Random thoughts

While surfing the web the other evening, I ran across some video of Ann Coulter on the Michael Coren Show. I thought the lively discussion on the freedom of speech — (I am, after all, a free speech absolutist) — was way too cool to not share. The level of civility, even friendliness, and intellectual honesty was quite noticeable and very refreshing compared to the constant drumbeat of Goebbelsian MSM politically correct blather. It is very easy to see why Coulter's bluntness, articulateness, quick wit, good looks and fiesty take-no-prisoners attitude make her the woman so-called "liberals" love to hate most. The video was posted on YouTube in 5 parts. Here they are ("Leftists" eat your hypocritical double-standard little hearts out!):

Ann Coulter on Michael Coren Show 1/5 - YouTube video

Ann Coulter on Michael Coren Show 2/5 - YouTube video

Ann Coulter on Michael Coren Show 3/5 - YouTube video

Ann Coulter on Michael Coren Show 4/5 - YouTube video

Ann Coulter on Michael Coren Show 5/5 - YouTube video


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Ted Nugent performs the Star Spangled Banner (US National Anthem) on Glenn Beck FOX News - YouTube video

The Sunset of the State - YouTube video by Stephan Molyneux - A true "must see" for all freedom lovers!

'On the Edge' with Max Keiser - Stefan Molyneux Interview - YouTube video - Interesting discussion on the non-initiation of force philosophy as it applies to gubmint. A fascinating argument is raised: it is impossible to be philosophically consistent and argue against property rights because property rights stem from self-ownership, and when you argue against them, you are using your body (aka exercising self-ownership) to do so. Technically therefore, you are using self-ownership to argue against self-ownership, and that doesn't work.

Army gags officer challenging Obama eligibility - World Net Daily - Fantastic article! Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin is a national hero. Screw the corrupt Pentagon and Col. Denise Lind who are prosecuting him! When the truth of the coverup finally comes out, every judge who facilitated the coverup should be tried and executed for treason! Taxpayers don't pay the courts to obfuscate the truth.

Race Card Fraud, by Thomas Sowell - Real Clear Politics - Excellent column!

Faith in Social Security tanking - USA TODAY - "Skepticism is highest among the youngest workers: Three-fourths of those 18 to 34 don't expect to get a Social Security check when they retire." - Folks are catching on to the unsustainable Ponzi scheme! And this is from a "MSM" newspaper, folks! Wakey, wakey!

The only solution I can think of is the Linder-Boortz FAIR TAX. Got to start taxing consumption (aka "spending") instead of taxing production (aka "income"). Natural Law of Economics: whatever you tax (production) you WILL get less of; whatever you subsidize (non-work, bad life choices, etc) you WILL get more of. Abolish the FED/IRS immediately and implement the FAIR TAX. Enterpreneurial enterprise would EXPLODE if the FED/IRS were gone. And the FAIR TAX would generate enough revenue to continue funding the existing entitlement programs until the system could be completely fixed with REAL, SUSTAINABLE changes. With both sides of the 2-party circus demonizing each other and promising "freebies", that's the only way to buy enough time to fix the underlying UNSUSTAINABLE fiat-currency-as-legal-tender problem.

SmarTrend Market Close Wrap Up: July 16, 2010 - YouTube video - I like the way Christie Duffy (from "Smart Trend News") presents the news: facts w/o narcissism and/or nonsense - You can subscribe to her YouTube channel at TradeTheTrend - you can also check out the TradeTheTrend website. "Finally! Unique, Real-Time Stock Analysis and Tracking For Everyone!"

Deleted Obama Deception movie Restored after Google nailed with calculated search blitz - Infowars.com - Fascinating story about how pro-establishment hackers tried to keep information from the public by illegally hacking into YouTube accounts and deleting a video they despise. Exciting stuff!

The Obama Deception - Google video

How to Make "The Obama Deception" Number 1 on U.S. Google/Yahoo Trends - YouTube video - See also at InfoWars


The Obama Deception HQ Full length version - YouTube video

Tea Party Cartoon Outrages Ohio State House Candidate - New American - The cartoon is leftist fascist propaganda, but FUNNY! - "Just before the July 4th weekend at the Ohio Statehouse, the Assistant Director of the House Democratic Communications Office distributed a daily e-mail to all staff members of the House of Representatives there. Keary McCarthy, a spokesman for the Ohio Speaker of the House, Democrat Armond Budish, explained that such an e-mail of diverse political opinions is sent to lawmakers of both parties each day." "Only on this day it contained a political cartoon by Bill Day of United Features Syndicate. Day is quoted in his UFS bio as saying, 'I have great fun drawing and using humor in my cartoons. But when a terrible injustice occurs, I’ll use the most powerful images possible to address it.'"