New Citizen Media v. Old Vestigial Dinosaur Media -- How to out-compete your local "Good Old Boys"

By John Wilkenson

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The Vestigial Dinosaur Media (VDM) is rapidly approaching extinction. Digital technology has bypassed chopping trees to make newspapers. Internet technology has taken the money out of politics by allowing you to send a multi-page message to thousands of people all around the world in a sixtieth of second for a sixth of a cent. To get information out to the public in real time, it is no longer necessary to own a multi-million-dollar building with a multi-million-dollar press, a multi-million-dollar payroll and scores of employees. One pajama-clad blogger typing away in his mother's basement can even the playing field by using websites and social media.

The Hegelian VDM serves Power (over the Other) and tries to make a living by "managing the news", perpetuating delusional social divisions -- (e.g. black v. white, women v. men, haves v. have nots, young v. old, ad infitum) -- and moulding your opinions. I fight against Power (over the Other) and don't try to "manage" the news. Like Matt Drudge, I just "retweet" the news and let you decide whether or not to read it. Of course, I do use #hashtags to target demographics to which my retweets go. Hyperlink technology lets citizen journalists like me use whole books and videos as footnotes to spread information and empower the individual for free. In today's high-tech playing field, the tree-chopping VDM is sort of like a one-legged man in a butt-kicking contest.


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