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Submissions which did not meet the Sentinel's 250-300 word limit will be looked upon with disfavor, since they had very little (if any) chance of being published in the Sentinel anyway. Also, submissions may not contain profanity, ad hominem personal attacks, or otherwise libelous and untrue allegations.

Because I know first hand of two local judicial officers who conspired together to deliberately falsify the register of actions


The Daily Sentinel blacks out critique of Bob Silbernagel's wannabe-clever spin

In the Friday, March 06, 2009 edition of the Daily Sentinel, editorial page editor, Bob Silbernagel wrote and column titled, "Republican Party needs to Steele itself for the future".

There were 5 comments posted, but as of this writing, the following more scholarly rebuttal didn't make it past the Toxic Media censors:

[Dear Editor:]

"Notice how establishment spinners like Bob Silbernagel seem to always speak in meaningless undefined sloganistic terms such as “attract minorities”, “change the party”, “needs ideas, new leaders and an inroad into young people and their thinking”, “make the party a larger tent”, “transform the party into something that attracts many new people”, “things that haven’t been winning elections for the party” and yadayada ad nauseum.


Daily Sentinel Smut Ads

The question is, why didn't the Daily Sentinel see fit to publish the following letter? As of today (10/17/07), this letter remains unpublished by the Sentinel. But it got published here, though, so it is not hidden from the world after all!

“Dear Editor,

"So it appears that the Sentinel, a ‘family’ newspaper is now in the business of sleazy advertising. Our culture is already undergoing enough moral decay without a small town paper leading the way with poor modeling. I think it has gone too far, but then it is your newspaper. Not only do you run suggestive ads for massage, you print sex personals, some of which are reminiscent of what was printed in the Berkeley (CA) Barb years ago, and are unfit for reading by children or any decent person.”