Grand Junction's Sarah Palin rally

Tonight Phyliss and I went to Grand Junction's Sarah Palin rally. I have never cared for John McCain, so I had mixed feelings about going, plus there had been clouds and a few sprinkles of rain, but I'm glad I went.

The photo (we took) at left gives some idea of the sea of humanity that was there. I had never seen that many people at Suplizio Field before. It must have been more than the national JUCO baseball tournament, because the field was packed with humanity, not just the stands. There was one set of empty bleachers behind the fence in left field, but there is no way even half the crowd on the field could have been crammed into those bleachers. Just the line to get in went all the way around the 1/4-mile track in Stoker Stadium, 2-4 people wide.

As Tip O'Neal once said, "all politics is local". The real reason I went was so the local yokels for Obama wouldn't be able to muster a bigger crowd (6,000) than the local yokels for Sweet Sarah (at least 15,000+).

There were 20-30 protesters in attendance who started out on the corner of 12th & North then worked up the courage to come inside and make their noise. One guy in particular had a sign I pretty much agree with. Meanwhile, it was interesting listening to the people in line make comments about the protesters (e.g. "Get a job!" "I wish they'd take a bath!" etc.).

Sarah's opening act was Hank Williams (Jr), who did a really professional job of getting the crowd worked up. Hank's got some poignant traditional-values, country-boy, livin'-off-the-land type songs, and had the crowd cheering and hollerin' enthusiastically. I like Hank's "We will survive!" attitude.

Orson Bean, who has a new book out on his recent conversion to Christianity, said he likes Sarah because she embodies the spirit of what America used to be and represent. I agree. Slick she isn't. Of course, if she wins office, the inherently evil and inevitably corrupting One Ring (of political Power) will corrupt her too. But for now, she at least seems more real and less scummy than most politicians.

I understand at least some of the reasons (e.g. free nation-wide exposure any politician would die for) Sarah accepted the job and the rigors of a national campaign, so I cut her a lot of slack. And I also understand why she has to try to build up the image of a loser like McCain. But her stump speech was "politics as usual", and, to me, boring. I wanted to shout, "Dump the loser, Sarah, and run for Prez on your own in 2012!" but I didn't.

I was more than ready to go home at the conclusion of the hoopla.

All in all, I'm sure the local Republican politicos think the "happening" was a smashing success.

The drive home was uneventful, and I concluded my evening with a bowl of reheated meatloaf with garlic marinara, a nice cold glass of skim milk (which really hit the spot), and writing this blog entry. :-)


What I hadn't noticed when I wrote this blog was that, while we were at the Palin rally last night, someone put a 4" x 6" flyer/card on our windshield. The card was high quality, 4-color, and obviously expensive to print in quantity. It was titled "WTC Twin Towers: EXPLOSIVE Evidence". It was put out by Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth, whose website is

There is a plethora of so-called "conspiracy-theory" videos on YouTube, which I have linked to in my "Alphabetized Index To Videos" section on this website.

Actually I'm still too stuck on wanting to know who really killed JFK and why to care much about elections anyway. There is no foolproof way to know that votes are counted accurately. I'm fed up with America being ruled by a secret unelected and unaccountable cartel of international banksters shoved through Congress during Christmas break when most members were at home with their families. For all you government-schooled geniuses out there who think you know it all and who like to run your mouth and demonize people like me without having to do any research or know any historically documentable facts, you need to watch four videos in particular, "America: Fascism To Freedom", "Fiat Empire: Why the Federal Reserve System violates the U.S.Constitution", Monopoly Men (Federal Reserve Fraud) (1999) , and "Secret Government: The 'National Security' State".

There are certain undeniable documented provable FACTS about "government" and the legal-profession culture which the public is generally unaware of. It has been said many times, hyperbolically of course, that if the public was aware of the whole truth they would storm Washington D.C. with pitchforks and baseball bats, and there would be politicians and judges hanging from every tree! Arguably the most important of those undeniable FACTS is that during the Federal Convention of 1787 which decided on the intent, meaning and written words of the U.S. Constitution, James Madison and the other Founders voted 9-2 in favor of denying to the federal government the power of ever "emitting bills of credit" (printing paper money).

The words "emit bills of credit" were actually in the proposed language of Article I Section 8 dealing with the powers of Congress, and, after some discussion, the Founders voted to delete them. Not only that, but regarding the 8/28/1787 debate on Article I, Section 10, James Madison wrote: “Mr. Wilson & Mr. Sherman moved to insert after the words ‘coin money’ the words ‘nor emit bills of credit, nor make any thing but gold & silver coin a tender in payment of debts’ MAKING THESE PROHIBITIONS ABSOLUTE, INSTEAD OF MAKING THE MEASURES ALLOWABLE (as in the XIlIart:) WITH THE CONSENT OF THE LEGISLATURE OF THE U.S." (Emphasis added - JRW.) The Founders voted 8-1 with 1 vote divided in favor of adding the words to Article I, Section 10 and making the prohibition against paper money absolute. Didn't know that, barring the proper due-process passage of a constitutional amendment per Article V, the American government is not allowed to print paper money — did you?!

What does all that mean? I'll tell you what it means. It would be impossible for the so-called "Federal Reserve" system — which is neither federal nor a reserve, but merely a secret cartel of private banksters — and the so-called "Income Tax" to  even exist if not for the twin frauds of paper money and "fractional reserve" banking. NOTHING could possibly be of more mind bogglingly monumental importance regarding what kind of a country America is supposed to be. What all that means is that all the lying, manipulative, revisionist history IRS agents, U.S. Attorneys, federal judges, and, yes, ignorant, government-schooled, "you have to pay your fair share of taxes" numbnuts jury members who have been fining, imprisoning, terrorizing, and even murdering, innocent citizens for merely believing too hard in human government and daring to try to stand up to an utterly corrupt and tyrannical "system"  to stick up for what they KNOW TO A MORAL CERTAINTY to be their constitutional rights are a bunch of dangerous, anarchistic, amoral, elitist, animalistic, politically-manipulative, control-freak con artists.

What else it means is that like the HISTORICAL FACTS behind the Heller 2nd Amendment decision means that anti-gunners can either shut the hell up or do the work of trying to repeal the 2nd Amendment through the due process channels provided by Article V. Likewise, the promoters, apologists, and fellow travellers of the fraudulent debt-based fiat monetary and class-warfare-dependent "income" tax structure can also shut the hell up or do the work of trying to amend the U.S. constitution to allow the government to print paper money. It is not for nothing Judge Andrew Napolitano wrote his book, "A Nation of Sheep"!

Hopefully you can understand why I can't seem to get excited about elections where nobody is talking about the FACTS that really need to be exposed and fixed in American society. Neither Obama or McCain have the intellectual honesty and guts necessary to expose and bring down the criminal "globalist" banksters behind The Big Lie.

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