How About Socialized Legal Care?

I've been so busy adding content to my website lately that I haven't kept up with blogging as diligently as I would like. That's the bad news. The good news is I ran across a cool new column that I added to my "pundits" link category.

The link is called "The Medicine Men," and is written by Drs. Michael A. Glueck & Robert J. Cihak. This week, their column is titled, "Is socialized legalcare next?" It is absolutely hilarious, and presents a 10-point satire on how we should implement socialized legal care.

Points numbered 7 & 8 should be enough to whet the curiosity of most normal anti-lawyer types:

"7. Any lawyer losing a case will be deemed to have made "preventable errors." This provision shall be waived upon appeal through a process not to exceed three years. If the appeal is successful, payment will be made no later than two years after judgment.

8. Any lawyer losing three or more cases will be deemed guilty of malpractice and have his/her license revoked. Since losing is a preventable error, there will be no payments to losing lawyers."

To read the whole column, click here. Ya gotta love these guys' attitude!