Why I'm voting for John Pennington for Mesa County Sheriff

By John Wilkenson

I am voting for John Pennington for Mesa County Sheriff. To fully understand my reasons, it is necessary to first understand local Mesa County politics1. (Since I was born in Mesa County, and grew up here, I know something about the subject.) It also helps to read The Prince, by Niccolò Machiavelli, Rules For Radicals, by Saul Alinsky, and The Art of Political War and Other Radical Pursuits, by David Horowitz.

What the locals call “the Good Old Boy (GOB) gang” that controls Mesa County politics is all about power, money, cushy high paying jobs and cronyism. It's not about “Left v. Right” or “Democrats v. Republicans”. Power, money and cushy well-paid jobs ALWAYS trump ideology. The GOB mantra is: “since the people are so stupid, let's make some money.”

The reason local Democrats generally don't amount to a hill of beans in the Mesa County political scene is because the area is predominantly “conservative” and Republican, besides which local Democrats don't have the grassroots political infrastructure the GOP does.

A couple of cases in point: Dems aren't even running a serious candidate for sheriff, the outgoing DA switched parties to get elected, and a new position of “chief deputy clerk and recorder” was created. At the GOP county assembly Sheila Reiner received kudos for taking the initiative in cutting her department's budget, then she turned right around and created a “perfect fit” high-level post for a former department head who had lost her job to budget cuts. Uncontested “races” are commonplace. And so it goes: government by acclamation and GOB cronyism. Let's see if the local Dem elites find somebody to run against Reiner.

When it comes to politics one must not be naïve and gullible. As a matter of political reality, to control any community such as Mesa County GOB style it is necessary to have at least the tacit cooperation (if not the active involvement) of the chief judge, the district attorney, the sheriff (and/or chief of police) and the local MSM bigshots.

While I consider the anti-U.S.-Constitution Good Old Boys collectively to be anonymous culture-destroying neofeudalistic scum2, as individuals they all have basic humanity, names, faces, mothers, families, relatives, friends and associates. The moral maxim is "love the sinner but hate the sin." So as a general rule you can't simply name an individual (even an evil one) and call them “corrupt GOB scum”, or you would lose whatever political support you might have otherwise had among their supporters regarding any particular agenda or issue you were trying to promote, say, for example, honesty, transparency and accountability in government. Too many low-information (LI) locals don't understand that some of the individuals they look up to and vote for are in fact corrupt GOB scum.

Examples of GOB criminality abound. For example, public projects the public has voted down somehow magically get built. The GOBs do things like scam money out of the federal government by saying they are building an airport terminal when they are actually building an office complex.

I know firsthand of a couple of examples of GOB scumbaggery.

I am the John Wilkenson in the case of John R. Wilkenson, et al., v. U.S. Department of Interior, et al., 634 FS 1265, who, with the help of my now-deceased friend (and former Mesa County commissioner), Gene Vories, won the case known locally as “the Glade Park access controversy”. As retribution for the invaluable help he gave me, the local GOB gang used corrupt Colorado banking laws to “reassess their equity position” on Gene's bank loan and call the whole note due immediately, thus de facto stealing Vories' Glade Park ranch and successful 20+-employee plumbing supply business even though Gene had never missed or been late with even one payment in his life. Good Old Boys should be rotting in prison for that massive injustice.

A second example of GOB crime I have firsthand knowledge of is the unbelievable crimes committed by three now-retired local judicial officers (one judge and two magistrates) against my brother David in his divorce and child custody case. Collectively in that case those aforementioned judicial criminals, lying through their teeth and acting 100% against controlling Colorado law and public policy, deliberately falsely imprisoned4 David for 18 days -- (any false imprisonment over 12 days is a felony) -- in an attempt to coerce him into waiving his legal rights under Colorado law, deliberately falsified documents, deliberately falsified the register of actions, deliberately falsified the record on appeal, and then deliberately destroyed evidence of their crimes by destroying the entire record of the case under the pretense that it “got lost in the mails”. (Sort of reminds one of the IRS “losing” the Lois Lerner emails, doesn't it?) Meanwhile, the Daily Sentinel bigshots decided not to publish the story of judicial crimes (even though reporter Gary Harmon has been given most of the documentation in the case), thereby arguably acting as cover-up accessory after the fact to those crimes. I guess the Sentinel bigshots figured that the voters of Mesa County didn't have a right to know about crimes committed by their judges.

In my First-Amendment-protected opinion, former Mesa County Attorney Lyle Dechant, along with the current and former boards of Mesa County Commissioners have also acted as de facto accessories after the fact to the judicial crimes at issue. Although it has always been within their power to correct the situation, they have stonewalled the massive injustice rather than addressing and correcting it.

Dave reported the crimes and coverups to the local DA, the Colorado Attorney General, and the U.S. Attorney for Colorado, but nobody was interested in holding judges accountable for the crimes they perpetrate against litigants who appear before them in court. Courts are the ultimate sacred cow by which the GOB gang punishes their enemies and covers up their own criminality. Lawyers won't touch judicial corruption with a ten-foot pole because doing so is extremely hazardous to their livelihoods. The Colorado court system is completely broken and dysfunctional. Colorado's appellate courts have refused to address and remedy the aforementioned crimes committed by Colorado judicial employees.

All the rah-rah rallies and feel-good meetings in the world can't solve Mesa County's GOB problem. What it will take is a grassroots movement of about 164 people (two per precinct) who create a network which can get 16,000 signatures in a short amount of time to successfully recall GOB political officeholders and/or get better candidates elected to office.

The Internet and World Wide Web have removed the historical power of money over politics by making the person-to-person dissemination of information and the networking of individuals quick and easy in real time. All that is needed is the technological “know how” to pull it off. That's why I started up the website http://www.mesacountycommitteeofcorrespondence.com: so it could be operated independently of Twitter, Facebook and YouTube, which could ultimately choose to interfere at will (via content-of-speech censorship) with freedom fighters' efforts at constructive self-ownership-based, pro-U.S.-Constitution political change. Meanwhile, an excellent example of the effective use of Facebook is the Mesa County Patriots (https://www.facebook.com/MesaCountyPatriots). I urge all anti-GOB Mesa County voters to “like” the MCP Facebook page. They're pro-freedom, pro-rule-of-law, pro-U.S.-Constitution (including enthusiastically pro-2nd-Amendment), and they do good work.

Getting back to why I'm voting for John Pennington.

From a purely philosophical point of view, I believe coercion-based herd government3 is inherently unsustainable, inherently evil and inevitably corrupting, per J.R.R. Tolkien's amazing metaphor, the One Ring (of political Power over the Other). Only individuals can choose to govern themselves according to the Creator's natural laws of Golden-Rule morality. The only logical moral argument supporting coercion-based herd government is the pretense that it exists for the SOLE moral purpose of defending the Creator-endowed inalienable self-ownership rights of the individual. But when the law turns around and becomes the attacker against an individual instead of his/her defender, it loses all moral justification for its existence.

I believe humans will never travel space in vehicles which exceed the speed of light until they have first gained enough knowledge and reason to stop trying to steal each other's labor with inherently evil and inevitably corrupting coercion-based herd government. Having said that, the flip side of that self-ownership-based “Anarcho-Christian” philosophy are the harsh “political” realities that 1) those who refuse to get involved in “politics” are guaranteed to be ruled by their moral inferiors, and 2) you can't beat somebody with nobody.

So here's how, in spite of my philosophical beliefs, I try to maximize the constructive influence of my individual vote. (Remember, Machiavelli correctly said that it's easier to change an established power than it is to raise up a new one.)

If you register third party, you can't vote in duopoly primaries. For example, the Libertarian Party only needs just enough members to get candidates on the ballot. Any libertarian ideas which become popular (aka “gain traction”) with the voters will be co-opted by the controlling DEM-GOP duopoly to just enough of a degree as to successfully siphon off enough votes from the Libertarian Party to keep it from coming into power. So if you want to have any influence over who appears on the November ballot, and you don't want to run for office as a Libertarian candidate, basically you are forced to either register Democrat or Republican.

So since, in Mesa County, most unaffiliated voters (for whatever reason/s) seem to vote with the GOP, the GOP usually beats the DEMS by about a 2-1 margin. Therefore, I am a registered Republican, because the GOP has the power in Mesa County. That way my one little vote has as much influence as possible in the choice of the “lesser of two evils”. For example, I want a dog lover rather than a dog hater to hold the office of Mesa County dog catcher. So I always vote against the greater philosophical evil in the primaries. In November, if the GOP candidate or agenda sucks, I vote for a third party candidate or agenda.

I never vote Democrat because, by definition, they are anti-self-ownership. They believe in stealing the property (labor) of A and redistributing it to B (while simultaneously putting plenty of the loot into their own pockets, of course). They have no inclination whatsoever to fix a seriously and unsustainably corrupt system, they just want to try to scam their “fair share” of the loot by convincing their LI constituency that there actually are such things as “freebies”. Of course there is no such thing as a “freebie”, only that which was paid for by somebody else's labor, which is prima facie immoral and anti-self-ownership.

I never vote in any uncontested race, because I don't want to morally validate the “lemmings-R-us” herd voting process. I just want to defend myself, my community and my country against what I perceive to be the greater of two evils.

In the particular case of John Pennington versus Steve King, I don't personally know either man. But Pennington has impressed me with his outspoken position of not being willing to cooperate with federal lawlessness. He has impressed me with his promise to defend the U.S. Constitution, especially the Second Amendment, from federal encroachment. Will he be a great constitutional sheriff? I sure hope so. In the end, as with all of us, he will be judged by his deeds, not his rhetoric.

GOB duopoly political hacks usually speak in terms of “maintaining a friendly working relationship with our federal partners.” I disagree with such wannabe-clever rhetoric. Liberty and justice (not to mention rule of law) can't afford a “close working relationship” with lawless overreaching scumbags who refuse to be truthful about who murdered such as JFK, RFK, MLK and why. Hell, they won't even admit the self-evident truth about a constitutionally ineligible man usurping the office of U.S. President with the combatively militant manipulations and lying of his political party and the tacit cooperation of establishment GOP Good Old Boys.

Besides the fact that I like some of the things John Pennington has said, the real clincher for me was the massive all-in effort of the GOB gang in Mesa County to elect Steve King as Mesa County Sheriff. I almost feel sorry for Steve in that regard. Apparently he doesn't “get it” that “the times they are a'changing” and the Good Old Boys are losing power. Apparently he believes the Good Old Boys still have more power than the grassroots people. Personally, it is my political assessment that the general Mesa County grassroots citizenry is long past fed up with the Good Old Boys. They just haven't figured out exactly what to do about it yet.

Every duopoly political hack of every conceivable flavor, shape, size, color and variety has busted his/her gut trying to demonize John Pennington and cause him to lose the election. Hey, I figure the enemy of my anathematical GOB enemies must be my friend. For me, simple logic dictates that if the GOB gang is pulling out every possible stop to defeat John Pennington, it must be because they sincerely believe they can't control him because he is not one of them. That does it for me. I'm sold. I'm voting for John Pennington for Mesa County Sheriff, and I urge every thinking voter in Mesa County to join me in beating the Good Old Boy gang by doing the same.

In my opinion, the way you can accurately gauge the extent of the GOB gang's control over Mesa County is by who wins political office. The GOB gang will remain in power until candidates can get elected by openly saying the same things with the same forthrightness which I have said in this letter. Despite the unanimous opinion of GOB duopoly hacks, we do not need a sheriff who wants a cozy working relationship with anti-U.S.-Constitution police-state thugs.

I would love it if every voter in Mesa County would read this open letter prior to the election so they could share it with all their friends, relatives and associates. I believe that would have a real healing/cleansing effect on Mesa County's corrupt GOB culture. Unfortunately, you won't see letters such as this one printed in the “MSM” Daily Sentinel. So much for intellectual transparency, ideological diversity and open and fair debate of the relevant issues.

Power concedes nothing without a demand. Whatever the Mesa County's grassroots citizens want from the GOB gang they are going to have to take.

God save America. God save the U.S. Constitution. And God bless the good people of Mesa County.

(NOTE: Article 2, Section 10 of the Colorado Constitution says in pertinent part: “Freedom of speech and press…every person shall be free to speak, write or publish whatever he will on any subject, ... and in all suits and prosecutions of libel the truth thereof may be given in evidence, and the jury, under the direction of the court, shall determine the law and the fact.” See also the legal disclaimer for this website. The foregoing open letter is political speech aimed at exposing judicial criminals and correcting a serious systemic problem. While the material is the author’s 1st-Amendment-protected opinion, it is also the truth, so help me God.)


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1. Always remember, "politics" = person or group A trying to persuade person or group B to obey the will of A, most frequently for the personal financial benefit of A and to the personal financial detriment (higher taxes) of B. In other words, "politics" = manipulation. That is why deception = the so-called "art" of politics. That is also why "politician" = professional deceiver, and why "political" = deception-based, or having to do with deception. Everybody is competing for political power to steal labor and money out of the "other guy's" pocket and put it in their own. Politicians get votes by promising to be all things to all people. Because that is a physical impossibility, most of their promises of necessity get broken. Because they know this in advance, they are ALL liars to one degree or another. The king is always the most corrupt person in the kingdom. (The first two kings of ancient Israel, Saul and David, were murderers.) In my opinion, any person who sincerely wants to be the king is criminally insane and an implacable deadly enemy to the inalienable Creator-endowed rights of individual freedom and self-ownership. That is also why I believe that a Golden-Rule-morality-based culture is an indispensable prerequisite to any remote possibility of maintaining a U.S.-Constitution-based rule-of-law society for any length of time.

2. I realize that "scum" is a radical word. I have purposely used such radical language because 1) I have very considerable moral outrage at the "government3" crimes perpetrated against my brother and one of my friends, and 2) I believe Mesa County desperately needs an all-out, no-holds-barred, no-quarter-asked-or-given political war to effectively change the Good Old Boy culture which afflicts her citizens. It bears constant repetition: explaining the words "scum" and "scumbag" as an epithet used in self-defensive demonization against select individuals and/or ideologies. Hey, what can I say? It is a long-proven statistical fact that negative political ads are in fact effective. And since the so-called "left" uses lies, half-truths, demonization and the politics of personal destruction as standard political strategies, failure to engage in a little "turn about is fair play" merely makes it easier for the various assortments of disordered illiterate fascist control freaks to destroy individual freedom. As I said on my blog homepage, "Some folks just think they're smarter than everybody else, a higher form of life than everybody else. So, instead of engaging in good faith discussions about specific ideas, they simply resort to deception, sophistry, unspecificity, undefined terms, manipulation, demonization and the politics of personal destruction AS A MATTER OF PREFERRED STRATEGY to get their little spoiled-brat control-freak way. Such behavior is anathema to intellectual honesty, an open mind, a kind heart, free inquiry, the freedoms of thought and speech, and the free flow of information. It MUST be eternally warred against if humankind is to entertain a realistic hope of ever reaching its full spiritual and intellectual potential." To avoid the violence which is directly related to repression of free speech and the crushing of polite and civil discourse, I believe it is essential to engage in strategic tit-for-tat with wannabe-clever manipulative demonizers by openly calling them what they are: the anti-freedom, anti-Golden-Rule scum of the earth (aka "scumbags"). Accordingly, it doesn't bother me in the least to do so. No less brilliant a person than Jesus of Nazareth himself referred to the scumbags of his day as "hypocrites", "blind guides", "vipers" and "whitewashed sepulchres". To paraphrase Ann Coulter, Jesus was not some moron driving around in a Volvo with a "be nice to people" bumper sticker on it. So, having read The Art of Political War and Other Radical Pursuits by David Horowitz, I don't have any problem with calling "scum" what it is. Surely a huge majority of people, especially black people, would agree that any person or group who sincerely believes in slavery or pedophilia, by way of example, qualify as "scum". Point made.

3. In reality, there is no such real thing as "government". It is not a rock, a tree, a river, or even a cloud. It is mere behavior, an established social order, a dominance-based pecking order. With other animal species, it is often called "dominance hierarchy". In the case of humans, the term "social hierarchy" is more often used. As Frédéric Bastiat said, "Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else." As H.L. Mencken said, "Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods." As General Smedley Butler has written, "War Is A Racket". In reality, "government" is merely the dominant individuals in the inherently evil and inevitably corrupting stupid-human pecking order struggle known as "politics"1. These disordered-by-definition dominant individuals merely call themselves "government" so the hoi polloi masses will view them as being intelligent enough and moral enough to merit following and obeying. So how's that "hopey changey" thing working out for everybody? Judging from the extraordinarily MSM-underemphasized number of our military veterans committing suicide, I would suggest the correct answer should be "not very well."

4. For example, see Ex Parte Fisk, 113 US 713 (1885), and Thrap v People, 192 Colo. 341, 558 P2d 576 (1977) which holds that "one cannot be convicted of contempt for respectfully declining to comply with an order which is beyond the court's authority." David was never under any obligation to obey the jurisditionless, illegal and void legal-nullity orders. See also Ex Parte Rowland, 104 U.S. 604 (1881), Ex parte Lange, 85 U.S. (18 Wallace) 163 163 (1873), Ex parte Virginia, 100 U. S. 339 (1879), Ex parte Siebold, 100 U. S. 371 (1879), Ex parte Parks, 93 U. S. 18 (1876), Ex Parte Wells, 59 U.S. (18 Howard) 307 (1855), Ex Parte Kearney, 20 U.S. (7 Wheaton) 38 (1822), Ex Parte Bollman and Ex Parte Swartwout, 8 U.S. (4 Cranch) 75 (1807).

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