President Obama — "change" socialism under the propaganda lie of "anti-racism"

Let me preface my remarks by saying I didn't have a dog in this hunt, because even though I am a registered GOP voter (for purely local reasons, like local DEMS being basically clueless philosophically), I didn't vote for the GOP/DEM monopoly. I've long since been healed of the "lesser of two evils" disease/fraud.

Barack Hussein Obama was elected president by a combination of 1) a general population-wide, goverment-school-caused gross ignorance in the subject of Economics 101,  2) black "anti-Whitey" racial resentment, 3) so-called "white guilt", and 4) class warfare propaganda against the so-called "evil rich". So be it. Live with it.

Let me assure all Economics-101-challenged promoters of class-warfare of two absolute guarantees: First, subsidizing (paying) people to not work is an unsustainable societal paradigm, because, per Nature's immutable second law of economics, all you get is more non-work. And second, class-warfare-based "taxing the rich" is an impossibility, an economics fraud, a delusion, because to "the rich" taxes are merely another item of overhead which gets passed along to the end consumer as an increase in the price of goods. The only possible way to try to manipulate a way around that REALITY is to try to impose wage and price controls, which also cannot work in the long run because of the natural cause-and-effect consequences. Nixon tried wage-price controls back in 1971 and it was a complete failure.

If you impose wage-price controls, if profits go down, businesses will inevitably downsize and eliminate jobs, which in turn results in less consumer money being spent in the marketplace, which in turn "shrinks the economy" even more and sends it into a downward death spiral until enough Economics-101-challenged morons wake up enough to change course back in the direction of a free market economy composed of willing sellers and willing buyers. You see, you can impose wage-price controls by force and terror, but you can't force people to buy things. When the prices are too high and they don't have enough money, consumers will inevitably resort to producing more things (like food and gardens) for themselves. Just as they did during the first Great Depression, people learn how to make do with what they have. Less buying of goods translates directly into less jobs and less money in the consumers' pockets. Government "make-work" jobs cannot change Nature's inherent free-market paradigm. Individual humans have inherent free will and an inherent survival need for self-ownership and self-determination. They will buy what they choose to when they choose to. Government can't "change" that.

What nobody is talking about are the propaganda mechanics of EXACTLY HOW President Obama got elected. It was because the GOP has for decades allowed the DEMS to, with increasing success, market steal-and-redistribute socialism as "anti-racism". America is a non-racist country of good-hearted — Economics-101-challenged maybe, but good-hearted — people who voted against racism on purpose without realizing they were simultaneous voting for steal-and-redistribute socialism which is GUARANTEED to make their lives worse, not better.

You simply CANNOT pay people for not working to produce products useful to human beings. That is not a long-term sustainable economics paradigm, period, end of story. That is the second natural law of economics. That is a natural FACT which is not dependent upon human opinion for its existence, power, or gravitational force and effect. Nor can you try to solve problems by trying to out-something-for-nothing the socialists.

The GOP richly deserved to lose for choosing a too-old, too arrogant, too abrasive, too manipulative, too McCain-Feingold, too "Gang of 14", too amnesty-for-illegal-aliens RINO with an eerily too-Stepford-looking wife1 for their candidate. The GOP deserved to lose for not anticipating the DEMS evil (yes, "evil" is EXACTLY the right word) "socialism = anti-racism" propaganda and running a black candidate of their own — especially since there are any number of small-government pro-individual-rights blacks who would have made excellent candidates. The GOP deserved to lose for inventing the oxymoron "big government conservative". The GOP deserved to lose for trying to out-DEM the DEMS, out-big-government the DEMS, out-nanny-state the DEMS, all the while putting the tab on credit, as opposed to the DEMS wanting to pay the tab with confiscatory taxes and the subsidization of non-work. And the really bad news is that the GOP was clueless as to how hard it will be to regain power from the anything-goes neo-feudalistic control freaks who have it now.

I watched Obama's whole post-election speech from start to finish. Whoever wrote it was good, really, really good. But it was all form and no substance. It was full of beauty, eloquence and non-specificity, signifying nothing. He called for a "new spirit of service and sacrifice". That sounds suspiciously like anti-individual serfdom to me. He spoke about "putting the people of America back to work". Oh really? And just how does that square with steal-and-redistribute socialism and paying people to not work? Hmmmm? I want to know the answer to that.

A new Messiah has been crowned. OK, so now America has elected her first half-black president, and thanks to the stupidity of the GOP, the wrong black man for sure, but maybe the bright side is that the stinkin' race hustlers' ace propaganda tool is now seriously weakened. Maybe the bright side is that the 90%+ of Economics-101-challenged black people who seem to have such a desperate need to elect a president of their same skin color so they can "feel good about themselves"2 will now have the opportunity to be misrepresented by one of their own — as has happened to white people for so long. (I got that line from a joke I read somewhere.) Maybe the bright side is that I like looking at the faces of Barack and Michelle a whole lot more than I do the faces of clench-jawed John and Stepford Cindy. And, by all means, credit the socialist DEMS with knowing how to throw a cool post-election party!

Nobody in his right mind is rooting for Obama to have a failed presidency like his predecessor. But unless he changes his views on socialist economics, fail he must. Nobody wants skin color to have a failed presidency, but millions of Americans, including me, would love to see socialism have a failed presidency.

Obama didn't win on philosophical merit. He won by default due to lack of GOP leadership, therefore he has no mandate to govern "to the left". That's not what happened in this election. A huge majority of Americans have enough intelligence and common sense to know that you can't pay people for not working and have national prosperity at the same time — it's an impossibility. One pundit had it exactly right when he said, "tonight John McCain was beaten for the second time by George W. Bush". And W's failed presidency was enabled by the radio shouters who supported him "no matter what", and by the typical bipartisan Beltway mind set that stupidly presumed the pork, the parties and the secret Swiss bank accounts were going to last forever.

So, don't gloat, DEMS, because America is in a very similar economic position that the Weimar Republic in Germany was in during the 1920's right before Hitler came to power. You cannot radically increase taxes and a fiat debt-based money supply without attendant hyper-inflation. It's an impossibility. The natural laws of economics will not be denied. Obama's "tax the rich and pay people to not work" policies are exactly the wrong things to grow the economy and avoid another prolonged Great Depression. And I hate to come off as a racist wet blanket here, but I've got news for the DEMS: none of the young black street-thug gang-banger drug dealers and drive-by shooters are going to give a fat rat's ass about Obama's heart felt call for "a new spirit of service and sacrifice". One starry eyed — moronic, but starry eyed — young voter, Peggy Joseph, was sure Obama would pay for her gas and mortgage. Boy, is she ever setting herself up for a disappointment!

My advice would be for all hard-working, non-socialist producers, all entrepreneurial-spirited individuals, all lovers of individual freedom, to hunker down in a survival mode: work hard, spend as little as possible, save as much as possible, drive as little as possible, allocate your resources as wisely as possible, have a year's supply of food on hand, have a five-year supply of heirloom vegetable seeds on hand, buy as little as possible, re-learn as many survival skills as possible, and produce as many things for yourself as possible.

Politically speaking, either the GOP will have to kick out the RINOs and return to a libertarian-leaning small-government free-market philosophy, or it is finished as a political party. I am one of those who believe that the DEM victory was just what the GOP needs if it is to survive. All the talk by the dewy-lipped FoxNews babes about the GOP "growing a bigger more 'mavericky' tent" is pure BS. Steal-and-redistribute socialism MUST be polarized if individual freedom is to survive. The economy must be made to worsen under socialist leadership so there can be a resurgence of the spirit of entrepreneurship and individual freedom after the economy collapses completely. If the GOP can't manage that simply assignment, then a vacuum of power WILL be created for a viable 3rd party to step into.

America is in DEEP trouble. The main problem is that any real solutions will take more time than one or two elections cycles because the problem is cultural, not political. What I would propose is very similar to Ron Paul's ideas: to immediately abolish the class-warfare-based IRS and implement the Fair Tax. Immediately abolish the Fed and it's fraudulent interest-bearing currency and replace it with non-interest-bearing U.S. Treasury currency. Return monetary policy to Congress instead of letting them unconstitutionally escape accountability by delegating the constitutional money powers to a secret Mafia-like cartel of private transnational banksters. In one fell swoop, you would end class warfare, eliminate payment for nonwork, stop the growth of the fraudulent national debt, and level the economic playing field for all ages, genders and skin colors. That, in turn could buy enough time to change the culture from being entitlement-minded to entrepreneurial-spirited.

So compromise? Reach across the aisle? Not a chance. It's time to hunker down for survival and polarize, polarize, polarize. This too (steal-and-resdistribute socialism with its class-warfare-based entitlement mentality) shall pass. Actually, in the long run, I think the upside of the election of steal-and-redistribute socialist Obama is that the real-life suffering which will teach more people to hate socialism can begin a little bit sooner than it would have under McDole, er, McCain. Since economic suffering was also guaranteed under the RINO McCain (if perhaps a little slower), maybe in the final analysis that's a good thing for America.

Thank God America is FINALLY no longer a racist country. Oh, wait a second! What about all the other countries like England, France, Germany, most of Europe, Russia, China, Japan, Iraq, Iran, Syria, Israel, ad infinitum? Why aren't they all "racist" countries too, based on the fact they don't have black (or at least half-black) presidents? Or under an openly steal-and-redistribute socialist regime, is the 1st Amendment going to be repealed so we will be prohibited from asking such impertinent questions?

God bless America. And God save our species — despite the blathering of race-hustling "religious" charlatans like Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton, we DO all bleed red — from its seemingly never-ending "hell" of pecking-order stupidity.


NOTE FROM WEBMASTER: The reader will please notice that I have very deliberately used pictures of black conservatives, as well as a black race dividers, to demonstrate that the so-called "race issue" and the subject of "race reconciliation" are political frauds. It is easier for "white-guilt" whites to understand that blacks are not a monolith, as the race-hustling industry would have us believe. It is also a lot harder for race-hustling steal-and-redistribute socialist blacks to try to demonize white people for writing articles like this particular blog. — JRW

Getting Beyond Race, by Walter E. Williams - - "Tragically, many black politicians and a civil rights industry have a vested interest in portraying the poor socioeconomic outcomes for many blacks as problems rooted in racial discrimination. One of the reasons they are able to get away with such deception is because there are so many guilt-ridden white people. Led by guilt, college administrators, employers and others in leadership positions, in the name of diversity, buy into nonsense such as lowering standards, racial preferences and acceptance of behavior standards they wouldn't accept from whites. Maybe the election of a black president will help white people over their guilt feelings so they can stop acting like fools in their relationships with black people."

Individuals suffering from "white guilt" are strongly exhorted to run, not walk, to Dr. Williams website and avail themselves of his gracious and generous "Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon Granted to All Persons of European Descent" so they can get healed of their stupidity-based ("damn fools" is Dr. Williams' choice of words) disease.

A personal letter from Star Parker - CURE - "It is a lie that government is the great fixer and by the time Americans in the heartland sober from the ethnic emotions and racial rhetoric of this historical moment the extreme left will have moved into their new seats of power . . . We have to fight the re-marketing of envy – that the poor are poor because the rich are rich. We have to fight the re-marketing of victimhood – that the condition of ones’ life is the result of what others do. We also have to fight the marketing of the lie that economic recession is the result of a failure of freedom and markets rather than excessive government. But first we must fight for new conservative leadership against an old entrenched Washington guard. It is not our ideas that are wrong as the old guard is now saying on national talk shows. This loss was not the fault of conservatives or Reagan visionaries. This loss was the fault of those that abused the power we gave them in the 90s, appeased our enemies and then governed like them."

Carter's economic plan squared, by Mychal Massie - - "I personally couldn't care less that Barack Obama is black. I wasn't moved with waves of emotion that a black man had been elected president or that same was proof that America had somehow, overnight, purged itself of its remaining vestiges of racial inequality in the weeks leading up to the election. I argue that America had done that long before – and I argue that his being elected proves my point . . . . When it comes to the person elected president – I care singularly about the individual's qualifications and policies. I know my position offends those who rejoice over a black man's victory; however, in my mind that is their problem. I look upon them as myopic and, by definition, just as racist as those who would not vote for him because he is black. The only difference being that the final numbers can be argued to reflect more blacks voted for him because of his skin color than whites voted against him because of same."

We'll survive Obama — prior to President Palin, by Mychal Massie - - "There's bamboozle and there's bamboozled – and then there is Barry Sotero, aka Barack Hussein Obama, the quintessential bam-boo-zuh-ler. But that notwithstanding, all indications are that on Jan. 20 of 2009, America's first Kenyan-American will be sworn in as president. To which I say, "Qu'ils mangent de la brioche," i.e., "let them eat cake" – because there sure won't be anything else of substantive fulfillment for Americans to enjoy. Voters are buying into his repeatedly vacuous mantra of "change" – and change they are going to get – but, excluding socialists, communists and Marxists, not a change they are going to be happy with."

RINO careerists: Nothing more than traitors, by Ellis Washington - - "The anonymous, treacherous lies McCain's advisers have been launching against former VP candidate Sarah Palin since the clothing allowance story was leaked several weeks ago is truly reprehensible, but not unexpected. Whenever liberal Republicans and their allies in the Old Media stumble into a true conservative believer, they go right to their Saul Alinsky socialist playbook – conservatives are stupid, naïve, Christian fanatics, sexist, homophobes, racists, hypocrites, etc. . . . In my opinion, McCain is a bitter, jealous political hack whose days in the spotlight have long passed (i.e., his defeat by Bush in 2000). Nevertheless, like Goethe's "Faust," McCain made a deal with the devil (RINOs) for one last run. He only made one mistake that would have sealed his immortality with liberals – he picked a conservative running mate."

A critique of President George W. Bush, by Ellis Washington - - "In my opinion, the entire Bush presidency was a colossal sham. Bush's rhetoric was as Ronald Reagan; however, his reality was as Savage characterized him, a "fiscal socialist" who favors open borders, exploding debt and anti-American, globalist policies that economically, morally, socially, culturally, legally has plunged America into a paroxysm that we may never recover from once the Marxist Obama assumes the presidency."

The dirty little secret about the 'N' word, by Jesse Lee Peterson - - "The dirty little secret is that most black people don't care about this word. They wouldn't bat an eye if they heard another black person use it. They're not affected by it and don't find it offensive. But they'll be ready to march and riot if they hear a white person using it. Now we're getting to the truth. . . . Most blacks understand that the worst thing you can call a white person these days is a "racist." And in the minds of white Americans, the worst term a white person can use to describe a black is the "N" word. So blacks want to keep the word around and play with it, tempting whites to try and use it. On the other hand, whites would like to wipe this word out of the English language because it's a reminder of a false guilt they have about racism in America."

Why black Republicans support Obama, by Jesse Lee Peterson - - "So, how did black Republicans get to a point where they're willing to abandon their own "values" to vote for a socialist? . . . Calvin Stephens, chairman of the African-American Republican Leadership Council in Texas, said that he's voting for Obama because this is a 'black pride moment!' Can you imagine if a white person in a similar position even hinted at voting for a candidate because it was a "white pride moment"? That person would be castigated, labeled a "racist" and fired. . . .Barack Obama is not black America's messiah. But the only way for black Americans (including those who identify themselves as Republicans) to see that reality is to drop their un-American identification with race and be willing to hear the truth about the issues from any American, regardless of color."

Affirmative Action and Gay Marriage, by Thomas Sowell - - "The politically clever way to get special privileges is to call them 'rights'-- especially 'equal rights'. Some local election campaigns in various states are using that tactic this year, trying to get special privileges through affirmative action quotas or through demands that the definition of marriage be changed to suit homosexuals. Equality of rights does not mean equality of results. I can have all the equal treatment in the world on a golf course and I will not finish within shouting distance of Tiger Woods.When arbitrary numerical 'goals' or "quotas" under affirmative action are not met, the burden of proof is put on the employer to prove that he did not discriminate against minorities or women. No burden of proof whatever is put on the advocates of 'goals' or 'quotas' to show that people would be equally represented in jobs, colleges or anywhere else in the absence of discrimination.. . . Putting the burden of proof on everybody except yourself is a slick political ploy. The time is long overdue for the voting public to see through it."

How Christian voters have denied their faith, by Alan Keyes - - "Now those who say that we are morally obliged to support evil in order to limit it suggest that people who fail to do so are somehow responsible for the evil that results. They contend that people who single-mindedly seek out and support a candidate for president whose views and actions consistently align with the commandments are morally culpable. Anyone, therefore, who does not vote for the evil they prefer (in this case John McCain) is casting a vote for the evil they oppose (in this case Barack Obama.) This comes close to the unforgivable stance of the Pharisees, who ascribed evil to one whose only crime was to follow the will of his father God."

Obama surfs through, by Camille Paglia - - "The real reason Palin was excoriated by the press."

Obama Shaman, by Michael Knox Beran - City-Journal

Shame on McCain and Palin for using an old code word ["socialism"] for black, by Lewis Diuguid (black columnist) - Kansas City Star - (Some 96% of blacks voted for a black man for Prez and it's no big deal. If 96% of whites voted for a white candidate for Prez, the race hustlers and socialist Big Brother Media would be screaming their stinkin' heads off. Double standard? Nah! In my 1st-Amendment-protected opinion, Lewis Diuguid is race hustling, race-dividing sophist scum. And for any of you black race dividers who might happen to stumble across this website, please notice that the color of Diuguid's skin isn't as dark as that of the black conservatives. So, hang it in your tennies! :-) — JRW)

Hopes are high for race relations - USA Today - (Improving race relations? AS IF! See the immediately preceding article.)

Georgia congressman warns of Obama dictatorship -

Franklin Delano Obama? - Paul Krugman - International Herald Tribune (the global edition of the New York Times)

Agenda disappears from Obama Web site - Washington Times

An Obama Tilt in Campaign Coverage, by Deborah Howell (ombudsman) - Washington Post 

Will Democrats Tinker With Mutual Funds, 401k Plans? - Reuters

But Where Did Bush Go Wrong? by  Patrick J. Buchanan - Human Events

An Election That The Republicans Needed To Lose, by Dick Morris - The Hill

Embarrassing Rout Just What Ailing GOP Needs To Save Itself, by Charles Hurt - New York Post

How the GOP Got Here - National Review Online

GOP Needs Night of Long Knives, by Deroy Murdock - Human Events


1. I have no intention whatsoever of being mean spririted here, just making an honest political assessment. As Neal Boortz said, "somebody's got to say the baby is ugly!"

2. Awww! Isn't that precious? Golly gee, a single tear rolls down my cheek! (I got that line from Dennis Hopper in "Waterworld".) I no longer have "white guilt". I have accepted black economist Walter E. William's gracious and generous "Proclamation of Amnesty and Pardon Granted to All Persons of European Descent."

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