, the world' best computer self-help website for beginner and intermediate users!

In an earlier blog, I mentioned my friend, Rick Castellini, and his wonderful website. After all this time, I have still not changed my opinion that is the best computer self-help website I have found on the Internet.

Several months ago, Rick had received one million hits on his YouTube channel, casttv. Now he has just celebrated posting his 300th "how to" video. Wow! Congratulations, Rick! Long may you keep up the great work!

Check out Rick's latest blog titled "How I get smart using YouTube." I've been a huge YouTube fan ever since Rick first showed it to me. I, too, use it to find "how to" information and "get smart".

With YouTube, you can get a free YouTube account, make your own videos, upload them to YouTube, and then either link them back to your website, embed them on your website, or both.

Here's an example of both linking and embedding:

Learn How to Fix Starting Issues with your Husqvarna Lawn Tractor - YouTube video

The "linking" part is the blue type that takes you somewhere else when you click on it. The "embedding" part is the image of a video screen with the play arrow in the middle of it. You can control the size of the image you want to embed on your website. I like to make mine 425 pixels x 344 pixels for my blog format.

Here's how I would link and embed Rick's latest video on my website:

How to use YouTube to find How Tos - YouTube video by Rick Castelli on casttv.

Here's how I embedded the videos of another friend and his vintage 1942 Boeing E75 Stearman biplane:

450 Stearman Smoke & Aerobatics - YouTube video - My pilot friend, Randy Miller, and his Stearman. Randy's YouTube channel is "R985wasp". In case you want to go for a ride in his Stearman, Randy's cool website is Vintage Aviation Ltd.

Smoke & Noise June 2010 - YouTube video - Another video of Randy Miller and his Stearman

450 Stearman Air-to-Air - YouTube video - Another video of Randy Miller and his Stearman

I recently blogged about my new-to-me Walker lawnmower. As you can see, I linked and embedded, for the viewer's information and convenience, a number of videos about Walker lawnmowers. All I had to do was type "Walker lawnmowers" into the YouTube search box.

So watch Rick's 300th instruction video and learn! Even if you are more advanced and already know the material, you can use it to help your beginner friends and relatives become "computer literate". Most of all: have fun!

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SHAMELESS SELF-PROMOTION: See John's Twitter for one of the web's most eclectic mashups of interesting real-time news articles. I surf the web for interesting real-time news stories and informative tidbits so you don't have to.

JFK and RFK: The Plots that Killed Them, The Patsies that Didn't, by Professor James H. Fetzer - The official lying-through-their-stinkin'-teeth "gubmint" versions debunked in a way that will make your blood boil: "The assassinations of RFK and JFK were both conspiracies. Both involved the destruction of evidence. Both involved the fabrication of evidence. Both involved framing their patsies. Both involved complicity by local officials. Both involved planning by the CIA. Both were used to deny the American people of the right to be governed by leaders of their own choosing. My purpose here is to outline how these things are done, because the agencies responsible for these events continue to employ the same techniques, not only of killing their targets but of covering them up. The more we understand how these things are done, the less likely we are to be deceived again."

Sirhan Sirhan: In His Own Words, by by Stephen Lendman - also at

The Assassinations of the 1960s as “Deep Events”, by Peter Dale Scott

Interview: Joel Salatin, by Gaby Wood - The Observer - "Joel Salatin is America's most celebrated pioneer of chemical-free farming – but if you want to taste his beef or chicken you'll have to move to Virginia. He talks to Gaby Wood about why local is best and his role in the documentary Food, Inc which attacks the giants of industrialised food production" - Check out Joel's Polyface Farm website!

Over 100,000 Unite to Watch Bill O’Reilly, Dick Morris, Jim Rogers On Economic Crisis Summit - NewsMax & MoneyNews video

Police taser 86-year-old bedridden granny - - These men aren't policemen, they're jackbooted Nazi thugs, "pigs" if you will, who are in serious need of a good horse whipping. This is the sad state of the tyrant-minded police-state mentality of law enforcement in America today. Question is, what is the morally correct thing, the constitutionally correct thing, to do about it?

COP: She took 'aggressive posture in her bed' - A different source for the same blood-boiling story. This is just plain stupid. As I said these men aren't cops, they aren't constitutional law enforcement, they are tyrant minded bullys, "pigs" if you will, who need a good sound flogging. 20 lashes with a rattan cane might be about right.

'Secret' law lets police arrest for failing to show ID near summit - Ottawa Citizen - So, do you suppose the Canadians are going to take this police-state crap lying down? Do you think Americans would? Where is the moral line in the sand beyond which the militarized jackbooted Nazi so-called "law enforcement" thugs had better not tread? Hark back to 1776: At what point in the free fall towards "global" tyranny does armed resistance become morally acceptable? Shouldn't intellectually curious inquiring minds want to know? Isn't it past time to start that debate?

Mark Levin explains how the "Disclose Act" threatens the First Amendment - YouTube video - It's like Congress is handing out speech licenses. It's a direct assault on the Bill of Rights. The title "Disclose Act" is entirely Orwellian because the act is designed specifically to SMOTHER speech and protect incumbents. The NRA was given an exemption so they would remain silent. This is how the dog-and-pony show works, folks!

Organic gardening: How to grow an organic vegetable garden - YouTube "how to" video

Santelli and Dobbs Talk Tea Party Power - CNBC video

Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks about SB 1070, immigration, borders and Obama - YouTube video

Sheriff Joe Arpaio talks about SB 1070, immigration, borders and Obama - YouTube video

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part 1 - 1 of 5 - YouTube video

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part 2 - 1 of 5 - YouTube video

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part 3 - 1 of 5 - YouTube video

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part 4 - 1 of 5 - YouTube video

The Men Who Killed Kennedy - Part 5 - 1 of 5 - YouTube video

For your convenience I posted in numerical order all 30 YouTube parts of the video "The Men Who Killed Kennedy" on my blog titled "Why JFK was assassinated (in my opinion)" elsewhere on this website.