The Bayou Gardener

Well, boys and girls, spring has sprung and gardening time is here again! Our new greenhouse is coming along, and we got the irrigation ditches burned out and ready to be cleaned out with a shovel in time for the irrigation water to be turned in. For the first time, the grape patch is properly prepared so it can be mowed without hitting rocks or other debris and damaging the mower. No more unsightly six-foot-tall kochia weeds - Yay!

The Bayou Gardner is my favorite gardening website. I love these people. Just plain good-hearted, hard-working, fun-to-be-around, salt-of-the-earth people who happen to be great gardeners and, at the same time, also tech-savvy enough to run a terrific website, complete with YouTube channel for uploading videos and then linking them back to their website. These folks inspired me to get a used golf cart for a super handy get-around-the-farm tool to keep company with our handy-dandy Walker lawnmower. Wanna know something about gardening? Just bookmark their website, subscribe to their YouTube channel and start watching the videos. Wonderful entertainment. These people feel like long-time good friends even though we don't know each other from Adam. Be sure to check out their website and DVDs

I think the Bayou Gardener's name is Donald Ducote, which I discovered from his Twitter page. According to Donald, the aerial photo of his farm was "taken by my good friend Paul Juneau". If you click on the thumbnail image on the left, you will see an enlarged picture of Donald's gorgeous farm compound. It looks like Donald has 30-40 acres. His garden rows, about as long as a football field, appear to be longer than our entire 2.5 -acre property.

In every constructive and inspirational sense of the word, I envy Donald's beautiful rock-free red soil (see also another view). It's great fun watching his tractor tools sink down into the soil to do their work. About half of our place is rocky soil, good for grapes, but not much else. We have to work hard to build good gardening soil in our 3 garden plots. I'm not complaining, mind you, we are very blessed to have a symbiotic relationship with a professional lawn guy who drops his clippings off on our property most every day during lawn season. That does absolute wonders for building a nice "humus-y" soil to garden in. We rotate our three garden spots, and Gary drops his clippings off in one plot while we garden in another one.

I emailed Donald, and he was kind enough to email me back. To build his web sites he uses Adobe Dreamweaver (it writes the code), to edit the videos he uses Adobe Premiere Elements and to edit the photos he uses Adobe PhotoShop. His camera is a Canon GL2 Professional MiniDV Camcorder with wireless mike. One of his favorite gardening websites on YouTube is "mhpgardener".


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