How To Polarize Socialism (aka “Liberals”)

A few days ago I blogged about how much fun the various internet talk strings can be.

I believe an important part of the so-called “Culture War” is being able to effective state the case for individual freedom simultaneously with demonizing those who war against it. Remember, “It’s the culture, stupid!” In the final analysis, the culture will determine the boundaries of what level/s of tyranny governments can get away with imposing on “the people.” Hence the evolution of the term “Culture Wars.”

Perhaps the most offensive part of socialistic sophistry is the steal-and-redistribute part that mindlessly presupposes the evolution of a fatally impolitic, (anti-Golden-Rule), Platonian-type two-tier society of philosopher kings and mindless robot workers. Witness a recent article titled, “Human race will 'split into two different species'” concerning the moronic opinion of an evolutionary theorist from the London School of Economics.

Following is a collage of miscellaneous paragraphs and sentences I wrote in various posts on various talk strings to give the other posters ideas as to how to handle the malevolent sophistry of various autocratic self-anointed-as-elite control freaks:

Generally speaking, socialists (aka “liberals”) have three main problems: 1) too ignorant to belong in the conversation, 2) deliberately disingenuous ad hominem arguments, and 3) personality disorder which makes self-absorbed sophistry self-evident.

Libs like (fill in the blank) don’t want to understand that the universe is a cause-and-effect place whose natural laws do not depend on human opinion for their existence or gravitational force. E.g., Nature’s first law of economics is “the power to tax is self-evidently the power to destroy, because whatever you tax (honesty, industriousness, integrity, generosity, work ethic, wellness, virtue, etc) you WILL GET LESS of. The corollary of that rule is “whatever you subsidize (dishonestly, laziness, corruption, greed, joblessness, sickness, unwed motherhood, etc) you WILL GET MORE of. These self-evident realities are meaningless to flat-earthers like (fill in the blank), regardless of the fact they have been dealt with comprehensively by various brilliant libertarian-type economists such as Ludwig Von Mises, Frédéric Bastiat, Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard, Thomas Sowell, Walter E. Williams, etc.

Socialism’s labor theory of value as long been discredited. Value is not some sort of objective physical commodity capable of being regulated. It is a purely subjective individual notion, free-will-based, and utterly impossible for “government” to regulate. The absolute proof of my assertion is: you might be willing to pay $100/lb for beef liver, while you couldn’t pay me $1,000/lb to eat it. That is why no economy can function in the long run unless it consists 100% of willing sellers and willing buyers in a coercion-free market.

Blacks-as-chattel slavery was discontinued only after John Brown polarized it by saying, “we are going to start killing slave owners until slavery is outlawed.” The price Brown paid for being a hero ahead of the sheeple of his day was being martyred (hanged). Today, IMHO (acronym for “in my humble opinion”), America’s traditional “can do” culture of individual freedom is in such grave peril, that it is time to polarize socialism’s manipulative sophistry from intellectually honest clarity of thought. It is time to polarize mentally ill control-freak socialists from rational well-intended individuals.

I have reluctantly come to consider (fill in the blank) and his ilk to be pure social poison. I truly believe a second Civil War will need to be fought to rid America of its blight of the manipulative mental illness of collectivist redistributionistphilosophy.” Bottom line: Sophist scum like (fill in the blank) are only upset because the rest of society doesn’t want to roll over, genuflect, and contentedly let them steal our labor (money) via the taxation powers of Big Brother government. Historically speaking, that Economics-101 problem has NEVER had a nonviolent solution.

There is no such real thing as “government” anyway. “Government” is merely the dominant members of the suicidally stupid, inherently evil, and inevitably corrupting human pecking order struggle. Accordingly, it is REAL tyrant-minded control-freak haters like (fill in the blank) who divide society (especially along race and gender boundaries) and make hate and war inevitable. For that, they richly deserve to be despised and polarized from decent well-intended freedom-loving people who just want to live their lives and enjoy their friends and families in relative peace and freedom.

It is a total waste of time to be courteous to the likes of (fill in the blank). He is dangerously self-absorbed. As a token of his obviously enormous IQ, he said, "if education is about anything, it is about the development of the self."

I'll be darned. Silly me! I thought Isaac Newton, Marie Curie, Al Einstein and the big boys and girls with real brains were of the opinion that education "is about" observing facts and acquiring knowledge with which to better comprehend the universe around us and better the lot of the human species. You know, build ships to travel space, invent robots to make life easier, cure diseases, etc., trivial stuff like that — not remotely to be compared with the life-and-death importance of such as brown rice, Birkenstocks, "touchy-feely-ness", collectivism, redistributionism, purple hair, body piercings, tattoos, pseudo-intellectualism, phony altruism, and general lib idiocy in the area of Economics 101.

No, folks, the (fill in the blank) of this world are the REAL haters, the real dividers, the real manipulators. The only rational thing a reasonable person can say to him is, "A middle digit salute to you, (fill in the blank), and also to the horse you road in on." Since you are self-evidently too ignorant and disturbed to be part of the conversation, why not, as some posters above have suggested, hang out at a place more suited to your manipulative sophistry. For you to hang out here and remind me that there are actually people like you who are part of my species is more depressing than I can bear. Take your autocratic sophistry and begone, foul spirit! I will resist a New Dark Ages with my last breath!