On Daily Sentinel Smut Ads and Unpublished Letters

Unfortunately, in the past, the readers of the Grand Junction Daily Sentinel have had no means of knowing which letters to the editor were selected for non-publication. I say “unfortunately” because having access to that information would be of considerable use in ferreting out any unspoken good-old-boy agendas which might be lurking behind the Sentinel’s selection of “You Said It” and “Letters To The Editor” submissions.

There are all kinds of little tidbits the Sentinel readership is unaware of. For example, the grapevine has it, from someone who was there, that a local big shot I happened to attend Grand Junction High School with, who was killed in a motorcycle accident, wasn’t wearing a helmet at the time of the accident. I didn’t see one word about that inconvenient little factoid in the Sentinel, yet it repeatedly informs the public of when “little guys” get killed in motorcycle accidents because they weren’t wearing their helmets.

I find that unspoken, if not deliberately hidden, double standard completely unacceptable in a so-called “journal of record.” I view it as politics-based manipulation. After all, when one’s prime directive is to serve Power, it just wouldn’t do to embarrass the “legacy” of one of the “good old boys” by showing him to be so much like the great unwashed.

As this website becomes more fully developed, with a larger local readership, I should like very much to provide a menu item in the left column which will serve as a means of getting non-slanderous truth-based letters and “you said its” published which the Sentinel, for whatever reason/s, has opted not to publish. In my opinion, it would be fascinating indeed to see if some kind of overall pattern emerges from the public’s unpublished submissions which would be indicative of some kind of cynical unspoken agenda.

Following is a letter sent to the Sentinel on 9/19/07 which did not get published. The question is, unless the Sentinel favors advertising smut, why not?

“Dear Editor,

"So it appears that the Sentinel, a ‘family’ newspaper is now in the business of sleazy advertising. Our culture is already undergoing enough moral decay without a small town paper leading the way with poor modeling. I think it has gone too far, but then it is your newspaper. Not only do you run suggestive ads for massage, you print sex personals, some of which are reminiscent of what was printed in the Berkeley (CA) Barb years ago, and are unfit for reading by children or any decent person.”

“But Tuesday’s paper (9/18/07) was the clincher. There on page 8B was an advertisement for Junction News: Adult Novelties and Literature, which is a local porn shop. There was a picture of a scantily clad woman with a club and handcuffs saying, “I ALWAYS get my man and we’ve got….” and it goes on to list the services and products at this establishment.”

“I didn’t know the Sentinel was so hard up for money that you felt you needed to run these kinds of ads in a family newspaper. Shame on you!”

Phyliss Flower
Grand Junction