Judicial Reform

Mesa County's Rampant Social Security Fraud and Judicial Corruption – Isn't It Time To Recall the Commissioners En Masse?

By John Wilkenson

(Note: Interested persons can read Part 1 of this exposé HERE and/or HERE.)

This exposé/essay is in part a citizen's indictment of corrupt government, and, in part, an experiment to see if internet/computer technology and citizen journalism -- (BE THE MEDIA!) -- can win a political contest against the VDM (vestigial dinosaur media, aka "MSM") and the duopoly (GOP/DEM) establishment corruptocrats who have a political stranglehold on Mesa County. It is an exercise in 1st-Amendment-protected political/opinion speech. For all those individuals who like to incessantly whine to their friends about Mesa County's corrupt "Good Old Boy" (GOB) gang while doing nothing of real effect/impact to correct the situation, I (your humble author/editor) very much need your help in getting the truth out about the systemic "circling of the wagons" to cover up local judicial felonies1. You can help by sharing this exposé/essay with every Mesa County resident/voter you know. Please feel free to copy and disseminate all or any part of it.


Saudi Court: 200 Lashes for Gang Rape Victim

Check it out, folks! These are the kind of autocratic barbarian criminals America buys oil from.

Today Breitbart carried a story titled "Saudi punishes gang rape victim with 200 lashes." (NOTE: Breitbart link is broken, so I replaced it with Google.)