Jim Pinkerton — Fantastic Column Again — Dead on!

Newsday columnist, James P. Pinkerton has written another truly excellent column, titled "Foolish globalism will hurt United States."

This particular column is a wonderfully razor-witted diatribe against globalism, written in the style of a brilliantly conceived fairy tale, complete with memorable characters like the Grand Globalist, the Elephant, the Donkey, and all all the pesky little ants with their pathetic little lives. The story is about how the Grand Globalist plays his geopolitical chess games with all the lower forms of life.

It's better than Jacob Grimm, Wilhelm Grimm and Hans Christian Andersen all roled into one — and it's real life for good measure!

 On the talk string, I wrote: " I hereby officially award Jim Pinkerton Common Sense columnist of the year. Pinkerton gets it!

Pinkerton rules. Final Solution and TashaTchin are also correct. DDP drools. A middle digit salute to DDP and his numb-nutted globalism-enabling ilk. REAL polarization is what is needed, not some artificial socialist "unity." Blacks-as-chattel slavery would never have ended if John Brown had not polarized the issue by, in effect, saying: "We are going to start killing slave owners until slavery is ended." Of course, in retaliation for his heroism, Brown was martyred (hanged) by the control-freak jerks of his time.

Socialism and globalism MUST be polarized - now. Great job, Jim!!!

Give yourself a HUGE treat and read the fable about the Grand Globalist. After you laugh yourself silly, you just might be motivated to become an anti-globalism activist!