Save America: vote 3rd party!

The situation is getting darker for Americans. What little hope remained of avoiding the election of a hardcore steal-and-redistribute fascist1 (Obama) for president just evaporated. By backing the Big Bailout which is hated by two thirds of the American people, "McDole" (aka John McCain) officially  guaranteed the defeat of the McCain-Palin ticket in November's general election.

Dick Morris wrote a column titled "There's Still Time, John McCain" which made some excellent points. Among other things, Morris said:

"His [McCain's] failure to do much of anything in Washington, after teasing the whole country and riveting its attention on him by suspending his campaign, has let the voters down — and they are turning away from McCain."

"But there is still time for him to make his move. The House Republicans bought McCain another shot by turning down the $700 billion bailout package on Monday. With no House vote scheduled until Thursday, McCain still has time to do the right thing."

"He should publicly announce his support for the House Republican alternative package of insurance, loans and tax changes to deal with the financial crisis. He should attack Barack Obama and the Democrats for supporting the use of tax money for a massive bailout when the same purpose can be accomplished by other, cheaper means. McCain should draw a line in the sand and take a firm position."

"The Democrats are not prepared to pass their bailout proposal by themselves. If they were, they would have done so on Monday. Instead, they withheld the votes of their most vulnerable congressmen and let the package fail. If the Republican Party poses a united front in the House, with McCain’s leadership, the Democrats will have to fall in line. They cannot not do anything. By taking a firm line, McCain can turn the whole process around to his — and his country’s — advantage."

Truer words were never spoken, but unfortunately, McDole didn't heed Morris's advice.

By the way, in case you are curious as to why I refer to McCain as "McDole", I would direct your attention to a hilarious cartoon (published 2/22/96) about landslide loser Bob Dole by one of my favorite political cartoonists, Pat Oliphant. It seemed to fit the "erratic" (Obama's new word of choice) John McCain to an absolute "T". And I say that as one who would not even consider voting for a slickster steal-and-redistribute socialist like "Change Clown" Obama. Oliphant also drew a cartoon titled "Dole and Clinton: the pot calling the kettle black" about the 1996 Dole-Clinton contest which seems to perfectly fit the negative campaigning in the 2008 Obama-McCain contest.

Dean Baker blogged at The Huffington Post: "I've heard lots of phony stories. Much of the country's political and economic leadership has been running around raising the prospect of the Great Depression and a breakdown in the banking system (I actually had taken the latter seriously). These stories are absolutely not true.

There is no plausible scenario under which the no bailout scenario gives us a Great Depression. There is a more plausible scenario (but highly unlikely) that the bailout will give us a Great Depression. There is no way that the failure to do a bailout will lead to more than a very brief failure of the financial system. We will not lose our modern system of payments.

At this point I cannot identify a single good reason to do the bailout."

In a piece titled "Bankruptcy, not bailout, is the right answer", Harvard economist, Jeffrey A. Miron, wrote:

"The fact that government bears such a huge responsibility for the current mess means any response should eliminate the conditions that created this situation in the first place, not attempt to fix bad government with more government."

"The obvious alternative to a bailout is letting troubled financial institutions declare bankruptcy. Bankruptcy means that shareholders typically get wiped out and the creditors own the company."

"Bankruptcy does not mean the company disappears; it is just owned by someone new (as has occurred with several airlines). Bankruptcy punishes those who took excessive risks while preserving those aspects of a businesses that remain profitable."

"In contrast, a bailout transfers enormous wealth from taxpayers to those who knowingly engaged in risky subprime lending. Thus, the bailout encourages companies to take large, imprudent risks and count on getting bailed out by government. This 'moral hazard' generates enormous distortions in an economy's allocation of its financial resources."

The problem is that the American people do not understand the frauds known as fractional-reserve banking and the monetization of debt which are promoted by both the DEMS and the GOP. While the DEMS and GOP are arguing about whether tax money is spent on welfare payments (single mothers, health care, etc) or national "security" toys such as military hardware, huge standing armies and state-of-the-art Big Brother surveillance gadgetry, the Lex Luthors who own and control the monetary system only want to make sure they get to keep collecting the interest on the money government spends/borrows.

With the passage of the bailout, America is in basically the same socialistic Weimar-Republic shape that Germany was in right before Hitler rose to power. (The picture at left is of a 50 million mark note in 1923 Weimar Germany. Click here to see a picture of a 1923 German woman burning money in her stove because it was cheaper than firewood!) Remember the old axiom: those who are incapable of learning from history are doomed to repeated it!

The hard fact is the ability of money manipulation to influence public perception of reality is at its end. If the "Fed" (which is neither federal nor a reserve) increases interest rates, business slows and jobs are lost on a mass scale. If the Fed lowers interest rates there will be Weimar-Republic-type hyper inflation, which is merely a less visible form of steal-and-redistribute taxation. The only REAL solution is to abolish fractional banking, the Fed and the IRS, and return to constitutionally valid money (remember all American judiciaries including the Supremes are liars about this issue), banking2 and taxation. The Linder/Boortz Fair Tax would do nicely in that regard. Unfortunately, McDole is completely clueless on the issue. He still thinks his cutesy-pie "maverick" manipulations are having influence with American voters. 

Oh yeh, I know all about the fraudulent "lesser of two evils" conventional wisdom which says a vote for anybody but McCain is a vote for Obama, or vice versa. But that is flatout B.S. and prima facie wrong-headed for any number of reasons. First, Power-Over One-Ring "government" is inherently evil and inevitably corrupting, which means it is at best a deadly dangerous tool, and as such, can't possibly be the long-range answer to human happiness and prosperity for all. (See e.g. the news story, "Pope says world financial system is 'built on sand'".) Second, if voting is to have any possibility of a constructive effect whatsoever, you have to vote FOR what you BELIEVE IN MOST, not AGAINST what you FEAR MOST. In reality, any other vote but your conscience amounts to a telling lie in the national discussion and the culture. Under the fraudulent and destructive "lesser of two evils" voting strategy, nobody gets to know with any meaningful specificity and substance what anybody else believes in or is voting for. It's all just a bunch of wannabe-clever manipulation, a destructive and self-defeating stupid-human game. And third, if you are unaware of all the information regarding our deliberately unconstitutional monetary and tax system which I linked in my blog titled "The 'Financial Tsunami' is here!" you probably don't really belong in the conversation anyway. You are most likely the kind of person Judge Andrew Napolitano was referring to in his book titled, "A Nation of Sheep" (ISBN-10: 1595550976, ISBN-13: 978-1595550972).

Accordingly, conventional "wisdom" notwithstanding, and much as I like the cut of Sarah Palin's beauteous jib, unless McCain takes the radical "change" step of adopting the Linder/Boortz FAIR TAX along with abolishing the IRS — that's the only way he can win after voting for the bailout — I will be voting third party to try to save individual freedom and the U.S. Constitution in America.

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1. "Facism" = private enterprise under centralized governmental control. In other words, "facism" amounts to de facto private ownership and control of government, something which is possible only if a dumbed down populace believes the lies and false promises of their professional deceivers (aka "politicians"). The so-called "right" tries to paint Obama as a socialist, but that definition doesn't exactly fit. "Socialism" is where the government owns everything. "Fascism" is where the government controls everything and everybody for the private financial benefit of an elite few. Self-evidently, both Obama and McDole are in that elitist group right along with 95% of the rest of the rest of Congress. Their attitude is: if you have the power (votes), remove us from office. Otherwise, shutup and do as we say: pay ever-increasing tax loads.

2. An argument can be made for the idea that Alexander Hamilton is the father of America's central banking system so despised and distrusted by presidents Thomas Jefferson and Andrew Jackson. A new book is coming out which looks extremely interesting: Hamilton's Curse: How Jefferson's Arch Enemy Betrayed the American Revolution--and What It Means for Americans Today, by Thomas DiLorenzo (ISBN-10: 0307382842, ISBN-13: 978-0307382849). I intend to purchase a copy.

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