R.I.P.: Pete Seeger — May 3, 1919 - January 27, 2014


I have no clue as to why, but most of my musical heroes somehow seem to be so-called "Leftists". Pete Seeger was no exception. I decided to assemble a blog aggregation about him after listening to the self-righteous demonization of Seeger by so-called "Rightist" Michael Savage on the radio during my drive home.

I first got interested in folk music when I was attending college sometime around 1963. I met one of my lifelong friends at the folk music club which had just gotten started after a Pete Seeger concert. I had barely heard about Seeger, but I was instantly a huge fan of Peter, Paul and Mary, without even realizing how much credit they gave Seeger for influencing them and reconnecting America with her musical roots.

I used to think I'd like to have lunch with Pete Seeger and John Lennon to discuss ideas. But as I grew older I realized how silly that was. Leftists, starting with Karl Marx, are clueless in the subject of Economics 101. How do I know? Easy. Along with such notable people as Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, Clarence Thomas and Robert Bork — (just to throw in a white face to annoy race hustlers) — I was a leftist in my ignorant youth.

Leftists generally fool themselves, generally are not intellectually curious, and generally are not truthful with themselves. In my opinion, they generally seem to have some kind of weird genetic proclivity for habitually violating the number one rule of intellectual pursuit: "Thou shalt not B.S. thine self." That, in my view, makes "liberalism" perilously close to personality disorders which share the same characteristic: self-deception and desire for "victimhood" status.

I bought a copy of the wonderful documentary titled, "Pete Seeger: The Power of Song." You can buy it at Amazon.) In it, Peter Yarrow said, "Pete really was the genesis of the folk revival. It was his spirit, and his way of embracing folk music as a tool for justice, consciousness and caring that became the model for all of us." Mary Travers said, "Pete Seeger is probably singularly the most responsible person for making this [folk music] a national identity." Jerry Silverman said, "Pete, more than anybody, reintroduced America to its musical heritage."

Where I part company with "Seeger bashers" such as Michael Savage is that I believe many leftists — so long as you don't paint them into a corner with truth and logic — are decent, well-meaning people at heart. I suspect Pete Seeger was one of those. It seems to me that his "Johnny Appleseed" folksong ministry was done out of love and kindness, not out of some ulterior anti-self-ownership motive. Believing that humanizes him for me.

All of these thoughts are moot, however, because Seeger is now on the "other side". Additionally, his grandson, Tao Rodriquez-Seeger, respectfully asked me in an email years ago not to try to contact Seeger, even with a letter of general appreciation specifically not asking for the effort of a return letter. That seemed kind of weird and control-freaky to me, and whether such a spirit of pseudo-intellectual defensiveness came from Tao or Pete didn't really matter. It reflected a lack of intellectual curiosity and lack of desire to engage in intellectual dialog which is typical of leftists. They want to spread their Utopian "feed good" propaganda, but don't want to engage in any type of meaningful facts-and-logic-based intellectual exchange/comparison of ideas.

Having said all that, I admired Seeger's musical skills and his ability to work a crowd and get them to sing along. I also appreciate his statement to the effect that, "Communism was no more what the Russians made of it than Christianity was what churches made of it." Because I believe Pete's motive was peace, love and the ever-elusive "brotherhood of man", I am unable to join the judgment of his harshest critics.

However mistaken his parts of his ideology may have been, I believe Pete Seeger was basically a good and decent man. So, rest in peace, Pete! Maybe we'll meet on the other side.

Following is an aggregation of some video clips of Pete Seeger doing what he was a master at. Hopefully, viewers will be able to learn similar skills by watching a master at work.


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