Cool Political Jokes

While surfing George Carlin eulogies — he was one of my favorite comedians — I ran across some funny jokes at the New York Post:

Jackie Mason

Hillary Clinton says she's the most qualified because she was married to a president for eight years. Now let me ask you, if a brain surgeon quit his job, would everyone in the operating room say, "Wait, let's get his wife."

Marc Maron

It's significant Barack Obama is running. I think it's important for black people to have a chance to be misrepresented by one of their own.

Bill Maher

Barack Obama bowled a 37. Is he black enough for you now?

Jeffrey Ross

John McCain is so old that running for President is on his bucket list.


You know why the US can't find Osama Bin Laden? They're using the wrong agency to look for him. Don't send the Army, Navy, Marines or the CIA - send Child Support!

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