Saudi Court: 200 Lashes for Gang Rape Victim

Check it out, folks! These are the kind of autocratic barbarian criminals America buys oil from.

Today Breitbart carried a story titled "Saudi punishes gang rape victim with 200 lashes." (NOTE: Breitbart link is broken, so I replaced it with Google.)

This kind of arrogant judicial barbarism is intolerable. It is also intolerable that America should be business buddies with this type of sadistic human debris. The question is, what do we, as individuals, do about it?

Before one gets too upset, it must be remembered that, in reality, we ARE the de facto "Arabs." OPEC would not even exist if it had  not been created by the American oil companies.

The oil situation can be seen as somewhat similar to the tobacco companies greed-based sleight-of-hand. The whole tobacco fraud could have very easily been handled politically in accordance with traditional American moral values.

No smoker ever thought, or was told, that smoking was beneficial to his health. The polar opposite is true. EVERY smoker had someone in his life who warned him that smoking was bad for him. Therefore, by definition, every smoker assumes full resposiblity and liability for all risks he occured when he decided, against self-evident wisdom, to take up smoking. It's just that simple. To make matters worse, Congress sees fit to subsidize tobacco farmers while simultaneously preaching the doctrine of the health dangers involved in using tobacco. Are we actually that stupid? Really and truly? I guess maybe the old saying is true that "people tend to get the government they deserve."

In truth, there was never any intellectually honest need to increase the price of a pack of cigarettes by 1000% just so a few lawyers could make billions of dollars and tobacco companies could multiply their profits while pretending to care about their customers' health.

If I were a smoker, this obvious profits-motivated fraud would make me so furious that I would quit smoking just to get even with the tobacoo companies for participating in the fraud. Just how stupid do they think the American people are? Don't answer that! Lots of people are still buying cigs from the wannabe-clever tobacco companies.

So, long story short, and getting back to the poor girl sentenced to 200 lashes — because the real issue in all these stories is the inherent evil of anti-individual statism — sure the Saudi judges and Islamofascists are animals, but we Americans have to straighten out our own arrogant and corrupt Big Brother government before we can realistically hope to do anything about the barbarians who rule Saudi Arabia and the other Arab dictatorships.

The good news is the Internet makes it possible for liberty-and-justice-loving individuals all over the world to network more efficiently than at any previous time in history. So, let's get on with the struggle! Down with Big Brother!

And God bless the poor girl with 200 lashes. May she heal quickly in both mind and body, and live to fight on in the Revolution for individual freedom another day.