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“You must be the change you want to see in the world.” ~ Mohandas K. Gandhi

There are two main purposes for this aggregation of government information: 1) for my own quick-reference use (as is the case with my other aggregations, and 2) to radically reduce online research time for any interested people who happen to stumble across this website. By making these kinds of aggregations, I don't have spend nearly as much time searching for information which I might have forgotten to archive in my system of folders, files and bookmarks.

In reality, there is no such real thing as "government". It is not a rock, a tree, a river, or even a cloud. It is mere behavior, an established social order, a dominance-based pecking order. With other animal species, it is often called "dominance hierarchy". In the case of humans, the term "social hierarchy" is more often used. As Frédéric Bastiat said, "Government is the great fiction through which everybody endeavors to live at the expense of everybody else." As H.L. Mencken said, "Every election is a sort of advance auction sale of stolen goods." As General Smedley Butler has written, "War Is A Racket". In reality, "government" is merely the dominant individuals in the inherently evil and inevitably corrupting stupid-human pecking order struggle known as "politics". These disordered-by-definition dominant individuals merely call themselves "government" so the hoi polloi masses will view them as being intelligent enough and moral enough to follow and obey.

You can't accomplish anything by trusting in the inherently evil, inevitably corrupting One Ring of government Power (over the Other). It's a risky proposition because, as the Founders said, "government is a dangerous servant and a fearful master". I believe the only way a society can sustain a limited constitutional government for any length of time is with an Anarcho-Christian culture. I believe the dominant members of the stupid-human pecking order who call themselves "government" will inevitably become our master the second we stop distrusting/"hating" it. "Hate evil" ~ Amos 5:15. So-called "self-government" is actually herd government. REAL government of the self is voluntary compliance with the Two Great Commandments and the Decalogue. Lawyers have taught people to think that kingship-of-God paradigm is "anarchy". While the kingship-of-man paradigm is called "self government". That's why Jesus rebuked the lawyers at Luke 11:52 It's a major human conundrum. Few there be who see it. Matthew 7:13-14. And those who do see the Truth are usually demonized by those who don't. Grace is amazing and inexplicable. Some people are given a lot of grace and some people are given only little or none. I am one of the lucky ones who was given a lot. So I see this stuff -- perhaps because I've never stopped sincerely looking for the Truth with an open heart. That's why I will not longer participate in 26 USC 501 (c)(3) "churches". The people who do participate in them can't understand why I don't. For me, Ephesians 5:11 and 1 Thessalonians 5:21 say it all. I usually don't talk about it with those who can't see Truth. It only upsets them, and I don't want to be a stumbling block.


Patriotic Groups In America

Active ‘Patriot’ Groups in the United States in 2011 - In my opinion, the propagandists at the Southern Poverty Law Center are sophistic neofeudalists (aka "scum1"). Here is an example of how the information they intend for evil can actually be used for good. The groups on this list the SPLC considers to be "anti-government" are actually groups you might want to check out.

Citizen Action / Patriotic Groups

Oath Keepers


Rules for Radicals: A Practical Primer for Realistic Radicals, by Saul Alinsky

The Art of Political War And Other Radical Pursuits, by Daivd Horowitz

The Federalist, by Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay


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Government Explained - YouTube video

George Carlin - Language complaints at American Press Club - YouTube video

George Carlin on soft language - YouTube video

CIA Officer (Robert D. Steele) Explains the Good Old Boys' Demise

Hope Number 9: Robert Steele - Spy Improv: Reality Unfiltered

Gerry Spence on the American "justice system"

Gerry Spence – The Spence Law Firm: Who We Are - I didn't have the computer skills necessary to embed this video, so interested persons will just have to click on the link.

Project Camelot Interviews Jim Marrs

Jim Marrs Terror Conspiracy and 9/11


1. It bears constant repetition: explaining the words "scum" and "scumbag" as an epithet used in self-defensive demonization against select individuals and/or ideologies. Hey, what can I say? It is a long-proven statistical fact that negative political ads are in fact effective. And since the so-called "left" uses lies, half-truths, demonization and the politics of personal destruction as standard political strategies, failure to engage in a little "turn about is fair play" merely makes it easier for the various assortments of disordered illiterate fascist control freaks to destroy individual freedom. As I said on my blog homepage, "Some folks just think they're smarter than everybody else, a higher form of life than everybody else. So, instead of engaging in good faith discussions about specific ideas, they simply resort to deception, sophistry, unspecificity, undefined terms, manipulation, demonization and the politics of personal destruction AS A MATTER OF PREFERRED STRATEGY to get their little spoiled-brat control-freak way. Such behavior is anathema to intellectual honesty, an open mind, a kind heart, free inquiry, the freedoms of thought and speech, and the free flow of information. It MUST be eternally warred against if humankind is to entertain a realistic hope of ever reaching its full spiritual and intellectual potential." To avoid the violence which is directly related to repression of free speech and the crushing of polite and civil discourse, I believe it is essential to engage in strategic tit-for-tat with wannabe-clever manipulative demonizers by openly calling them what they are: the anti-freedom, anti-Golden-Rule scum of the earth (aka "scumbags"). Accordingly, it doesn't bother me in the least to do so. No less brilliant a person than Jesus of Nazareth himself referred to the scumbags of his day as "hypocrites", "blind guides", "vipers" and "whitewashed sepulchres". To paraphrase Ann Coulter, Jesus was not some moron driving around in a Volvo with a "be nice to people" bumper sticker on it. So, having read The Art of Political War and Other Radical Pursuits by David Horowitz, I don't have any problem with calling "scum" what it is. Surely a huge majority of people, especially black people, would agree that any person or group who sincerely believes in slavery or pedophilia, by way of example, qualify as "scum". Point made.

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