"But Mom, there really IS a God!" (child prodigy)


The art prodigy's name is Akiane (pronounced AH-KEE-AH-NUH) Kramarik. Her website is at, where she has a gallery where you may see her drawings beginning at age 4. Akiane is now 13. She painted the picture on the left, titled "Father Forgive Them" (which was featured on the video), when she was 9 years old. Her mother was an atheist until she realized there was no other explanation for her daughter's amazing gift.

I originally got a link to the CNN video from Tobin Barne's blogspot, and said, "this video clip is an absolute MUST SEE!" That link no longer works, but you can still view the CNN video titled, "Akiane Kramerik - Spiritual Young Artist",  on YouTube. It's the same video, although cut into shorter snippets than the original.