New Citizen Media v. Old Vestigial Dinosaur Media -- How to out-compete your local "Good Old Boys"

By John Wilkenson

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The Vestigial Dinosaur Media (VDM) is rapidly approaching extinction. Digital technology has bypassed chopping trees to make newspapers. Internet technology has taken the money out of politics by allowing you to send a multi-page message to thousands of people all around the world in a sixtieth of second for a sixth of a cent. To get information out to the public in real time, it is no longer necessary to own a multi-million-dollar building with a multi-million-dollar press, a multi-million-dollar payroll and scores of employees. One pajama-clad blogger typing away in his mother's basement can even the playing field by using websites and social media.

The Hegelian VDM serves Power (over the Other) and tries to make a living by "managing the news", perpetuating delusional social divisions -- (e.g. black v. white, women v. men, haves v. have nots, young v. old, ad infitum) -- and moulding your opinions. I fight against Power (over the Other) and don't try to "manage" the news. Like Matt Drudge, I just "retweet" the news and let you decide whether or not to read it. Of course, I do use #hashtags to target demographics to which my retweets go. Hyperlink technology lets citizen journalists like me use whole books and videos as footnotes to spread information and empower the individual for free. In today's high-tech playing field, the tree-chopping VDM is sort of like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.

To understand the basic Economics-101 theory behind the new "citizen-journalism" paradigm I'm talking about, it is very useful read such books as Ludwig Von Mises (“Human Action”, “Socialism: An Economic and Sociological Analysis”), Frédéric Bastiat (“The Law”, “Economic Sophisms”), Friedrich Hayek (“The Road To Serfdom”, “The Fatal Conceit: The Errors of Socialism”), Murray Rothbard (“Man, Economy, and State”, “The Ethics of Liberty”), Edmund Contoski (“Makers and Takers”), and/or Hans-Hermann Hoppe (“A Theory of Socialism and Capitalism”). Any person who has read even some of those seminal works will easily understand how to out-compete the VDM/GOB media.

Purely 1st-Amendment-protected websites such as Mesa County Committee of Correspondence are necessary (and a lot of good fun), but to out-compete the Good Old Boy media in the long run requires that your enterprise be profitable, so you and your employees can actually make a sustainable living at it. I am convinced that is well within the realm of possibility, especially if you give the public more of what they want at a cheaper price (free) than the your competition does.

Let's look at some of the steps toward achieving the goal of a free high-tech flow of citizen-to-citizen information without the Good Old Boy VDM acting as intermediary.

1. As already noted, your overhead goes WAY down if you don't have to have millions of dollars to pay for a multi-million-dollar building with a multi-million-dollar press and a multi-million-dollar payroll and scores of employees. A building such as the one currently being used by The Nickel at 1635 N. 1st Street, would be plenty adequate for our purposes. Without the bricks-and-mortar overhead, a virtual newspaper could sell advertising for a lower cost and a higher profit margin than a VDM newspaper.

2. I see our virtual citizens' newspaper as being free to the readers with revenue generated from commercial advertising and classified want ads. The advantage of a virtual newspaper is that it could also contain paid-for video and/or audio advertising at a nominal cost. The prices of advertising could easily be calculated at a level that would be sustainably profitable.

3. Does anybody really care about the opinions of VDM reporters? I sure don't. I just want the facts (the rapid and free flow of information I'm interested in). So a citizens' virtual community newspaper wouldn't need to have the scores of employees that a bricks-and-mortar newspaper does. I foresee a virtual newspaper as having one or two editors for each section of the paper who would receive the ads from the customers, format them and place them in the correct spot in the paper.

4. By way of example, the virtual sports editor would receive information in real time from all the soccer moms and sports coaches as to what the scores of their games were.

5. Thanks to technology, any person with a smart phone would be a potential citizen-journalism contributor. Videos could be uploaded to places like YouTube IN REAL TIME, reviewed and linked and/or embedded in our hypothetical virtual citizen-journalism newspaper. Contributors could have their own YouTube channels they could upload their videos to, and send the relevant section editor the URL for linking.

6. World, national, and state news -- of the nature of Republicans taking over the U.S. Senate -- could be simply linked to our virtual newspaper without the local Good Old Boys acting as for-profit intermediary and trying to unduly influence public opinion for political (and ultimately indirectly personal financial) gain. That way, readers could simply read or not read the "news" of their choice. It's fun to watch the VDM try to maintain their power and control by charging a "subscription" price for access to their information. I am thinking here of such as the New York Times and the Washington Post (who continually send me advertisements for subscriptions to their papers), but the Daily Sentinel -- (I'm a subscriber just so I can keep track of what they're up to) -- also requires a paid subscription for full access to their online newspaper. The virtual newspaper I envision wouldn't do that. It would be entirely free to the reader, which would easily out-compete the paid-subscription paradigm.

7. Our hypothetical citizen-journalism-based newspaper could be employee-owned. Employees could even do much of their work from home, a laptop or smart phone. A free online "communication-central" community newspaper could contain far more content than a GOB control-oriented newspaper. The list of variables made possible by technology is almost endless. Besides the obvious social media, there are numerous platforms such as Skype and Vimeo. When you combine all these with email, files, folders, and bookmark columns, managing content becomes very doable. The Internet has made it possible to "save the world" from neofeudalistic tyranny and a new Dark Age by connecting individuals in real time in a paradigm that renders the inherently evil and inevitably corrupting coercion of so-called "government" impotent and irrelevant. That's probably why GOB Jay Rockefeller spoke to the effect it would be better if the Internet had never been invented.

8. There is no way for a "manage the news" and "mould your opinion" GOB newspaper, even an online one, to match the educational possibilities of our hypothetical citizen-journalism-based online free-to-the-reader community communication center. When I write stuff, I like to use hyperlink technology to link every word or phrase which I suspect the reader may not fully understand to a definition, news story, picture, book, video, etc which can help empower the individual reader. The Vestigial Dinosaur Media has less than no interest in doing that. Educated readers are harder to control, deceive and fleece.

As Matt Drudge likes to say, "developing..."


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