Common Sense (the book)

Table of Contents


The Key to the Kingdom of Heaven

by John R. Wilkenson




On Language,Wisdom, and the Mind

On the Words "Religion" and "Secular"

On Religion

On the Role of Religion In Political Fraud

On the Words "Theist" and "Atheist"

On God

On the Word "Authority"

On Sustainability

On Salvation

On 26 U.S.C. 501 (c)(3) Churches & Manufactured Consent

On Compulsory Education, Government Schools & Manufactured Consent

On Big Brother Media & Manufactured Consent

On Law

On Government

On Fascism

On The Big Lie

On Free Markets

Economics 101 — The short version

On the Deception of Money: How "Capital" Has Stolen Labor

On Why "Government" Is Inherently Evil (short version)

On Taxation

On Torture (aka "Pain Compliance")

On the Army Of God

On Judges

On Abortion

On the "Children First" propaganda

On Gay "Marriage"

On the Word "Nigger"

On Profanity



This book may have a miraculous effect on your physical and mental well-being. If you hate injustice, if you crave healing, if you need to improve your self-esteem, if you believe in liberty and justice, if you yearn for the true brotherhood of man1, if you are a dreamer, if you are a truth seeker—or if you just want to know how the "rich keep getting richer” and the “poor keep getting poorer”—this book is for you. Read it and enjoy yourself, but do not be surprised or upset if you arrive at the end of the book having thrown off your old slave mentality in favor of your God2-given individual sovereignty.



Just as the same twelve tones and the same diatonic keys are used repeatedly by composers of western music, so the arguments and ideas I have presented here are not new. The problem addressed by this compilation of arguments has reared its hideous hydra heads time and again throughout history. So I do not pretend to be the originator of the arguments set forth in this work.  However, much of the legal research is mine, as is the format and language. The legal battles documented in the work are real, actual, live, controversies. As I said, I cannot attempt to take credit for what has already been thought through and spoken or written by the great minds and spirits of history. The list of people like Jesus Christ, Socrates, Apostle Paul, Martin Luther, Adam Smith, John Lilburne, Thomas Jefferson, Thomas Paine, Patrick Henry, Pierre Joseph Proudhon, William Godwin, Henry David Thoreau, Friedrich Wilhelm Nietzsche, Mohandas Karamchand Gandhi, J.R.R. Tokien, Ludwig von Mises, Frédéric Bastiat, Friedrich Hayek, Murray Rothbard, etc., etc., is virtually endless.



Perhaps the most basic dilemma of the human race is the inherent conflict between the body's capacity to feel the pain associated with the stress and strain of living, and the mind's dislike for that pain. This fundamental conflict causes the mind to search relentlessly for information which it can utilize to escape the dilemma either by removing the causes or by negating or circumventing them. We have a tendency to needlessly complicate things from there.


On Language, Wisdom and the Mind

When talking about language, we are talking about communication, sharing ideas, information, thoughts and feelings. So the most logical place to begin seems to be the word "truth."  Truth = all being, all existence, all cause, all effect, all happening, past, present, and future.  Truth = reality.  Although the word "reality" is sometimes used to more strongly imply existence in the present tense, from a spiritual/intellectual viewpoint, it is misleading to use so narrow a meaning.  Truth = existence/reality.


On the Role of "Religion" In Political Fraud

(NOTE: This essay was previously published, starting at page 25, in a Common Sense pamphlet. It is republished here to take advantage of the technology of hyperlinking, with which the reader may instantaneously verify the quoted passages.)

On the Words "Theist" and "Atheist"

In this book, this collection of essays, you will occasionally come across sentences and paragraphs which I have simply cut and pasted from another essay. This was both handy and necessary to connect all the dots that are missing in a government-schooled "education".

On the Word "Authority"

"They who have put out the peoples eyes reproach them of their blindness"1John Milton2 (of Paradise Lost fame), 1642.

On The Big Lie

(Following is an essay your humble webmaster wrote for Volume 3 of his Thomas-Paine-esque pamphet, Common Sense, which was published and distributed on July 4, 1990. Armed with this little factoid, the reader will be able to more easily understand the essay's references to "Common Sense.")


by John Wilkenson