Let's talk about race — the problem and a REAL political solution!

Now that America has elected a half-black president — why not an ALL black1 president — by all means, let's DO talk nitty-gritty about "repairing" race relations!

I for one have TOTALLY had it with the race hustlers, the "white guilt", and the DEMS-marketed economics fraud of "socialism = anti-racism". It's an unsustainable societal paradigm. It is anathema to both individual freedom, and the achievement of the full ("be all you can be") potential of EVERY individual, black, white, red, yellow or brown.

First of all, "black" is really brown, "brown" is really butterscotch, and "white" is really pinkish beige, so let's get over our collective stupidities2 about skin color and get on with what actually matters: individual freedom, a level economic playing field, and the quality of individual lives. Nobody living either was a slave or owned slaves, so let's get past all the government-schooled brainwashing, "entitlement mentality" and hyperbole, and cut right to the chase of Economics 101 with liberty and justice for all. How do we achieve the color blind society dreamed of by Martin Luther King? Easy. It's a piece of cake. I'm going to tell you how right here right now in this blog. All we have to do is do a little bit of "outside-the-box" thinking.

The real issue is self-ownership and self-determination versus steal-and-redistribute socialism. The real issue is do we — that is ALL races, ages, genders and so-called "sexual preferences" — get to own their own bodies, their own labor, and the products of their own labor, or are we mere "labor resource" serfs owned, controlled and taxed at the whim of the dominant members of the inherently evil and inevitably corrupting stupid-human pecking order known by the deception-based euphemism, "government"? The real issue is how the GOP has allowed, actually enabled and facilitated the neo-feudalistic DEMS' wannabe-clever race-based, class-warfare-based, marketing of socialism as "anti-racism", "anti-misogyny", "anti-homophobia", etc.

As I said in a previous blog, "The GOP richly deserved to lose for choosing a too-old, too arrogant, too abrasive, too manipulative, too McCain-Feingold, too "Gang of 14", too amnesty-for-illegal-aliens RINO with an eerily too-Stepford-looking wife3 for their candidate. The GOP deserved to lose for not anticipating the DEMS evil (yes, "evil" is EXACTLY the right word) "socialism = anti-racism" propaganda and running a black candidate of their own — especially since there are any number of small-government pro-individual-rights blacks who would have made excellent candidates. The GOP deserved to lose for inventing the oxymoron "big government conservative". The GOP deserved to lose for trying to out-DEM the DEMS, out-big-government the DEMS, out-nanny-state the DEMS, all the while putting the tab on credit, as opposed to the DEMS wanting to pay the tab with confiscatory taxes and the subsidization of non-work. And the really bad news is that the GOP was clueless as to how hard it will be to regain power from the anything-goes neo-feudalistic control freaks who have it now."

For the sake of simplicity, space and syntax, I'm going to talk about only the two extremes on the skin-color scale, black and white, and include all the other colors within the boundaries of those two colors.

As can easily be gathered from reading the articles at the end of my blog titled "President Obama — "change" socialism under the propaganda lie of "anti-racism", neither blacks nor whites are a monolith. I especially appreciated Jesse Lee Peterson's column titled, The dirty little secret about the 'N' word1. Jesse Lee is 100% right on the money, so I consider that column as absolutely MUST reading by both blacks and whites. In fact, I even wrote an essay titled "On the Word 'Nigger'" to directly confront black socialism-related manipulation of the word.

We can fix the half-black Dailai-Bama "Messiah" socialism problem by 2010 with just two little tweaks: 1) a significant number of blacks (a) get rid of their "everything is Whitey's fault" entitlement mentality and (b) be willing to run for government office AS AN ANTI-SOCIALISM LIBERTARIAN, and 2) a significant number of whites (a) get rid of their "white guilt" and (b) get enthusiastic about having LIBERTARIAN black leadership in ALL levels of government.

If the GOP has any collective brains at all, they will chop off the DEMS satanic "socialism = anti-racism" crap right at the knees by running ONLY black candidates for all levels of government office, unless none can be found for any particular office. What I'm talking about here, is black Prez, black Veep, black cabinet, black governors, black senators, black congressmen — 100% OF THEM WITH SMALL-GOVERNMENT, ANTI-SOCIALISM, INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM, FREE MARKET LIBERTARIAN-TYPE WORLD VIEWS. White women would be OK, but only if we can't find competent black women with individual-freedom-based philosophies. White men would be acceptable only in situations where no other viable candidates were available.

Any so-called "conservative" black who voted for Obama just to participate in a "black pride moment" should automatically be disqualified. As Jesse Lee Peterson said, "Can you imagine if a white person in a similar position even hinted at voting for a candidate because it was a 'white pride moment'? That person would be castigated, labeled a 'racist' and fired". Let's not try to BS each other. If 96% of whites voted for a white candidate, as 96% of blacks just voted for a black candidate who is a steal-and-redistribute socialist, all blacks and the neo-feudalistic scumbag so-called "mainstream media" would be screaming at the top of their lungs. Well, guess what? Some 43% of whites voted for Obama, so it is self-evident that black racism is a bigger problem than white racism. Most white racists are at the bottom of the white intellectual and economic food chain. In contrast, most race-hustling blacks are at the TOP of the black intellectual and economic food chain.

The people who pretend that if you're white and didn't vote for Obama you're a racist are the scum of the earth. I can tell you right now, as a 64-year-old WASP, that I would be genuinely PROUD to support a black president with a libertarian small-government world view such as, Thomas Sowell, Walter Williams, Herman Cain, Mychal Massie, Alan Keyes, Jesse Lee Peterson, Ellis Washington, Star Parker, and a whole host of others too long to list here. Of course, as bears repeating, I would automatically exclude any black who voted for Obama just to participate in a "black pride moment" unless all such black closet RINOs were willing to caucus and make a public statement to the effect "white pride moments" are just as valid as "black pride moments".

The idea behind my tit-for-tat race-based INDIVIDUAL FREEDOM strategy is to stir the political tea leaves, break up the old coalitions and form new ones. If even as few as 10% of blacks have enough brains and intellectual honesty to see through the suicidal groupthink stupidity of steal-and-redistribute, welfare-handout socialism and take a stand on the side small government free-market libertarianism and the FAIR TAX; and if even as few as 35-40% of "traditional values" whites and other colors, both men and women, have enough brains and intellectual honesty to see how it is to their benefit to find and support black candidates for leadership at ALL levels of their party (theoretically the GOP), then race can be 100% eliminated as a political factor, while steal-and-redistribute socialism can be POLARIZED and DEFEATED on biracial grounds. Now THAT would be genuinely "reaching across the aisle to get something done" other than the current "feel good" Pied-Piper "Change" Clown bailout fascist propaganda BS currently in vogue.

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Nobody but a populist genius like Ronald Reagan could have made huge deficits "conservative". While his rhetoric sounded good, he preached small government while simultaneously running up the credit tab. W took up where Reagan left off, and went all the way to "big government conservatism" (a self-evident) oxymoron to the cheers of his enablers. Of course his newly minted phrase "compassionate conservatism" was a complete fraud, again to the cheers of his rooting section. Karl Rove was his chief political strategist and "architect". Their tactics succeeded in keeping them in power for eight years, to the near destruction of the country.











1. As I was researching for this blog, I discovered an interesting fact: almost anything any writer can want to say about race relations in the context of Economics 101 has already been said by brilliant black writers. It is extremely cool to be able to quote the words and syntax of black thinkers and writers to say what needs to be said about race relations from an intellectually honest, non-race-hustling, non-totalitarian, individualism-based point of view. Very, VERY cool indeed! Of course that's why the black scumbag race-dividing socialist propagandists and demonizers (yes, "scum" and "evil" are EXACTLY the correct words) always refer to black conservatives with such epithets as "Uncle Tom", "house nigger", "self-hating", "race traitor", etc.

2. The stupidities are different for each skin color, but their combined effect is devastating against individual freedom.

3. I have no intention whatsoever of being mean spririted here, just making an honest political assessment. As Neal Boortz said, "somebody's got to say the baby is ugly!"

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