Pajama-clad bloggers and reader comment strings

Today there is an excellent example of why so many people, including me, enjoy the Internet as a news source.

Drudge ( had a link titled "ROBERT REICH: Why is HRC stooping So Low?" which, of course, led to Robert Reich's blog and his post titled, " Why is HRC stooping So Low?"

As of this writing, there were 119 comments to Reich's post.

One guy named Fred said, "Don't you proof read your work? 'First, HRC attacked O's plan for keep Social Security solvent.'??? I'm glad you weren't Secretary of Education."

Slamming a guy for a self-evident typo? It's a lot funnier when Limbaugh pronounces his name "Rye-shhhaa" and makes fun of the diminutive Reich for being to short to reach the urinal in the men's room.

Ya gotta love this kind of stuff. The Internet is where the public debate is happening. The vestigial dinosaur media is now officially irrelevant to any sincere truth seeker, except for the purposes of keeping track of what the enemies of individual freedom are up to. From an intellectual point of view, and for reasons apparently known only to them, the vestigial dinosaur media — I love the way that euphemism rolls off the tongue: vestigial dinosaur media  — lowered themselves to the status of being nothing more or less than a lying revisionist-history propaganda tool for whatever political and economic agenda they happen to work for. I guess the main reason is because, for the most part, they are sublimely certain that they are SO much smarter than everybody else in the universe, especially their readership.

Even declining readership and profits — in other words, natural market forces — don't seem to dent the thick skulls of these urbane "metrosexual" urban yokels. Like I said, ya gotta love this stuff. It's SO much more fun to watch than your local printed "news" rag. To a simpleton "flyover" country mouse such as I, watching the pomposity of the intellectual-honesty-challenged is a never-ending source of amusement.

As an aside, I wholeheartedly recommend Mozilla Firefox for web surfing. It is very convenient to be able to open as many tabs as you wish in order to switch back and forth from various URLs. And that can be incredibly useful for gathering bits of truth between the lines of the vestigial dinosaur media's pathetic offerings.

Long live Matt Drudge and the rest of cyberspace's pajama-clad blogging gang!

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