratulations Rick - big time! You need to check out Rick's website, too. It is simply THE best computer-help-for-average-users website that I've found on the internet. His "Rick Answers His Email" feature is wonderfully innovative and useful. (If you click on the video while it's playing, you will be taken to the same video on his YouTube channel, "casttv", where you can easily "favorite" it or "share" it. "Rick Answers His Email" is kind of a cross between a live video show and an FAQ section. You get to see both Rick and the specific email he is answering at the same time on the same screen. The part I like best is where he drags a computer screen or dialog box into the video picture and uses his cursor to point to the buttons he is telling you to click as he walks you through the solution to your problem. This is ENORMOUSLY useful to newbies. As far as I know, this feature is unique on the internet, and I believe Rick deserves to get rich!

Some people express privacy concerns about not wanting to tell everybody what they had for lunch. While it is true that some 40% of the posts on Twitter are frivolous, that little factoid doesn't begin to represent the full power and potential of Twitter.

I choose not to say stupid things like "I'm eating a taco at Taco Bell", or "I just stepped out of the shower and I'm cutting my toenails". I leave such asinine frivolity to others. I choose to use the enormous power of Twitter to create my own custom #1 real-time news source. Even that famous news icon, Matt Drudge, has recognized the power of Twitter and posts his Drudge Report headlines on his Twitter page. Drudge gets millions of hits daily on his website, and you can very easily compare his website to my website. He gets millions of hits per day and makes millions of dollars per year, while nobody reads mine, and I make nothing. (I'm not complaining, mind you, just observing facts, because I'm a free-market guy.)

Now let's compare Drudge's Twitter page on one tab to my Twitter page on another tab. Now flip back and forth between the two pages (tabs). Starting to get the picture? If anything, my Twitter page is visually more interesting than Drudge's because he can only use his Twitter page to promote his webpage, which means he can't "follow" anybody, and he can't connect with other Twitter users by "retweeting" their "tweets". If he started retweeting, it would diminish his status, and possibly even the popularity of his main webpage. In constrast, I am following hundreds of smart people, of whom Drudge is only one, so I have 30+ news posts from all over the world streaming in every minute or two 24 HOURS A DAY! Also, each one of the "Tweeps" I'm following is represented by a thumbnail picture, which IMHO (in my humble opinion) helps make my Twitter page even more interesting visually than Drudge's, and I haven't begun to mess around with customizing my background, etc.

You can learn quite a bit about a Twitter user by surfing through the people whom they are following and who are following them. You are more than welcome to surf through the list of 678+ SMART people I am following. I also follow a number of newspapers from foreign countries such as Israel, Jordan, Russia, China, etc. I'm not naive or gullible, so I don't trust ANY "news" source in and of themselves, but I do like to try to keep up with what they are all saying, so as to give me a better, broader and, yes, more accurate picture of what is going on in the world and on the internet.

A couple of my computer geek friends have Twitter pages you might enjoy surfing: Rick Castellini (about whom I've already told you) and Adam Cochran. You can see how they each use Twitter in their own way. The list of possible uses is literally endless. Of course, if you really want to fight for a cause or promote a product on the internet, you will want to learn how to create and operate your own website which you can, as my friends Rick and Adam do, promote on the social networking sites.

One of the coolest things things about Twitter is that you can follow anybody you like, from esoteric bloggers to MSM news sources to cause-oriented websites such as the "Red-haired Mothers With 6 Toes On Their Left Foot Society". They all combine to make your own custom real-time news source/page! Simply fahbulous, dahling! That's networking. That's power! Down with tyranny! "Power to the people!" (As self-sufficient INDIVIDUALS, of course, not as collectivist lemmings.) Hubba, hubba! :-)

Here is an excellent video by Jeffrey A. Tucker. Following the video is his blog article "Why Twitter Is Amazing".

How to Reject the Statist Quo | Jeffrey A. Tucker - YouTube video

Why Twitter Is Amazing, by Jeffrey A. Tucker

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JOHN'S TWITTER (Eclectic Selection Of Real-Time News Links - "Drudge Lite") An ongoing, daily updated, archive of what in my opinion are the Internet's most interesting articles and videos gleaned from the Tweets of the diverse group of 675+ SMART Tweeps (Twitter users) I'm following on Twitter. More links than Drudge!

JOHN'S FACEBOOK Unlike Twitter, on FaceBook you have to have a user's permission to be a "friend". So, unlike Twitter, most of my FaceBook "friends" are actually my friends in real life, which is why I only have 59 on FaceBook as compared to the hundreds I have on Twitter. Twitter I use to gather news. FaceBook I use more to share information about myself.

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These next two videos are dedicated to all the illiterate, purple-haired, nose-pronged, ear-ringed, tattooed, backwards-baseball-hatted, sideways-baseball hatted, wannabe-bad, wannabe-gangsta, numb-nutted dipshits out there (including one of my own nephews - Arggghh!) who insist that looking like a fool is cool. The rap, called "Pants On The Ground", and written by 62-year-old "General" Larry Platt has so far gotten over 1,036,259 views on YouTube. The lyrics are HERE. To me, the phrase "Giddy-up" sounded more like "Get it up" or "Get 'em up". Whatever.

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