Don "Brother Lame" Imus is back - what he should have said

Well, Don Imus is back. Whoopee. Following is an email I sent to one journalist who wrote a somewhat forgettable story about the event.

"Dear (fill in the blank): Your story is both interesting and well-written, but you left out the most important fact which the vestigial dinosaur media has deliberately left out since the beginning of the fracas.

"That crucial context-related fact is this: When Imus used the phrase 'nappy-headed hos,' he was very obviously comparing THE BEHAVIOR of one group of tattooed, body-pierced, shuckin'-'n-jivin', head-bobbin', proud-of-ignorance-and-violence 'gangsta' street-jerk-type young black females to another group of young black females who presented the appearance and behavior of intelligent, educated, well-mannered young ladies. It was not Imus' voice which uttered the word 'jigaboos'. Imus was obviously NOT making a race-based statement of any kind. He was making a statement about behavior. The issue very clearly had NOTHING whatever to do with race in general, or with raced-based animus or bias in the specific.

"If anything, the vestigial dinosaur media is probably even more to blame than the manipulative scumbag masters of the race hustling industry such as Al Sharpton for overlooking this crucial point. I repeat: this whole fracas had NOTHING whatsoever to do with race in the context of discrimination, bigotry, or other race-based animus. It was simply a candid, off guard statement about culture in which an entirely fair and appropriate comparison was drawn between the contrasting behaviors of two different groups of the same "race," one behavior acceptable ('good'), and one behavior unacceptable ('bad').

"Why Imus didn't stress this and attack back, I haven't the slightest clue. I suspect he was too shell-shocked by the tsunami of a response manipulated by race-dividing-for-money scumbags like Al Sharpton to utilize his brain to organize his talking points. And there are plenty of black writers who have written about what scumbags race hustlers like Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson are.

"You do a disservice to your own credibility (of course the vestigial dinosaur media has none anyway) by always leaving out THE most important part of the story when it doesn't fit the establishment template.

"I have never liked Imus' churlish, smart-aleck style, and, no he obviously shouldn't have chosen the words he did, but I wish him well anyway, and very much want to see him even the score with the scumbag race hustlers, because, for me, as a free speech absolutist (so was William O. Douglas), the issue is purely a First Amendment one. I consider any other approach to this story to be intellectual fraud, political manipulation, race-dividing, and anathema, because, for me, the real issue in this vastly disproportionate 'tempest in a teapot' is whether or not spontaneous stupidity should be punished more harshly than deliberate money-motivated race dividing in the arena of public opinion. In my opinion, the answer to that question is a resounding 'No way!'.

"It is long past time the record was set straight."

I meant every word. Political correctness is pure evil — a form of syntactical deception practiced by mentally ill control freaks who seek to manipulate and control the minds of other people. It is an obnoxious and intolerable disease fatal to the spiritual and intellectual potential and development of humankind. It is a deadly threat to freedom of speech and the free marketplace of ideas.

So, to hell with political correctness, along with any of its advocates, defenders, and practitioners who insist on remaining adamantly reprobate until the end of their pilgrimage here on earth — especially the ones who do it for money.

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