Internet Talk Strings Are Cool!

Some articles posted on the Internet have wonderfully amusing so-called "talk strings" consisting of comments, sometimes hundreds of them, by online readers.

In the public relations battle between the U.S. Senate leader,"Dingy" (pronounced dinjee) Harry Reid, and radio talk show star, Rush Limbaugh, ABC wrote a story titled "Bidding Over $2M for Dems Anti-Rush Letter" which demonstrates why the Goebbelsian dinosaur media (justifiably called "drive-by media" by Limbaugh, and the "alien media nation" by Bill Bennett) has declined to the point of having virtually zero credibility with the general public.

Read the following comments, especially the one from "Sandra" at this URL and have a good belly laugh:

"This is why journalism is in free fall! Whether this article was meant to mislead or just ignorance, author got it totally wrong. The Democrats had nothing to do with putting this letter on Ebay. Senator Reid was on the floor this morning trying to get credit for something that he bashed Mr Limbaugh on. This is so spineless of him. Media, please get your act together.

Posted by: William | Oct 19, 2007 1:05:20 PM

"ABC does it again, it's not the Democrats who put the letter up for auction, it was Limbaugh himself. He got the original letter from Mark Mays, the CEO of Clear Channel. Limbaugh has also pledged to match the amount raised by the letter and donate his own funds to the same charity. I just don’t understand why an average citizen with Internet access can get the facts right and ABC can’t.

Posted by: Well Informed | Oct 19, 2007 1:12:05 PM

"As William said, this is why your business is tanking. You can't even bother to get the story right when the facts are widely and publicly available. You fail to mention that Limbaugh did NOT, in fact, call all soldiers who disagree with the war "phony". You fail to mention that Limbaugh is matching the donation. And you fail to get Limbaugh's quote in reaction to Harry Reid's attempt to salvage his reputation. This is disgraceful. More to the point, *YOU* are disgraceful.

Posted by: Justin | Oct 19, 2007 1:13:51 PM

"Credibility in news reporting has to be at an all time low! This is the reason you run into people making erroneous comments on stories; limited media outlets restrict individuals from getting the truth! In a perfect world, differing views about a particular story helps in having an informed dialogue. After it is all said and done, people are manipulated into believing a lie. Had I not follow the whole story and actually listen to Mr. Limbaugh; I too would have been grossly misinformed. Though this kind of reporting has been going on for years, lately it has been even more out of control. We live in such a media bias era that authentic news reporting is becoming a thing of the past. There should be a law against this kind of practice...shouldn't it?

Posted by: William | Oct 19, 2007 1:46:56 PM

"Ted kennedy - drunk driving killed woman
barney frank - gay representative allowed gay lover to use his apartment for gay prostitutes
bill clinton - too many affairs to remember, whitewater, vince foster, losing bin laden, DNC over $700,000 in illegal Chinese contributions 1996
sandy berger - socks, pockets, other orafices on his body no one willing to search
robert torecelli - illegal campaign contributions and gifts 1996
mcgreevy - gay affair (but by all means lets get craig)
rostenkowski - is he still in prison condit - affair with intern whose body was finally found
melvin reynolds - sexual misconduct - harassment (baaah baaah) diggs - mail fraud - payroll tax fraud
john murtha - unindited co-conspirator in abscam - should be thrown out just be cause he is a bloated stupid pig
gerald studds - sex with underage male intern (but let's get mark foley out cause he's republican)
jim green - tax evasion bribery
ray lederer - abscam
harry williams - abscam
frank thompson- abscam
mike myers - abscam
john murphy - abscam john jenrette - abscam
neil goldschmidt - affair with 14 year old
alcee hastings - bribery
marion barry - sniff sniff
mario biaggi - bribery, racketeering yadayada
lee alexander - bribery, yadayadayada
There are too many crooked democratic politicians to name their dirty deeds here - and yes I know there are republicans also but before you start pointing fingers - pull the stick out of your eye. harry reid needs to go suck on his colostomy bag a while.

"Posted by: Sandra | Oct 19, 2007 6:29:21 PM"

It is "this corner's" view that Harry Reid and his 41 co-signers are basically soft-voiced (so as to give the false impression of being meek, gentle and benign), self-absorbed, lying, manipulating, control-freak propaganda artists.

So why not get on line and join the fun?! To "borrow" one of Rush's trademark talking points, "It's more fun than a human being ought to be allowed to have!"