Australian economist, Steve Keen, Ph.D., Peter Schiff, and Professor George A. Selgin

Wow! Although I've been working steadily on the website, it's been almost four months since I posted a blog. That's probably due to all the yard work (greenhouse project) combined with all the manipulative and deceptive political rhetoric engaged in by both sides of the GOP/DEM duopoly. Recently most disgusting was the column by David Brooks titled "The Road Not Taken". Total B.S. The MSM appears to be "all in" on the "debt" fraud that is the current unconstitutional monetary system.

Be that as it may, I ran across an interview Max Keiser had with economist Steve Keen which inspired me to at least try to keep up with posting videos and articles I consider worthy of note. Hence the brilliant title of this post (hardee har har). Here Australian economist Steve Keen gives an extremely lucid lesson on Economics 101. He jokes that all economists (including himself) should commit harakiri. This is a genuine "must see" two-part interview for any person who wants to better understand the neofeudalistic "debt" fraud.

On the Edge with . . . Steve Keen (1/2) - YouTube video

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On the Edge with . . . Steve Keen (2/2) - YouTube video

Peter Schiff warns us, "If you want to avoid the biggest tax increase of all, you cannot own U.S. dollars or any debt denominated in dollars, including treasuries. When the Federal Reserve prints (aka "creates") money out of thin air to buy these bonds so the government can spend money, that diminishes the value of everybody else's dollars. So prices go up. When oil prices are rising, when food prices are rising, that increase is a tax. It's going up because the government is running deficits. And there's no other reason." Schiff is 100% correct folks, and this stuff ain't rocket science. It's simple arithmetic.

8/1/2011 - Peter Schiff On Freedom Watch- You Cannot Own The Dollar Or Dollar Denominated Debt! - YouTube video

The Private Supply of Money | George A. Selgin - YouTube video

Keiser Report: Feta Cheese Trap (E305) - YouTube video


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