The Zimmerman verdict and all the destructive race mongering surrounding it.

In my opinion, the Trayvon Martin vs. George Zimmerman story is extremely important, because identifying and understanding the manipulative political1 forces around it is crucial to understanding whether or not there can even be a "national conversation" about race, as so frequently mentioned by various political types. Such a conversation (if intellectual honesty can be adhered to) is crucial to identifying and promoting sustainable human behaviors (as directly contrasted with unsustainable manipulation), particularly in the areas of economics and politics.

Who is fueling America's outrage against the verdict? - YouTube video

Zimmerman Defense Team’s Black Intern: George Is Not A Racist, As Black Person, I Can Tell - CNN video

In the following video, Stefan Molyneux provides important factual background information that the race-baiting, agenda-oriented Goebbelsian so-called "main stream media" (MSM) will never provide.

Stefan Molyneux: The Truth About George Zimmerman and Trayvon Martin - YouTube video

Charles Barkley On Zimmerman Trial: "I Agree With The Verdict" - RCP video

Dana Loesch EVISCERATES Zimmerman Protesters

Bill Whittle: The wretched lynching of George Zimmerman - YouTube video

Bill O’Reilly Destroys Democrat Media For Perpetuating ‘Lie’ That Blacks Are ‘Being Hunted Down By Whites’ - Mediaite video

Zimmerman attorney on the "single biggest" piece of misinformation - CBS video

Why Zimmerman's attorney didn't shake prosecutor's hand - CBS video - "I didn't think the prosecution was honorable." ~ Don West

George Zimmerman Juror B37 Jury Selection - Slate video

Deneen & Tom Borelli - Claim: NAACP Blocks Black Conservatives - YouTube video

Adam Carolla rips MSNBC ‘p*ssy ass-wipe’ Thomas Roberts for ‘white shame’ comments - Daily Caller


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Who is fueling America's outrage against the verdict? - Fox News video - Sean Hannity interviews David Webb (The David Webb Show) and Michael Meyers (Executive Director of the NY Civil Rights Coalition) who rip the race mongers like Al Not-So-Sharpton and Jesse Jerkson. (NOTE: This is a crucially important video. When you do a Google search for "Who is fueling America's outrage against the verdict?" and click on the FoxNews link (, you get the video. If I use that same link to make a hyperlink and you click on it from my website, you get "Page Not Found". Cute. Also note what the HTML for the link looks like when I make a link. Yet that exact same link (which works) is made by "computer gremlins" to look like this in the text, and not only no longer works but also disables the backup tab on my browser. So how did "americas-outrage-against-the-verdict/" magically become "americas-outrage..." on MY website on MY computer without me typing in any code changes?! This type of cutesy pie "computer gremlins" internet censorship is routinely engaged in by wannabe-clever propagandists who try to rewrite history to fit their political agendas. This demonstrates why it is crucial that citizen bloggers/journalists acquire the skills necessary to copy and download the actual video files so there will remain an accurate record of what actually happened. It also demonstrates why citizen bloggers/journalists should abandon NSA-friendly Microsoft Windows in favor of open source applications such as Linux. In the meantime, I have linked to a YouTube video of the same segment. Hopefully it will work until I can make my own copy of the actual video file.

Alan Dershowitz: Zimmerman Special Prosecutor Angela Corey Should Be Disbarred - Real Clear Politics

BOORTZ: The race-baiters aren’t done with Zimmerman yet - RARE

On the radio: Herman Cain slams media for “fanning the flames of resentment” for Zimmerman - RARE

New video surfaces of violent Oakland protests - Yahoo

NAACP Rejects Black Conservatives From National Conference -

EXCLUSIVE: Robert Zimmerman to DOJ: Stop the 'Witch Hunt' - Breitbart

Angela Corey’s Checkered Past - National Review Online

Exclusive: Fired employee to file lawsuit against Zimmerman prosecutors - Reuters

NUGENT: Zimmerman should sue Trayvon’s parents - RARE

Exclusive: Juror pushes for new laws following Zimmerman trial - CNN - (I posted this relatively lame article only because the comments on the talk string are interesting — JRW)

Should Zimmerman prosecutor be disbarred? - Fox News

Judge Jeanine Pirro Rips Zimmerman Special Prosecutor Angela Corey - Real Clear Politics

Pt 3 - Zimmerman Trial - Explosive Sanctions Hearing - State Questions Attorney Don West - YouTube video

Zimmerman TRIAL: judge Debra S Nelson threw a fit AT Donald West, This is my courtroom - YouTube video

Judge Confronts Zimmerman - YouTube video

Mark Levin BLASTS ‘Obnoxious And Pathetic’ Judge Debra Nelson: ‘You’re Way Out Of Line!’ - YouTube video

As lawyer Mark Levin well knew (and correctly observed without saying so in these words) was that Judge Nelson was trying to create a situation where Zimmerman's decision to not testify could be used against him in the court of public opinion. Now, in my opinion, there is no doubt that she would cheerfully lie about her intent regarding that point because her intent is directly contrary to U.S. Supreme Court 5th Amendment precedent which holds that nothing whatsoever may be inferred from an accused person's silence. But, as Oliver Wendell Holmes wrote in "Common Law", "acts should be judged by their tendency under the known circumstances, not by the actual intent which accompanies them." Accordingly, Judge Nelson's devious intent can be extrapolated from the obvious consequences of her act, which, being a legal professional, she can fairly be presumed to have known full well before she did the act.

O'Mara's candid thoughts on Judge Debra Nelson - YouTube video

Zimmerman Case Judge: Is the Judge Getting Politically Pressured by Obama Administration? - Conservative Angle

Who Is Judge Debra Nelson? - HLN

Watch: Judge Nelson vs. Don West - HLN

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Why racial tensions persist after Zimmerman trial verdict - Fox News video

Documents Obtained by Judicial Watch Detail Role of Justice Department in Organizing Trayvon Martin Protests - Judicial Watch

Krauthammer: A Federal Prosecution Of Zimmerman "Would Be A Success For The Mob" - Real Clear Politics

Mark O'Mara: "If Zimmerman Was Black, He Never Would Have Been Charged" - Real Clear Politics

Mark Levin: "Menace" Sharpton, Jesse Jackson Thought Zimmerman Was Jewish - Real Clear Politics

The ugly truth about Trayvon, by Mychal Massie - World Net Daily

VIDEO: NAACP President asked to step down for questioning the saintly portrayal of Trayvon Martin - The David Webb Show

Motivated By Media Lies About George Zimmerman, a Hate Crime Occurs In Chicago - Breitbart

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Latest Media Lie Exposed: George Zimmerman Weighs 170 Pounds Not 240 Pounds - Gateway Pundit

‘Trayvon Martin had a shaky past’ : Virginia NAACP Tristan Breaux admits 6’2 Trayvon Martin had a shady past, drug history and incident of backpack with jewelries and burglary tool inside - katenews2day

George Zimmerman Judge Strikes Cop's Statement That Zimmerman Not Lying - Good Morning America

Why Did They Let Her on the Zimmerman Jury? — The strange, strange case of juror B37, by Dahlia Lithwick - Slate

Prosecutor Angela Corey to HLN: Zimmerman is a 'murderer' - HLNTV

Zimmerman prosecutor Angela Corey on what went wrong - CBS - (IMO, this woman is much more than "not honorable". She is a very dangerous tyrant personality and should be fired, disbarred and prosecuted — JRW)

Trayvon Martin and the Irony of American Justice - The Atlantic

Most of us are not Trayvon Martin. Most of us are George Zimmerman - Global Voices

Zimmerman attorney on the "single biggest" piece of misinformation - CBS

Dr. Alveda King: “Grieved Over Strife Surrounding Zimmerman Verdict” - Alveda King's Blog

Twitter users Stood Their Ground: Juror B37's book deal is dead, holla! - FreakOutNation

The New York Times Admits Its Reporting on the Trayvon Martin Case Has Been Fundamentally Wrong - Reason

Rapper Lupe Fiasco Calls Out Race Baiting Media On Trayvon Martin Case - Infowars

Rapper Lupe Fiasco on Zimmerman Verdict: System Relies on Reasonable Doubt, not Emotions - Breitbart

Victor Cruz: Tweet was 'wrong' - ESPN

NFL's Victor Cruz, Roddy White apologize for George Zimmerman tweets - LATimes - Victor Cruz, Roddy White

NY Giant Victor Cruz Sends Threatening Tweet: ‘Zimmerman Doesn’t Last A Year Before The Hood Catches Up To Him’' - Pat Dollard

Roddy White tweet: 'Jurors should kill themselves" said White -

‘Hope this juror b*tch gets raped’: ‘Justice for Trayvon’ mob hopes Juror B37 suffers rape and death - Twitchy

Obama’s safe, overrated and airy speech -


1. Always remember, "politics" = person or group A trying to persuade person or group B to obey the will of A, most frequently for the personal financial benefit of A and to the personal financial detriment (higher taxes) of B. That is why deception = the so-called "art" of politics. That is also why "politician" = professional deceiver, and why "political" = deception-based, or having to do with deception. Everybody is competing for political power to steal labor and money out of the "other guy's" pocket and put it in their own. Politicians get votes by promising to be all things to all people. Because that is a physical impossibility, most of their promises of necessity get broken. Because they know this in advance, they are ALL liars to one degree or another. The king is always the most corrupt person in the kingdom. (The first two kings of ancient Israel, Saul and David, were murderers.) In my opinion, any person who sincerely wants to be the king is criminally insane and an implacable deadly enemy to the inalienable Creator-endowed rights of individual freedom and self-ownership.

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