Vince Foster - Murder Coverup

"The Death of Vincent Foster" is the title of a fascinating website which presents evidence the Foster's death was a murder which the government is covering up. Just as some 74% of Americans believe the whole truth of the JFK assassination is being covered up by the government, so some 70% of Americans do not believe the establishment's story that Foster's death was a suicide. 

The website begins: "This is the story that nobody dares touch."

"Despite having reported the discovery of Dr. Haut's signed report confirming the existence of a second wound to Vincent Foster's neck, radio host Rush Limbaugh to this very day refers to Vincent Foster's death as a suicide."

"Even Matt Drudge, when presented with the FBI records proving that the FBI fraudulently manufactured Lisa Foster's recognition of the gun found at Fort Marcy Park, refused to get involved, opting instead for a story accusing Sidney Blumenthal of domestic violence (for which Drudge was then sued)."

"Despite numerous official assurances that Vincent Foster really did commit suicide, more and more Americans, over 70% at the last count, no longer believe the official story. TV specials, most notably the one put out by A&E's "Inside Investigations" with Bill Kurtis, have failed to answer the lingering questions, indeed have engaged in deliberate fraud to try to dismiss the evidence that points to a cover-up."

"This web site is built primarily from official records, newspaper reports, and other hard data. Careful analysis of those records reveals a pattern of deliberate obfuscation surrounding Vincent Foster's death. This pattern of obfuscation, this cover-up, is a matter that should concern all Americans, not because of what it means for Vincent Foster, but because of what it means for the rest of us."

"One thing is for certain. As we approach the fifth anniversary of this crime, it is clear from the amount of resources being brought to bear by the government that there is something about this particular crime that has made those in power very afraid."

If you take the time to surf the website, you might become one of the disbelieving 70%. Check it out!