The Coming "Financial Tsunami"


Some folks in the know seem to think a financial catastrophe is in the process of striking.

Today, carried an article titled, "Faster Inflation May Unleash `Financial Tsunami': Chart of Day", by Mark Gilbert, a columnist for Bloomberg News, who wrote elsewhere, "'The rulers of the exchange of mankind's goods have failed,' U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt told a Depression-blighted nation in his 1933 inaugeration address. 'There must be an end to a conduct in banking and in business which too often has given to a sacred trust the likeness of callous and selfish wrongdoing.' "

Here is the email I send Mark in response to his article:

Hi Mark,

I enjoyed reading your article, and fully agree that the monetary institutions are "overmatched" by universal realities.

What can one say? These types of financial contractions are the strategically calculated means by which the cynical and clever steal the labor of the ignorant, gullible and naive. Any REAL solution will require the massive education of the hoi polloi in the subjects of economics and politics, all but an impossibility in the best of cases, and an absolute impossibility given the current state of public "education". Ayn Rand's "Atlas Shrugged" comes to mind.

As you say, it is a "systemic issue". However, I prefer to think of it as intellectual and political, perhaps even religious. After all, long ago Roger Sherman explained the hard facts of using "money" to corrupt "reciprocal justice between man and man" in his "A Caveat Against Injustice, or, An Inquiry into the Evils of a Fluctuating Medium of Exchange". And the ancient, empirically-acquired wisdom of Scriptures such as Le 19:13, Le 19:36, De 25:13, Pr 16:11, Pr 20:10, Pr 20:23, Mic 6:11, 1 Thes 4:6 clearly state that deceitful measures, which logically include all mediums of exchange (e.g. measurable constitutional gold or silver REAL commodity "dollar" vs. infinitely "flexible", unmeasurable, debt-based, fascist police-state, fiat, IMAGINARY political "dollar"), are an "abomination" to the self-owning, self-sustaining, self-determining God of the self-owning and self-determining individual.

Of course, all these ideas are utterly lost on the wannabe-clever control-freak fascists and neo-feudalists perhaps best known by the popular euphemism, "globalists".

In the REALITY of the cause-and-effect and survival-of-the-fittest free market that Nature itself inherently IS, as many thinkers such as famous decentralist Ralph Borsodi well knew, decentralization and self-sufficiency will trump centralization and "interdependency" (aka "serfdom") EVERY time. Borsodi and others raised a valid question as to whether or not Adam Smith failed to understand the extent to which the profits of centralization are offset by the attendant inextricable losses of distribution.

Isn't the internet grand?! It allows a small-town country mouse to email a big-time city-mouse journalist and comment on his writings. Agree or disagree with them, most writers like to know at least somebody is reading their work!

Hopefully, the internet may positively affect the outcome of the conflict of interests between the hoi polloi serfs and their arrogant and elitist "globalist" money masters.

Just some food for thought.

All the best, John Wilkenson Grand Junction, CO, USA


Suprise of surprises, Mark wrote back:

"Hi sir, thanks for the feedback. How do you charge your music students for their tuition without using `abominations;' do you barter with them? Best, Mark."

Here is my response:

Dear Mark,

Unfortunately, not being British (as Sir Paul McCartney, one of my musical heroes, is), I haven't yet managed to rise to the rank of "sir".

However, you do present an excellent question containing what appears on the surface, at least, to be a very cool talking point! But I don't think the ancient wisdom had commodity mediums of exchange in mind when using the word "abomination". I suspect they were limiting the word to include COMPULSORY (aka "legal tender") and political or fiat types of exchange mediums. You know, the old slavery vs. freedom bit. It seems that the logic of the ancient wisdom might have had something to do with noticing the phenomenon that free markets tend to work best when they are comprised 100% of WILLING buyers and sellers operating in an atmosphere free of "government" (in reality merely a stupid-human pecking order) coercion ("legal tender" laws).

Others, of course, especially those who aspire to become "global plantation" slave owners, are free to disagree. The rub, that is to say my objection, arises when free and open discussion on the merits is interfered with by deception, demonization and control-freak political manipulations.

Best, John

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