Smearing Sarah

Looks like the Dems are going all out to smear Sarah Palin, including spreading fake pictures all over the Internet. I, for one, am betting their mean-spirited garbage will backfire. Anyway, here's hoping — big time.

Obama is quoted as saying, "You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig". Naturally, the angry McCain camp will try to get as much political mileage as they can of of Obama's ill-advised choice of words and contexts. Judging from some of the talk strings, a lot of other folks are angry too.

The Dems' problem is that Sarah is even more likeable than Obama. She's a political "10", pure and simple. She's smart, pretty (on both inside and outside), articulate, kind-hearted, competitive and gritty — all at the same time.

She's warm and real, everybody's best friend. Her feminity and beauty are that rare combination that is simultaneously very attractive to men and non-threatening to women. Add to that even more charisma than Bubba and Obama have — she's down to earth, one of us — and you have sheer political dynamite! She's LIVING the life the misandristic paleo gender feminists SAY they're for. No wonder the Dems are panicked!

In his New York Times column titled "A Heartbeat Away", Bill Kristol wrote, "McCain didn’t just pick a politician who could appeal to Wal-Mart Moms. He picked a Wal-Mart Mom." Fantastic! Maybe that's just what we need. A Wal-Mart hockey mom with beauty, brains and a sense of core traditional values.

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